Latest BCMSN 642-812 Pass4sure v 3.10 – 538 Qs – May 3rd, 2010 –
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  1. Today i cleared BCMSN got 1000/1000

    All questions came from testinside and P4s except
    one drag and drop

    SIM-Mls-eigrp,VTP LAB 2
    Drag and drop- local-vlans and end-end vlan,STP

  2. You can take bcmsn or bsci first. Don't touch iscw and ont because you'll not be able to complete all 4 exams before july31. You can use bsci and bcmsn exams to complete your ccnp even after july31. New ccnp course material is available here for download.

  3. Hello All,

    I have got only CCNA. I would like to sit CCNP Exam. As a cisco site, the BSCI, BCMSN, ISCW and ONT courses and exams will be retired and replaced with new CCNP courses and exams.
    Which subject should i take first?? Please give me suggestion. And then, How can i get new CCNP courses materials??

    Best Regards

  4. we don't use paypal or the other credit card thingy in my country, how can i get this..please help. I am Mr.T by the way

  5. hello careercert, we don't use paypal or the other credit card thingy in my country, how can i get this..please help

  6. Group buys runs on trust and this site is older enough to be trusted. These group buys are running from past 6 months without any complaint..And it is not a single GB, a dozen of other GBs are also active. I want to run this website forever so i'm not going to run away with your money, leaving this site unattended.
    BTW this is a automatic payment and delivery system. Imagine it as a soda machine. You put the coins and soda can pops out. It is just like that.


  7. HI Carrer cert, i need the dumps for bcmsn. what is the guarantee that after receiving the money you will provide me with the dumps & will update me with the latest updates. Cheers…..

  8. @ Eka,

    Didn't get you. BTW you don't need to worry about updates. You'll get the free updates till end of days.


  9. Today I clear BCMSN Exam. All Question came from from this P4S ver except one drag and drop Q.

  10. someone is kind enough to answer me about the diff in the number of Q from TI and P4S?
    thank you,

  11. I am just wondering dear, how could you compare 346 questions against 538 ? It will take almost a half day to compare them.
    BTW all dumps contains same questions more or less. But the point is the few new questions that cisco add from time to time. That's where people loose marks.


  12. hi,
    I told that buying 'p4s bcmsn pdf 538 questions' is waste of money. This doesn't mean I don't have faith in careercert. I still love this site very much… what I observed when comparing p4s 3.10 and the latest pdf version538 questions from this site is, almost all the questions are exactly same. I hardly find new questions. Please check yourself comparing both and tell me.


  13. Yeah careercert is right…. Dont risk goin for exam after preparing frm old dumps…when u can spend 150 dollars for exam..why cant u spent jst 10 or 12 dollars to get the latest thing….

  14. @ suresh,

    This is not true. The version 3.10 which you are talking about is almost 2 YEARS OLD. I've seen people failed by using this version because they didn't know that it is not the latest one.

    Here is one of the comment:-
    floorripper said…

    Today is 10.05.2010, month May, I took the exam Cisco CCNP: BCMSN 642-812, at the VUE testing centre.

    And I failed!!!

    testing braindumps: I used ( p4s)pass4sure 642-812 7.46 (446 questions), 3.10 (346 questions) do not use it! they are old!!! There are plenty of new and stupid questions on the exam, answers to them are not even in the books!

    So you should stick with the latest version.
    However if you really have the confidence that you can't fail then you could skip this !


  15. I bought this, its a waste of money. Already available version of p4s bcmsn 3.10 is enough and is availabe online for free in Nothing was changed in this version. this time making fools everybody.

    Actually, cisco is not going to change exam patterns of the exams nearing outdated like 642-812/901. so, my advise is to stick to the stuff available for free on the net.


  16. hi there,
    how is possible for p4s to have so many questions and TI so few?
    i really dont get it,

  17. @ GASTON ,

    It is not a patched setup.
    It is a PDF file made from the screen-shots of testing engine.


  18. Hi,

    Can I run this new P4S on Vista?
    i don't want to install a Virtual Machine 🙁
    Thanks in advance.


  19. Hi careercert
    my name is viky i want t buy bsci bcmsn dumps
    i dont have cridt cart . please tell me how can i buy this please tell its urgent ,thank you lots of love for you,please reply soon

  20. friend
    only Chris bryant BCMSN and pass4sure v3.10 538q
    but you should read the wireless and the voice from study guide
    the labs the same as p4s

  21. @Abdelsalam-Congrats on passing your exam.Can you please let me know what is the material you used for the prep?

  22. Hello
    I am planning on taking 642-812 sometime in June,2010.Would this version of p4s still be good by then? How often do they update the p4s? Please advice.


  23. There is no p4s PDF for $20 because pass4sure doesn't make PDFs. I think you are talking about the Hard copy. FYI you can't order a hard copy alone. You can only get a hard copy if you order testing engine too. It will cost you around $100. This GB is for PDF made from the screenshots of testing engine.


  24. Pass4sure already giving PDF for $20.
    shouldn't be this amount be less ??
    GB meant to be sharing right ?

  25. abdelsalam, Nothing has been updated in BCMSN p4s.
    It is just a date change.


  26. hi friend
    what is the Updated: May 3rd,2010 for bcmsn pass4sure
    plz inform us

  27. @ abdelsalam,

    Because they could appear in the exam. Some questions in the exam would be field test items and has no bearing on the candidate score.


  28. hi friend
    in topic one there is more than 10 question from 642-901 why?
    best regards

  29. Many many thanks for updating 642-812 dumps, i dont have credit card can i make the payment through ATM card… what should be the amount in rupees??

  30. hi friend
    i just by it now thanks alot
    could you please tell me about asite that make GB for microsoft exams like careercert
    thanks for help
    best regards

  31. Hi Careercert,

    Thanks for uploading the content. You are a CHAMP as always…


  32. Hey folks,

    Latest BCMSN pass4sure v3.10 – 538 questions is now ready in group buy offer.


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