BCMSN (642-812) Practice Tests BrainDumps

Latest BCMSN 642-812 Pass4sure v 3.10 – 538 Qs


BCMSN 642-812 Testinside – v 5.74 – 227 Q’s -PDF+Setup


BCMSN 642-812 Pass4sure v7.46 (446 Qs) – FULL Setup

Link / Mirror

Please note that you will need to provide a password during installation.

Password: careercert.blogspot.com

BCMSN 642-812 Pass4sure v7.46 (446 Qs) – PDF

This PDF contains only 59 new questions which are not present in v6.87.
Rest of the 387 questions are same as v6.87.

Link / Mirror

Pass4sure 642-812 v6.87 Fully Automatic Crack Setup

Link / Mirror

P4S BCMSN 642-812 v6.87 (387 Questions)- PDF

Link / Mirror

P4S BCMSN 642-812 v3.10 (378 Questions) (It is very old version.)


Testinside 642-812 v5.73 (252 Questions) – PDF


Testinside 642-812 v5.73 (252 Questions) – Exam-engine Setup


Testinside 642-812V5.72 – Q246

Link / Mirror

Actualtests BCMSN 642-812 – 2010


Actualtests BCMSN 642-812 , Dec- 2009


Actualtests BCMSN 642-812 , Sep-2009


Actualtests 642-812 Q457


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362 thoughts on “BCMSN (642-812) Practice Tests BrainDumps”

  1. Hello CareerCert
    Could enable v3.10 P4S with 538 questions in order to buy it is I need to give urgent consideration.


  2. Hi CareerCert

    I am giving exam for 642-812 BCMSN next week. Could you pls tell me which paper is the latest? Is P4S v 3.10 with 538que latest? If i purchase that will that be enough?
    Please reply at the earliest.


  3. I found P4S 3.1 and 7.46 they are also most updated. Or VCE from this topic and TI 5.74 will be enough to pass. P4S have approximately 400-500 q…

  4. Friends, I have m,y BCMSN Exam tomorrow, am referring from P4S 3.10 and testinside 227 would that be enough or the questions will appear apart from these dumps. Please help
    THank you

  5. congratulation
    i want ask you most question from up date or from hole question
    i mean on the real exam it foce on question from update or its random from 538q thanks
    wait your reply

  6. Yeah of course you can renew your CCNP by taking any 642 series professional exam. You can use any one from Ti or p4s…coz both are valid. p4s would be better with explanations…cheers

  7. dear friends
    i want to know if i can recertified my ccnp by take 642-812 again ? my ccnp will expeird at 25/9/2010
    thanks alot
    and what about p4s v3.10 – 538 it still vaild to can pass the exam by it?

  8. Hi,

    I had a question about the changes coming into effect after July 31st 2010. Can I take BCMSN and BSCI before july 31st and take the new TSHOOT exam after july 31st to complete my CCNP?



  9. @ Ciscotech,

    All labs are already given in p4s.
    Btw you can practice labs on GNS3 if you don't have access to real gear.


  10. Hi,

    I am planning to take my BCMSN Exam soon.Can any one suggest me how to prepare for labs and where to get info about them?

  11. @ floorripper,

    sorry to hear that but you have used the old material. P4S v3.10(346 Q) is almost 2-3 years old. Even the latest testinside is not updated.

    P4S v3.10 (538 Q) is best in terms if validity at this moment.


  12. Today is 10.05.2010, month May, I took the exam Cisco CCNP: BCMSN 642-812, at the VUE testing centre.

    And I failed!!!

    testing braindumps: I used ( p4s)pass4sure 642-812 7.46 (446 questions), 3.10 (346 questions)
    do not use it! they are old!!! There are plenty of new and stupid questions on the exam,
    answers to them are not even in the books!

    Do you have any latest p4s, testinside, actualtests, testking or passforsure for CCNP ver.5???

    I have studied 3 months, I used:
    e-learning, Curicullum 5.0 – not necessary to read pleanty of stuff, overhelming
    used CCNP press books – certification guide – very good!
    CBT buggets with Jeremy – super, funny & practical !

    Love peace, dance and networking

  13. Hello Careercert,

    would you please kindly release the p4s latest version which has 538 questions in it please. I am planning to take the exam next saturday and I want to buy and practice them ASAP. Please kindly let me know when are you going to release please.


  14. Hi Guys

    Passed BCMSN on 28-04-2010 with good score.

    TI Version 5.74 still valid, 1 lab on ciscosims, got 2 labs, 1 lab was new where I had to allow vlans to access server on the other end, but it was simple. TI 5.74 is very valid and all the best, Also thanks Careercert and all these who contribute to this forum.

    Next Tshoot


  15. Hi!

    I am going to write BCMSN exam on next week.Which dumps will be the exact one P4S or Test inside.Could you please provide latest dumps for BCMSN.


  16. people…people i passed.
    mehn it was an ordeal i wont forget in a hurry, i got 2 simulations. the test inside will suffice for the objectives and one of the simulaitons – the vlan 20, 30, 40 spannig tree came out then another strange one. it has been mentioned before – it has 2hosts, a multilayer sw, a router, internet and a server. You have to configure eigrp, routed port, inter-vlan routing to ensure the hosts see the server over the internet. do not forget your subnetting and the basics..am off to the movies.

  17. @CareerCert
    password for installation is there thanx for that
    but problem is after installing even tha HDD id is changed and DCOM is off it ask for serial

  18. Hi!
    Can i pass BCMSN just using latest Ti in this page and latest p4s?
    Other question: If i have BSCI & BCMSN & TSHOOT i will became CCNP v5 or CCNP v6?
    Thanks in advance.

