CCNP 642-892 Composite (BSCI and BCMSN)

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Composite Exam
Last day to test: July 31, 2010
Cost: 300$
Duration : 90 minutes (50-60 questions)
Available Languages : English, Japanese

Exam Description‍

The Composite exam (642-892) is the quickest way for currently certified CCNP®, CCIP® and CCDP® to obtain recertification. The exam tests skills and knowledge pertaining to the Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) and Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN) courses. Composite may be taken to recertify CCNP, CCIP and CCDP certifications; it may also be taken in place of the BSCI and BCMSN exams required for CCNP, CCIP and CCDP certifications. Candidates must successfully pass both routing and switching subsections of the Composite exam to successfully pass the exam.

Exam Topics

Implement EIGRP operations

  • Explain the functions and operations of EIGRP (e.g., DUAL)
  • Configure EIGRP routing. (e.g., Stub Routing, authentication, etc.)
  • Verify or troubleshoot EIGRP routing configurations

Implement multi-area OSPF operations

  • Explain the functions and operations of multiarea OSPF
  • Configure multiarea OSPF routing. (e.g., Stub, NSSA, authentication, etc.)
  • Verify or troubleshoot multiarea OSPF routing configurations

Describe integrated IS-IS

  • Describe the features and benefits of integrated IS-IS
  • Configure and verify integrated IS-IS
  • Implement Cisco IOS routing features
  • Describe, configure or verify route redistribution between IP routing IGPs. (e.g., route-maps, default routes, etc.)
  • Describe, configure or verify route filtering (i.e., distribute-lists and passive interfaces)
  • Describe and configure DHCP services (e.g., Server, Client, IP helper address, etc.)

Implement BGP for enterprise ISP connectivity

  • Describe the functions and operations of BGP
  • Configure or verify BGP operation in a non-transit AS (e.g., authentication)
  • Configure BGP path selection. (i.e., Local Preference, AS Path, Weight or MED attributes)

Implement multicast forwarding

  • Describe IP Multicast (e.g., Layer-3 to Layer-2 mapping, IGMP, etc.)
  • Describe, configure, or verify IP multicast routing (i.e., PIM Sparse-Dense Mode)

Implement IPv6

  • Describe IPv6 addressing operations
  • Describe IPv6 interoperation with IPv4
  • Describe, configure or verify OSPF routing with IPv6 addressing

Implement VLANs

  • Explain the functions of VLANs in a hierarchical network
  • Configure VLANs (e.g., Native, Default, Static and Access)
  • Explain and configure VLAN trunking (i.e., IEEE 802.1Q and ISL)
  • Explain and configure VTP
  • Verify or troubleshoot VLAN configurations

Conduct the operation of Spanning Tree protocols in a hierarchical network

  • Explain the functions and operations of the Spanning Tree protocols (i.e., RSTP, PVRST, MISTP)
  • Configure RSTP (PVRST) and MISTP
  • Describe and configure STP security mechanisms (i.e., BPDU Guard, BPDU Filtering, Root Guard)
  • Configure and Verify UDLD and Loop Guard
  • Verify or troubleshoot Spanning Tree protocol operations
  • Configure and verify link aggregation using PAgP or LACP

Implement Inter-VLAN routing

  • Explain and configure Inter-VLAN routing (i.e., SVI and routed ports)
  • Explain and enable CEF operation
  • Verify or troubleshoot InterVLAN routing configurations

Implement gateway redundancy technologies

  • Explain the functions and operations of gateway redundancy protocols (i.e., HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP)
  • Configure HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP
  • Verify High Availability configurations

Describe and configure wireless client access

  • Describe the components and operations of WLAN topologies (i.e., AP and Bridge)
  • Describe the features of Client Devices, Network Unification, and Mobility Platforms (i.e., CCX, LWAPP)
  • Configure a wireless client (i.e., ADU)

Describe and configure security features in a switched network

  • Describe common Layer 2 network attacks (e.g., MAC Flooding, Rogue Devices, VLAN Hopping, DHCP Spoofing, etc.)
  • Explain and configure Port Security,802.1x, VACLs, Private VLANs, DHCP Snooping, and DAI
  • Verify Catalyst switch (IOS-based) security configurations (i.e., Port Security, 802.1x, VACLs, Private VLANs, DHCP Snooping, and DAI)

Configure support for voice

  • Describe the characteristics of voice in the campus network
  • Describe the functions of Voice VLANs and trust boundaries
  • Configure and verify basic IP Phone support (i.e. Voice VLAN, Trust and CoS options, AutoQoS for voice)


41 thoughts on “CCNP 642-892 Composite (BSCI and BCMSN)”

  1. Hello networkers,
    I have passed 642-691 today 07.05.12 with score: 985/1000 is STILL 100% VALID

  2. Just passed Composite with 934 score with set of ti 329 qs.Faced 4 labs (Rad-server,EIGRP,ISIS and OSPFv3) 2 hotspots and no drag n drop….And yeah an important thing noticed that labs had some problem…ISIS redistribution troubled me… and AAA i.e. Rad server lab had same old problem of (no copy run start) Thanks a lot…guys keep updating the tests as they r updated….and See u in TSHOOT…..!!!!

