Hello Folks !

Welcome to our new website !

Note:- 1. Comments are now published in reverse order. That means the newer comments will appear on the top.

2. The comments made on Sep11 are missing. I’m trying to restore them.

Enjoy !!! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Hello Folks !”

  1. Hi Careercert,

    Earlier it was easy to see the updates on the home page, but now how to see what is updated today????????

  2. Careercert…..what an amazing work man…

    Can you please help me?
    How to install Pass4sure dumps,what is the password?
    Which is the latest version of pass4sure?

  3. Dear CareerCert,
    Sugesstions,Front page give space for updates,any think is added that can be published on front page space,Just like before,that was pretty good to know the updates.



  4. Congrats brother, you are really a hero for thousands of students. I think you should also start a group study forum. 🙂

  5. Wonder full look brother Thanks to make ur side more dynamic also make forum ? i think so it is ur next step
    but congrats on that success

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