  19. hi careercert i have completed the reading of all cisco 642-813 materials such as cert-kit,official certification guide ,but now i prefered to take 642-812 exam so can i go and take the exam with 642-813 knowledge wht else i need to prepare pls suggest

  20. hi kumar and others

    am also planing to do BCMSN but still i dont have p4s. as said i have 7.46 which is lates(as my knowledge)cant use bcoz it ask for password


  21. Hi Friends,

    I am planning to take BCMSN (642-812) Exam. But i have P4S dumps 446 questions & answers. As per P4S site the latest P4S dumps contains 538 feb updates questions & answers. Please help me to download the same.

    Require your help…….Awaiting for positive res response.

    Thanks & Regards.

  22. @ rajat,

    you will not miss anything if you practice testinside. It is more accurate than p4s.
    Actually p4s contains many redundant and unnecessary questions.


  23. @careercert:
    hi there are supposedly 530+ questions in p4s latest but only abt 300 in testinside..are we missing out something by practicing testinside?

    Could u upload the latest p4s if possible?538q?

  24. Hi Guys

    which version is TI that was released on (16/12/2009). and where can I locate it, is still lates TI BCMSN, any input Appericiated


  25. hi,
    URGENT !!!
    anyone passed bcmsn recently ? any new sim… Careercert need ur suggestion. is there any lab which is having config on so many items (near about 18 steps) in same ques ?.

    Pls. help. this is urgent !!!

  26. hello careercert, going through the testinside 227 qs i have discovered close to 30 qs that are not included in the bcmsn syllabus. it is very disturbing and makes me doubt the authenticity of the testinside.
    please advice.

  27. Hi CareerCert,
    I can see pass4sure ver 7.46 in the above list. is it the latest dumps for BCMSN 642-812 ?

    i can see pass4sure has released a new dumps on 25th of Feb'10.

    I wish to have the exam by this week. is there any issue ?

    also in actual test and itexamworld dumps i can see there is a sim ques (no 345) which includes so many config items. is it a sure shot ques ? or just for practise

  28. Hi ..

    can u please upload the latest Pass4Sure (538 Q) …??? Please …

    and re there any chances that u can upload the PassGuide (with 503 Qs) too…??

    Can't find them on net … anywhere.. !! Please Please ….

  29. Hi Guys,

    got the exam BCMSN passed today with 954/1000 score. 90% was questions present in latest testinside (16/12/2009). On drag question was missing and a new lab I wasn t aware about etherchannel.

    One exam left (ISCW) and I will be certified CCNP

    Good luck folks!


  30. is the latest testinside version from the 16th Dec still valid? What would you recommmend, shoud I prepare with latest P4S aswell?



  31. @ 2nd last guy,

    p4s 387+59 is the latest version available. Although there is a new version released by p4s after this but it doesn't matter. You can do well with this one.

    @ gazza,

    Yes, you can start BSCI now and later finish your CCNP with switch and Tshoot. That's completely fine.


  32. Hello..Please which course would you advice one to go for..I just finished CCNA and i want to go for CCNP immediately..Should i start with the Version 6(Route and SWitch) or should i do BSCI and BCSNM before 30th june. I was thinking of doing BSCI then later switch with troubleshooting hope its o.k

  33. hello careercert i am stil expecting your reply as regards the p4s 387 and 59 new qs. Please pleeeeaassseee reply. thanks.

  34. hi careercert please i just want to confirm if the p4s 387 + 59 new questions braindumps are the most recent. please reply ASAP as i am about to take the Jump!…am waiting.

  35. HI,
    cleared SWItching exams 2 days b4.. New lab EIGRP-MLS (not in dumps)and STP simulations are coming I faced 6-7 new Qs all are related to Security. routing Qs are not now coming. Be perfect with HSRP hotspot Qs, VoIP, wireless. I used P4S 7.46

    Best of luck.
    Rohan N

  36. The testinside website is still down. I wonder if they will provide updates for the test material. If someone knows what's happening please post.

  37. What's happening with Testinside, anyone? It's closed. I am planning to take BCMSN 642-812 today but saw a few posts stated there are new questions and 2 new sims added to cisco BCMSN test. Now, I am not sure whether i want to give it a shot today. I use testinside latest one and p4s latest from this site. Are they enough for this test, anyone? Help pls……


  38. Hi All,
    Just passed bcmsn today with 941 … 🙂
    As mentioned by rajender there was a different simulation which wasn't in p4sv7.46. & also there were questions not from p4s. But majority of those questions came from theory basis, so please study theory also when you are practising p4s (with each question).Please be well prepared ….. All the best guys….

    @ CareerCert …
    You are doing a great job…. 🙂 🙂 Huge thanks for you……….

  39. I took the bcmsn exam today and I have got 2 simulaton one from spanning tree same as in pass4sure and the other one is not there….even in spanning tree stimulation i was not able to sav the config and was not able to do no shut on interface g1/0/5 and g1/0/6..the other simulation was new…there were 2 host on different vlan on switch which was connected to a server via a router. The question was help t he host ping the server…since i had not seen this simulation any were I was not prepared hence I lost the exam, even most of the questions have changed, not even 50 % are from pass4sure…so guys plz prepare well before u actually sit for the exam..IF somehad similar simulation plz help…rajender

  40. hi career cert,
    I have only the p4s 7.46 pdf with me from this site…is that enough to get through??whether Test inside is mandatory??and I have write it as soon as possible,,,going to write iscw and bcmsn on feb 1st week..kindly help me…looking forward for ur reply

  41. Hi all!
    Yesterday I've passed my 642-812 exam.
    There are many new questions which are not described in Pass4sure v.7.46 (around 15-20 questions). Also I had new configuration lab, which are not described on careercert.
    So, be well prepared for exam.
    Good luck all of you!