  3. hello everyone,
    i have an ccnp composite exam on 10th may.please tell me which dumps are latest for ccnp composite. i have prepared TI 5.24 version. is there any update in that. if there is then please tell me about tht. give me a mail on [email protected]

    thanking you…….

  4. Has anybody taken 642-892 in March? Can you please share some hints to us? I am preparing for 31 March exam… Is P4S 3.00 still valid or should I study p4s 3.10? thanks

  5. Hello any-one took composite in Feb-end ? just wanted to know if P4S 3.10 will help or these exams now have new set of questions?

    I m planning to give exam in 1st week of march 2010

  6. @ ali,

    I recommend the two tests way coz syllabus of composite exam is very vast. However if you hate to give multiple tests then 642-892 is the exam made for you.

  7. hey guys, m planing to be appeared in 642-901 in last week of dis december. so plz can anyone suggest me which latest dumps will be grt 4 me. if anyone knows abt this then if possible then plz send me an e-mail on [email protected]. thanking you………n will be appriciated…

  8. hey guys, i m planing to take 642-901 in last of this dcmbr. so plz can any one suggest me which lastest dumps will be great for me. if anyone knows abt this then plz make a comment on this if possible….thanking youuu

  9. hey…the 642-982 dumps have changed on dec18 504Q….can anyone post the last dumps…unfortunately i had purchased the pdfs from careercert guy last week and this week its changed 🙁 🙁

  10. Hi Manpreet !
    its nice to c u standing on victory stand against Composite xam, my same exm is on 13-Dec, wil u plz share ur material / experience with me….anxiously waiting for ur kind reply….til then…best regards

    [email protected]

  11. Hi Manpreet,

    Thanks for your quick response and information. I will give it a shot soon and keep you informed of the outcome. Khan.

  12. hii khan…

    i did p4s 642-892 version and test inside version 3.34 .. and do the labs preperation from … laps and hot spots are provided and properly xplained in it

  13. Hi Manpreet,

    Congrats on your passing the composite. Please can you give me a hint….which of the dumps did you use for your preparation? I will appreciate your quick response. Many Thanks, Khan.

  14. cleared composite today[18th nov]… the questions are from dumps only .. thanx careercert…. but dre is 1 more prob in the xam.. in switching sim the command copy run start dosnt work …. i have read it in cisco site also and ciscosims.blogspot … the prob is coming nowadays … i have tried alot of time to execute the copy run start but all in vain.. i have written the comment in xam also .. but thank god i cleared the xam …. one lab i done absolutely rite .. but i got 0% in ma detail marks sheet … oderwise it would be more thn 950 for me …

  15. Hello
    I just passed ccnp composite this week.
    Do not count on P4S (7.12) composite to take it. Only 50% q were from it. LEARN througly
    Just 1-2 q from ipv6 and 1-2 from BGP.

    Composite is not an easy exam and I'm not advising anybody to take it. It's better to take BCSI BCMSN separetly.

    Good luck to everybody!!!

  16. As far as i know there is one hotspot that is different in composite p4s. i.e. Q4 of 399, and it is very clear. Do rest of labs and hotspots from ciscosims.
    You need to use your common sense.

  17. hi

    i have read the hotspots and labs from ciscosims and dumps.. hotspots are different on ciscosoms and dumps while the labs are same.. in dumps hotspots are not clear .. wat should i do.. plzz reply soon i have my xam..


  18. @zzoorroo

    i have download 6.99 version and i wanna ask tht how many labs will come in xam and all xams will be from ciscosims.. means are they enough and what bout hot spots .. dre are only 2 or 3 hot spots in switching part only … are they enough 4 me …

  19. @zzoorroo…
    have u recently taken the exam. As i will be sitting for composite in a week. and i am revising the 6.99 and labs sims. is that good enough? is there more i can do?
    thanks in advance for any tips.
    P.S. stilling looking for v7.12 dumps for P4S 642.892.

  20. hi,

    manpreet says:

    m waitin careercert …. plzzz tell me the latest dumps of composite xam and from where i do labs and hotspots …. m waitin .


  21. hi,

    i have ma xam of 642-892 …. plzz tell me d latest scenario .. from where i do labs and hot spots revision ….. which r d latest dumps for it … thanx

  22. Hi,
    I passed my Composite(642-892) yesterday (14th Oct,09) with a score of 964.

    There were 46 questions and 5 simulations with a time limit of 150 mins (2 and half hours) and a passing score of 790.

    P4S v6.99 is still helpful. There are a very few changes in the exam and that too in the number of options (i.e instead of 4 options there might be 6 options out of which you have to select 2 or 4 as directed).

    P4S v7.12 is the newest.


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