  42. just passed bcmsn with 934.
    only spanning-tree and port fast sim came up.
    there were some questions came up which weren't in pass4sure ver 7.46 (446ques)
    no routing questions

  43. Hai lalith,

    did you take exam .What are all the simulations you got in the exam.Please share with us. I am going to take exam on 20 jan.

  44. Hai careercert and brothers,

    Anybody gave a shot for bcmsn in this week. Please share with us what are all the lab did you get.
    Careercert please tell me that the ONE lab which is given in all dumps which goes on and on to 18 steps wont be asked in exam.Because I have never worked in CATOS switch.Only native os.

  45. Dear CareerCert,

    Is P4S v7.46 and Testinside v5.73 are still valid for the BCMSN exam ?

    I heard it there are a new Testinside v5.74 released for BCMSN

  46. anybody given exam of 642-812 switching (bcmsn)
    plz share ur experiencewith us here. wht kind question u get in d exam ?i have my exam on 16 jan . plz reply soon

  47. Hi careercert,
    p4s latest dumps has been updated to 522 and i think its v3.0.plz do upload Q& A and preparation labs as soon as possible.for me its a week ahead to take up the exam.I have already revised tood's book and seen CBT videos.now looking for latest dumps to practice because am not confident enough.
    Thanks mate for doing great work ,
    Keep doing,

  48. best way to check is from their own website..latest being updated on 21st dec 2009..having 437 q's..
    careercert…plz do upload as soon as u get d crack..thnx in advance..

  49. anybody given exam in last week plz share ur experience. which dumps u used? r d questions r same.how many routing questions u get in exam.n plz share d questions which r out of d dumps.

    reply soon

  50. @ lalit,

    The questions in new p4s version is same as before.
    They are changing the all exam setups installers, so that it can't be cracked.

    sadly new setup is no more crackable !!!

  51. Just check P4S website indicate P4S has updated BCMSN 642-812 latest version in 21 Dec 09 with 437 questions.

    Anyone can share this ? thanks

  52. hi i just pass4sure yesterday n found out that dumps of bcmsn(642-812) have been updated on 21 dec 2009. As i read earlier post some people got routing questions n also some questions out of dumps too.As i am planning to give my exam next week . plz can body have latest dumps. Give some info about d latest updated dumps, are questions same as previous dumps? although i am preparing rite now from version 6.87 and 7.46 which has 59 question. plz reply soon so that i can prepare more

  53. can someone clarify?
    78. A hacker is interested in seeing traffic from all switch ports on the switch that he is connected to,
    including the ports belonging to other VLANs. What type of attack is he likely to implement?
    A. MAC address flooding
    B. ARP attack
    C. spoofing attack
    D. DHCP attack
    E. VLAN hopping

    Selected answer is A. But I thought that when the cam table did not have an entry for a given mac address it flood it out all ports…but only the ports for that particular vlan. So if packet is for vlan 12, and arp-resolved destination mac is not in cam table, it flood out all ports assigned to vlan 12. Does it flood to all ports no matter vlan? That would seem strange….

  54. yes..i passed the exam most of the questions are from p4s.But i get more than 8 questions and 1 drag and drop from outside p4s and AT.In Lab (spanning tree) Copy run or wr is not working.

  55. any news about the BCMXSN exam ?? urgent plz.
    and do any body have the latest p4s in pdf format?? the installation doesn't work with me.

  56. Dear all,

    Could anyone tell me what is BCMSN (642-812) latest P4S version ? As i have v7.46 (446 Q) with me and i aren't sure it is still a valid and updated copy or not.

    Thank you

  57. hi, can anyone tell me what is the latest version of P4S 642-901 (BSCI) dums and plz suggest from where i can download them, also if anyone have gone through paper recently, kindly tell me about labs task, what kind of configuration task are coming in BSCI paper in current days…

  58. Kindly send me Pass4 sure 7.46 ver dumps and Also of Testinside…link mentioned in the threads for pass4sure 7.76 on 4shared is not working as I am not able to install it..Its urgent I have to give my BCMSN ON 5 JAN 2010.



  59. hii guys…i passed bcmsn yesterday with score 978..almost 8 questions came out of the dumps..among those 2 were drag& drop…all other qns were same…thanks careercert….thanks a lot..

  60. some1 pls let me know, the 642-812 P4S dumps released on 21st dec is same as updated on oct 15th and 10th Dec ???, coz all the 3 updates shows same number of questions. (446)


  61. hi i am planning to take BCMSN 642-812 on 1st week of JAN, can any1 help me in telling which is the latest version..


  62. Guys,

    I passed BCMSN with 982.
    Got 3 simulations. 1 spanning tree where i was unable to save the config,2nd one dot1x,3rd one spanning tree with VTP.
    Got 3 routing questions but since careercert mentioned that they for only evaluation wasnt tensed(but i gave the answer).
    Around 10 new questions were there as well which are not there in P4S and ActualTests.

    Next is either BSCI or 642-691..

    Thanks a lot careercert..

  63. Hi Guys..i have cleared BCMSN today with 967. Most of the questions are from 7.46, but i got around 12 questions (which includes 2 drag n drop) from outside. Got 2 simulations. Lab in Spanning tree (Q118 in P4S), for which i couldn't save the config after the changes were done. Tried with wr, copy run start and even the full form of both commands, but got invalid command error. wasted almost 20min on this. So had to proceed without saving the config only. Second simulation is also from spanning tree (Q83 in P4S).

    Thanks to careercert for sharing the dumps.


  64. Hi Guys……planning to take my BCMSN on 28th. could someone please tell me, does the TAB feature works in the exam router simulation?

    Thank You..

  65. Anyone tell me pls, the 642-812 P4S dumps released on 10th DEC is same as updated on oct 15th, which is having 446 questions…

    Thank you..

  66. Dear Careercert
    i tried installing bsmsn 7.46 full setup but the installation stops at appplying volume label id to C:
    iam doing it on virtualpc, how to resolve it
    i tried opening the installeg one it asks for activation

    please help

    thanks in advance


  67. I wrote the BCMSN (642-812) on the 16th December, 2009 and passed with a score of 955.

    I studied the latest P4S that has 446 questions and read the study manual and actual test.

    Not all questions came out from P4S but the simulation questions, simlets came out.

    There was one Drag and drop that did not come out and about 8 other questions.

    Please study well before sitting for the exam.

  68. This pass4sure v7.46 (446 questions) BCMSN 642-812 was released for almost 3 months already, i think the new versions will be released very soon.

  69. i am writing my 642-812 exam on sat 19th dec and i used ps4sure 446 qst, testinside and cisco press material for my preparation. Is it true that there are routing question in the exam?

  70. Hi everyone.

    Can someone who just recently has taken the 642-812 test verify P4S version v7.46 (446 Qs)is still valid for this test as of December 14th?

    Thanks in advance, and I really appreciate this website.

  71. Hi Guys,
    Very lucky i found this blog before my test, thanks you for all your comments specially to CareerCert.

    I have a question, I've seen few people referring to Sims as a OLD and NEW STP Sim, can you guys tell me where are those that i don't see them here?.

    Thanks in advance.

  72. @ above,

    The original setup can only be installed on one PC, unless you buy a new one from p4s.com
    This one is the cracked setup built by me and i have put a password on it.
    If you have any registered(bought)softwares installed on your PC then i recommend don't install it. Because they might turn to trial versions, asking for registration. You may also experience some issues with windows installer service.

    It will be better to use MS virtual PC in that case.(see tutorial)

    But if you don't have any paid softwares then it is safe to install, but i recommend Virtual way.

  73. about recent post of
    BCMSN 642-812 Pass4sure v7.46 (446 Qs) – FULL Setup from Mr. Kahn…this has password so it is not a hack? I noted readme still warns not to install on main partition etc…

    Is this a real version? Else I am okay with PDF but for the practice test simulation is better to have the real p4s test program…

    just wonder if this will mess up windows xp unit or not…

  74. I am Yemi Awokoya. Passed my 642-812 exam on Tuesday, Nov 10 2009 even a friend i forwarded d dumps to for 642-825 pased also courtesy of the dumps from this site. I whole-heartedly express my gratitude to d administrator and all contributors on careercert. Thank you very much once again

  75. Hello All,

    I am glad to say that I have passed BCMSN to day with 908. I am really thankful to careercert and talhah. I studied P4S and Testinside dumps from careercerts. Again many thanks for publishing theses materials. Thanks again for careercert and talhah. Moving in to ONT. Keep up the good work.

    ECU from Colombo, Sri Lanka

  76. yea..7.46 is enogh to pass the exam…but 4 questions came from the routing section which were not ther in 7.46…but its easy one i think if u have cleared bsci..

    all the best

  77. @career cert

    thank you very much dood for the all help and the latest version…

    i cleared my exam with 962 today…tanks to you and all members here…

    yea..4 qstns came from routing
    simulations were portfast and spanningtree

  78. Gave CCNP BCMSN today 977/1000 , got all design questions from this dumps and 7 routing questions out of which 5 were from outside this dump

    but manage to answer, 2 on eigrp and 3 on BGP

    Raj 🙂

  79. I have taken bcmsn exam today and cleard with 965. All the questions came in from P4sure V7.46.

    Best of luck to all u guys!!!!

  80. @ Adhem, Congrats buddy!


    New p4s answers are correct mate. In Q105, the correct answer is 16, since 256 doesn't make any sense. You can find this info in cisco press book.

    In Q 97, the correct answer is D. The Gi0/0 interface between s3 and s2 has "spanning-tree bpdu filter enable". This command is equivalent to disabling the spanning tree for that interface. So it'll not participate in spanning tree but will still pass traffic.

  81. hi admin…

    tnx for releasing free the new version of bcmsn first on net..

    one qstn …i came to see different answers in the old and new version..

    two of them are

    how many instances of stp are supported in the cisco implementation of mst

    ans ) 16 in new…256 in old

    Q 97)
    wen spanning tree is recalculated , how will the link between sw p4s s3 and swithc p4s s2 be affeected

    ans D in new version ,ie not participate , pass trafic…and C in old will participate in stp and pass trafic

    can you please post the correct answer.

  82. hi all

    1st thanks for careercet site
    i passed today BCMSN
    5 q routing
    2 laps vtp & spanning-tree
    best of luck for all

  83. hi admin

    Thank you very muchhhhhhh for posting out the new version of bcmsn ..and hope you are the first to release on net for free..thnxx a tonnn

    the answers of new version and and v6.87 of bcmsn are not matching….

    examples are..

    Q 97) how spaning tree recalculated..
    old version says anser is C and the new version says its D

    Q 105) how many instances of stp are supported in cisco implementation of mst

    old version says answer is 256 and the new version says answer as 16.

    plz..can you figure out and mention the correct anser here ..plzz

  84. plz share
    Pass4sure 6.87 question 37/39 topic 2
    I think its answer is wrong
    I suggest answer is Option C instead of A

    Plz give response

  85. passed bcmsn today i scored 977. there were 5 routing question, 3 of were new that i managed to answer.
    best luck for all.
    bsci is next

  86. As I previously said, I opened a case to Cisco about this routing questions in the exam. They answered: "the items in question are field test items and have no bearing on your score" So…get used to it! :-/

  87. Hi All,

    i just took my bcmsn exam. Thank God i passed with 988. There were 5 Routing related questions. I can only remember
    1.OSPF for IPv6: answer is area ID must be configured
    2. EIGRP variance 1: answer is equal cost path load balancing
    3. BGP metric 200: answer is dictates how foreign router routes traffic to local router

    Simulation for STP and portfast came out. HSRP testlet came out too. All the best to you guys!!!

  88. Can some one tell me WHAT about the COMPOSITE EXAM of CCNP
    any UPDATES plz .. write here . I shall be thankful to you and my exam is on 12 nonvember
    can some load .. at least the new questions added after 399 questions

  89. Anyone have the 642-812 P4S dumps released on 15th Oct which is having 446 questions…
    Please upload ASAP..
    Thank you..

  90. Dear CareerCert,

    Can any one please clarify this issue with cisco, we need to know if this is normal before i retake the exam.

  91. Congrats buddy ! Pretty good score.

    BTW routing questions doesn't make any sense in BCMSN exam.
    I think there is a cisco database error between BCMSN and Composite 642-892 exam.
    Need to discuss it with cisco somehow.

  92. 2 labs same given in v6.87….and regarding routing questions there was a question on route-map and bgp regarding what would be good method if you want failover on bgp diagram and answred would be peering bgp neighor on basis of loopback instead of interface … route-map one was realy simple answer was 172.x.x.x network and 10.x.x.x network , it culd be simply done by anyone having basic knolwdge of route-maps….

  93. hiiii

    i gave my ncmsn exam today scoring 977 marks
    used passfor sure available on this site 6.87…
    there were 5 routing questions same as provided in these dumps just 2 were different from bgp but i had prepared for that they went right…

    Thanks Carrecert,,

  94. I confirm that there were routing questions. I had questions about OSPV, IPv6 aso…
    I opened a case at Cisco but…. they've already told me that the score for an exam NEVER CHANGED!!!

  95. Dear CareerCert, iam sure that there was routing questions, and iam iam furious that the affected my score. i will retake the exam next week and if this happens again i will try to study BSCI first.

  96. Guys, Routing questions are not possible on BCMSN exam !!
    Bcmsn exam topics are same as before. There is no news from cisco about this. Even the new exams have separate routing and switching exams.

  97. Hello guys, it would be so helpful if someone can post the 446 Question of the new version..Much much appreciated 😀

    thank you! 😀

  98. It is very strange, and the stranger part is that 4 of these questions are new and not similar to the ones foung in P4S in any version. Maybe a new version have come out including the routing part.

  99. Guys, this is BCMSN not BSCI. BCMSN = commutation(spanning-tree, cef, qos and so on) Routing protocols have no attitude to BCMSN.

  100. hello all, i did my bcmsn exam on 31 october and eveything was good untill i faced 5 to 6 questions related to bgp,ospf,eigrp,and ipv6. I was not prepared for these topics and they was not mentioned in any P4S version. Did any one face these topics in the bcmsn official exam ??
    anyway, i failed the exam and i am willing to retake it, so can anyone please send me the latest P4S to [email protected], the latest version i have is 6.87 and few screen shots of the 6.97 version, so anything newer than these are mostly appriciated.

  101. As I have checked the version for BCMSN is 6.97 with 446 Q it is taking too much time please upload this Q if any one have, all of you are requested to please find this on different web sites and upload on this if any one find latest version as it was changed on 15 oct 2009. take care all of u and waiting for good news

  102. Hi Careercert,

    can you please upload the latest P4S for BCMSN? I will be sitting for my exam soon. What are the latest changes to 6.87?

    Hi All,
    For those who just took their exams, can you please advise what we the questions that came out and which LABS and SIMLETs came out. Please advise.

  103. Totally agree with Sameer … but I'll take the exam by the end of this week … so if anyone have the 446Q version and can upload it! Thanks in advance!

  104. there is big difference of Q between two versions so please nobody should try to take exam without this please upload bcmsn 446 q/a this is very important for all of us

  105. Hi Admin,

    thanks so much for the updated.

    The version 6.87 has 387Q and the last web version has 446Q … where are they?

  106. dear folks,

    I heard that some new wlan and qos questions has been added. but in your update those questions are not there. is that the missing questions from 1 to 5.

  107. Hey folks,

    Alright guys..i have posted the new questions from P4S v6.97 sent by Manish to me.
    They are just 6 questions instead of 10. I think he forgot to attach the rest of questions with email.
    Anyways…i hope they are useful. Later.

  108. I scored 966 on My BCMSN exam on the 21th oct. 2009. I studied witht the test inside v5.73 with 252 Q and the p4s v6.87 with 387 questions. I also studied books from cisco press.

  109. I passed My BCMSN exam last wednesday. thanks to God and you guys for helping out with materials.

    there was 3 labs, (vlan, spanning-tree, port security), 1 simlet and 1 testlet. also 1 drag and drop.

    I studies with the p4s with 387 questions and answer and also with the test inside 252 QA. also read the material from cisco press.

    wish you guys good luck in ur exams.

  110. Dear Tahim,

    Thank you very much for your great support.
    Aprreciate it very much.
    What about the exact simulations u got in your exam?

  111. i studied p4s 6.87 and testinside 5.73

    the two new questions

    one is about ip phone

    for that the answer is

    ccm about the off-hook state

    and 2 nd question was about

    cisco computable extension program

  112. Dear Tahim,

    hope you have studied the 6.87 version. what are the other materials you can recommend?
    Please help me.
    can you remember those 2 questions and from which section it came.

  113. Dear nadeev,

    That's right … there exam was 50 question and a lot (10 ?) probably new ones. Apart of the new ones, a lot QoS and LWAPP … The simulations were almost all of them. I guess i had all from this link: http://ciscosims.blogspot.com/search/label/BCMSN Lab Sims

    Please if someone could post the 6.97 with 446Q it would be great! And what about the "wr mem" question?


  114. Dear friend,

    do u got lots of new questions not belongs to 6.87 version.
    Please tell me about the simulations you got?
    Please help me if u can.

  115. I had my 1st time last week with the 642-812 exam and failed with 777. The passsing score is 804. I've the PDF version of the 387Q. Could you be so kind of posting the las 446Q v6.97 ?? I'll re-try it on next week.

    One question: do you know if at the lab simulations we must do a "wr mem" or a "copy run start"?? Becouse in many of this labs it said: command not valid or not implemented. If we go through the next question without writting the configuration, the lab question will be right or wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  116. I have already send the mail to careercert of all the old 10 questions which they have updated last time now the P4S has came with new so i'll give u guys but give me 2 to 3 days.


  117. hey…
    as we have latest dumps available of testinside for bcmsn from carrercert… do anybody know if they are reliable to give exam….

  118. Hello All,

    I will send all the 10 Question today 21st Oct 09 to P4S as a print screen. so kindly contact them after few hours.

    Best of luck guys take care.


  119. Hello, Can someone please send me the latest p4s 642-812? CertCareer hasn't contacted me yet. I have 387Qs version. Pls I am taking the exam soon. I just check p4s website. Latest updated questions for 642-812 bcmsn is up to 445qs now. please send me the latest p4s if you have it.
    To: [email protected]

    thanks a million

  120. CareerCert,

    Please send me the latest update of p4s(last 10qs) to [email protected]. I am about to take that BCMSN test soon. I have the PDF version of this with 387qs. your are rock! and thanks a million……………..


  121. Hello Friends,
    I passed BCMSN today with 900/1000 points. There are Three lab sim(Radius-server, Spanning-tree,PortFast) and one testlet(HRSP)and I have 50 questions,some new questions(alnost 6-7) not in P4S and testinsie.I study book(ciscopress),p4s and Testinside.

  122. @ careercer… did Manish mailed you or uploaded the P4sure latest dumps…???… or what happend?
    Also guys.. which dumps are the best… P4sure or Testinside any real experience to share

  123. @ Manish

    Its good that you want to share it with the community.
    You can upload the setup file or 642-812.exe, which is in the installation folder and mail me the link or comment here. Then i will crack it and post the cracked setup and PDF here.


  124. Hello Careercert,

    As we can see we got the updated version 6.97 of 642-812 and in this we have new 10 Questions.
    So, I have those 10 Question with me as I bought it from P4S. So, if you need it kindly contact me.


  125. Dear Friends,
    Today i just started to studying for 642-812.
    i must do before november 10 .is that time frame enough. help me. how to do simulations prctically without using actual switches?

  126. Hello Everyone,

    I know you guys here to know the feedback of the switching exams but trust me guys by going to these feedback nothing will happen b'coz these guys have share there own experience and some guys wrote that questions are not from P4S switching dumps maybe form books or maybe from composite dumps but its not true b'coz when u r on exam the options are more so they think this question from outside but if you really want to clear you exam I suggest u go through P4S and Testinside then u can clear ur exam very easily.

    I hope u will do what I sad and I also want to requset u all people plz don't leave these type of comment b'coz people can get Discourage.


  127. hi EDU,

    i got 50 questions in my exam BCMSN , please concentrate on wireless and go through composite dumps also some questions are coming from that site, in my exam they have increased the number of ans

    now i am going for bsci please any body tell me the rt way to complete, i done with cisco press book ,,

    abheshek gupta

  128. I have given the CCNP BCMSN exam today , i want to inform you guys there are so many questions not coming from dumps , please go through the Cisco press book also , if you really wanna clear exam. I got 955 marks , don't worry about simulation they are the same.

    Abheshek Gupta

  129. Hi talhah,

    Thank you very much for the kind advice. I will do it. Even P4S says it has 387 questions, i am sure they keep the number of questions as it is by adding new questions to the paper. I felt it when i went through the paper. I haven't seen such questions on any of both pdfs that you recommend. Any way feel free to update if you get it. I wanna to ONT & Routing Exams to cover up CCNP. Can't think of any without finishing BCMSN. Will see how it goes. Thank You again.

  130. hi ECU

    just forget what happened. p4s with 387 questions is still the latest. now what u do is digest the fundamentals. finish p4s for 5 times. also refer to p4s composite pdf 642-892 composite exam p4s pdf i m talking about. prepare BCMSN questions from composite p4s pdf also. actually what happened is either u were over confident or u were not fully prepared and because of that u were lost just before the exam.this is what i think. but u follow this line of action and i think u won't be having any problem. if u havent watched any videos then i must tell u that go through trainsignal and cbt nuggets. cheers mate. and best of luck.

  131. hello frnds …. i hv to give ccna xam on 12th oct… plzz help me out … which r the latest dumps .. n plzz tell me i hv heard tht the pattern has changed … dre r only 44 ques ll come in ccna xam n dre r 6 options in it … plzzzz help me out ……

  132. I have to re-take BCMSN. Today I failed the exam. I have noticed P4S has updated on 20th Sept. If anyone has the latest P4S for BCMSN please send upload the link. I am really helpless. I studied 6.87 that have 387 questions.

  133. hi switching_guy

    only p4s 6.87 is fine bro. but i recommend that go through BCMSN questions from 642-892 composite pdf as well because some questions are coming from there too. well u will recognize which questions belong to BCMSN. best of luck and keep looking for any update from bro careercert.


  134. ok great, so p4s is much better – the actualtest pdf isnt that reliable then?

    talha, thanks for letting me know!

    also, p4s v6.87 should be alright for someone taking the exam in 3 weeks or so? i suppose it doesnt change much, but just to make sure..

  135. to above poster

    forgot to tell u one thing. just dont waste your time for actualtest. trust me p4s is MUCH MORE THEN ENOUGH.


  136. hi to above poster

    refer to p4s 6.87 Q 193 to Q 198. this is like multiple question in one question in real exam. and the output in the p4s is obtained in the real exam by clicking on the console by firing commands "show run" and "show standby".

    and another thing is just avoid some questions in p4s purely regarding routing and routing protocols. they are there by mistake definitely.


  137. sorry correction on question 2 above: it was on august 11th, the post which said there is an HSRP sim. please tell me which question this is in the p4s pdf files.


  138. hi guys i have 3 questions:

    1. are there any routing questions on the BCMSN exams – because i have seen some routing/bsci related q's on some of these p4s pdfs.

    2. a post on this forum on august 5th said the sims that came up were: VACL/STP/VTP/HSRP. I cant find any HSRP sim, can anyone tell me which q it is in the p4s pdf v6.87 ?

    3. on p4s pdf v6.87, question 5 – seems fine to me. but there a Q on the actualtest pdf ver 03-03-09 which has the same simulation but with different ip addresses. BUT the SVIs used in the actualtest pdf seem wrong to me. this is question 103 on the actualtest pdf. can someone explain this to me?


  139. Passed BCMSN today,922/1000.All the problems mentioned earlier by those who have written the exam are true regarding wr,copy run start etc not supported but one will be graded if the configuration is right!
    Once again,i can´t but thank the mgt of careercert enough for their support.More grace to your elbow.

  140. Hello P4S,

    You people are quit cool on so far you have done.
    God Bless you all.

    This is my request kindly come with CCIP and CCVP Videos and Dumps.

    Thanks & Regards

  141. hi people,

    yes there is a problem with following commands

    write, wr, copy run start, copy running-config startup-config, copy running-configuration startup-configuration

    nothing works but just fire all of above commands and YOU ARE SAFE. i m 100% sure u will get full marks for it if configurations are correct.

    so DONT PANIC.


  142. Hi talhah!

    Thank you very much for your suggestion and for sharing your experience. And

    $$$CONGRATULATIONS $$$ for passing BCMSN!

    I have already started ISCW so please suggest me with ISCW.

    May God Help You!!!


  143. good on you bro

    thanx for posting more things brother. waiting for something on design track. i have somethings but not p4s.


  144. hey brother careercert

    thanx for quick reply. may u be rewarded by god almighty. i tried 640-553 ccna security. working fine. very recent too. howcome its not found in this site. if there is any please let me know of your other resources where i can get many more things. inspired by u so heavily that my thirst for more and more certifications is increasing day by day.


  145. hi careercert

    how r u bro ?
    if u can please post ccna security 640-553 latest p4s and also some material on 642-873 ccdp ARCH.


  146. I downloaded the p4s 642-812 patched installer and installled it on my laptop.But it demanded activation key when i intend accessing it.
    pls, i need your help.

  147. Please i need clarification on this Simulation on spanning tree on Question 118(p4s V6.87)and Question 376(p4sV6.79).The questions are thesame but different solution to the configuration of the spanning tree problem.Which is more appropriate?

    Regards,as i wish to express my profond gratitude.

  148. congrats gilb

    and where is the one who was supposed to give exam today? the forum is waiting to hear about experience.


  149. @ gilb

    Congrats mate!!! Mission accomplished. 😀

    BTW did any of you try the command "write" or "wr" instaed of "copy run start" ??

  150. Thanks careercert am really grateful for ur posts.Especially PS4sure v6.87. I passed my BCMSN with 900/1000. I faced the same problem Jack007 faced to on the simulations (spanning-tree and radius-server set up).But i used sh spanning-tree vlan on core and DSW2 to view changes using enable 2 and acme as the password.I saw the effect changes but was unable to copy the running config into the startup config.I think after clicking the next it adds it or there is no such privilege.

    Once again, mate you are wondaful. ONT here are come!!!!!


  151. @ Karambas

    1. I think you are not using the new 12.4 ios. You should use the ios images which support all commands. GNS3 is the only emulator available for CCNP configurations.

    2. Log on to certification tracking system and see the Publish credentials link.

  152. Hi Careercert and everebody!
    I've just passed my BSCI and gonna start learning BCMSN and need your advice.1) What emulators could i use to prepare for BCMSN? I've used GNS but it is not capable of supporting switch configuration. Or i did something wrong maybe…
    2)If someone asks me to prove that i'm certified BSCI, how could i prove it? I've not received certificate yet…
    Thanks and good luck!

  153. hi jack007

    big congrats mate. real good score. now i have a suggestion for u. i dont know weather u have passed ONT or not. u r planning to go for ISCW right? but instead u should go for ONT because ONT is an extension to BSMSN. i mean its a SWITCHING part of CCNP. and in the same way ISCW is an extension to BSCI. its a ROUTING part of CCNP. this is how CCNP routing and switching is built.


  154. Hi CareerCert!

    Thank you for your latest updates. especially 642-812 6.87 PDF. Its so creatively made for great practice. I am just coming from test center and could not wait enough to THANK YOU. I passed BCMSN just now!

    Many of us had problem with "COPY RUN START" on the simulations (spanning-tree and radius-server set up). I had that too. I could not help with "copy system:running config nvram:start-up config" also. And I think that is the way it is made. But I tried several SHOW commands to see if my commands were written on the memory. That is the only way to verify it,frens. So Don't panic !

    CBT Nuggets/cisco official guide/bcmsn 6.87 pdf by careercert and careercert.blogspot.com blogs

    These helped me get 955/1000.

    Thanks careercert! YOU ROCK!!! thumbs up!!
    Going for ISCW next!!!

  155. hi brother

    i have checked all Pass4sure fully automated installers. all of them are working fine. its really a great post mate. your hardwork should be highly rewarded by everyone who realize it. anyways may god bless u from all sides. i have become a great fan of yours mate. one request from your brother is if u please post other material on other tracks also. if not more than at least at an associate level.


  156. hi careercert how r u brother.

    i checked CCNA p4s 7.73 with 473 questions in vmware. its working fine. can u please provide CCNP p4s like this one. i really apreciate your efforts bro. it was a good feeling to work on original thing though the pdf and this is the same thing. i have already passed CCNA but still was happy to see it. may god bless u from all sides. preparing for CCNP BCMSN going for it on 8th.


  157. hi its me the one who wrote above two comments. dont forget to let this forum know about your experience so that everyone can benefit. thanks brother.

  158. just do it couple of times. u still have couple of days. and especially scenarios and multiple question scenarios. scenarios on page nos 166, 246 and 716. and multiple question and answers also. these scenarios are ditto. no difference at all. multiple question and answers Q 193 correct answers are A,A,C,A,B,C. unfortunately in this pdf the output shown is not clear but if u have p4s 3.10 u will find this question at the very end and in that the output is clear. so use it. this are some tips. follow it and u can never fail if there is no change in the format when u sit for it.

  159. I want to find out if Pass4sure v6.87 is valid still 5th of September 2009.I want to write my exam that dat,i just want to know if i can still use it to do last minute preparation or wait.

    Am eager to hear from you.


  160. @ gilb

    sorry for the delay 🙂 The syntax of vlan filter command is like this:-

    vlan filter map-name {vlan-list vlan-list | interface interface number}

    So we can't change the syntax! right?


  161. Thanks for your response,I really appreciate it.I need your help on this:

    on sim:question 344,pg716 on p4s.I want you to help explain why this configuration is

    DSW1(config)#vlan filter PASS vlan-list 20 and not

    DSW1(config)#vlan filter PASS vlan 20


    DSW1(config)#vlan filter PASS vlan all

    Am eager for your response.


  162. @ Gilb

    Our goal is to prevent the DSW1 switch to become root bridge for Vlan 20. The BEST practice configuration technique to prevent a switch from becoming a root bridge is to change its vlan priority.
    We don't know what priority is configured on core switch for vlan 20. What if vlan 20 priority on core is greater than 32768.? So we'll raise the priority on DSW1 to its maximum(61440) . Root secondary command only works if other devices on the network use default priority.
    Just make sure to verify the configuration after configuring DSW1.

  163. Thanks for your prompt response.You mean i would have to change the priority to 61440.

    I know that the priority on DSW1 is 28692 but this

    DSW1(config)#spanning-tree vlan 20 root secondary would add 4096 to DSW1 and make core the root bridge for vlan 20.

    I need your prompt response.


    Help me confirm this if am wrong.

  164. @ Gilb

    You can use either commands but priority(28692) is already configured on the DSW1 switch,(see DSW1#sh spanning-tree) so you should change the priority.

    Hope this help.

  165. Hello,

    Can you explained to me why priority 61440 was used on vlan 20 when configuring spanning tree on question 118. why cant it be

    DSW1(config)#spanning-tree vlan 20 root secondary.

    My really confuse can someone help explain this to me.I need au urgent reply.


  166. Will v6.87 still be valid for preparation for the exam that i want 2 write on the ist of september or should i wait cos i can see that this current version had been out since july 2nd.

    Plse i need ur urgent response.


  167. hey gilbert,
    Use pass4sure v6.87 for practice if you have already read the books and watched the cbt videos.

    The link is available on 4shared.

  168. Hi,

    I don't think that your problem is related to download restrictions. You should install WINRAR first(Don't use winzip). Download both parts of cbt nuggets and place them in same folder. Now right click first part and choose "Extract here".
    It'll automatically extract the second part in to a single folder of about 180 MB.

    Hope this helps.

  169. hi guys,
    i have difficultied downloading the cbtnuggets. i am not sure what the problem is- trying to open with zip- it says `insert the disk`, or `the file is corrupt`. i havent had this problem while i was in bulgaria /eastern europe/. but now i am in australia and i have this problem. does the sys admin of this webside can tell me if some countries can put any restrictions for downloading a free content…..

  170. Hi,
    Thanks for your wishes brother 🙂 I need them.

    ..and there is no update for BCMSN yet.. v6.85 is the last

    Best of luck.

  171. hi careercert. its me the one who posted the above comment. forgot to tell u that in bcmsn pdf there are some questions from bsci. all else is undoubtedly fantastic. planning to appear for bcmsn on 29th. if there is any update please post them . thanks careercert.

  172. WOOOW!!

    !! $$$congratulations$$$ !! mate. Celebration Time !

    I am really glad to help. Good luck for ISCW.


  173. Passed BCMSN last week w a 911 !!! Thanks the great posts on this blog.

    Carrercert, I cant thank you enough for making all of this great material available to us. It is very kind of you.

    ISCW here we go!!!
    Im already download the ISCW material

  174. @ Shivanand
    There is no exact timeline for change in dumps. The change in version number depends on the change in exam pattern. If the exam remain same, the version will be same.
    Best of Luck.

  175. Hi, passed BCMSN with 944/1000 today

    Sims were: VACL/STP/VTP/HSRP

    Materials used : CBT Nuggets, Quick Ref, Cisco Student Guide, P4s 6.87

    going for ISCW……..

  176. Hey, i am not sure what you want but dumps are just above the comments. Just scroll up a bit and click on any Link. Hope this help.

  177. Thanks for the appreciations. I have made these pdfs so that anyone with any kind of operating system could benefit from it. I'll continue to provide latest versions.


  178. Loved the PDF format for the Pass4Sure BCMSN 642-812 (387 Qs). It is so much more practical than having to install an application and do all those tweeks to the computer to get the application to work. Hope to see more Pass4Sures in this format. Thank you so much for the post. Great find!!!

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