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Cisco CCDA (DESGN) v2.0 Student Guide PPT to PDF


CCDA 640-863 Authorized Self-Study Guide-Second Edition

Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN), Second Edition, is a Cisco®-authorized, self-paced learning tool for CCDA® foundation learning. This book provides you with the knowledge needed to design enterprise networks. By reading this book, you will gain a thorough understanding of designing routed and switched network infrastructures and services within a modular architecture.


CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide-Third Edition

This official study guide helps you master all the topics on the DESGN exam, including

  • Network design methodology
  • Network structure models
  • Enterprise LAN design
  • Wireless LAN design
  • Enterprise edge module design
  • WAN design
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Routing protocol selection
  • BGP, route manipulation, and IP multicast
  • Security management, technologies, and design
  • Voice architectures and IP telephony design
  • Network management protocols

CCDA Quick Reference Sheets: Exam 640-863

As a final exam preparation tool, the CCDA Quick Reference Sheets provides a concise review of all objectives on the new DESGN exam (640-863). This digital Short Cut provides you with detailed, graphical-based information, highlighting only the key topics in cram-style format.

Table of Contents
1. Strategic Network Design
2. Modular Network Design
3. Exploring Basic Campus and Data Center Network Design
4. Remote Connectivity Design
5. IP Addressing and Routing Protocols
6. Network Security
7. Identifying Voice Networking Considerations
8. Identifying Wireless Networking Considerations

CBT Nuggets CCDA 640-863

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6

CD-ROM Contents: Cisco CCDA-DESGN Training:-
# Network Design Principles (Part 1): Policies, Procedures, and the PDIOO Method
# Network Design Principles (Part 2): Recognizing Customer Needs
# Network Design Principles (Part 3): 8-Step Design Methodology
# Modular Network Solutions (Part 1): The Cisco Enterprise Network Model
# Modular Network Solutions (Part 2): Modular Network Solutions and Intelligent Services
# Basic Switching Design Methods (Part 1): Layer 1 through Layer 3 Technologies
# Basic Switching Design Methods (Part 2): Enterprise Campus Switching Design Methods
# Choosing Your Routing Protocol (Part 1): RIPv2, IGRP, and EIGRP Comparisons
# Choosing Your Routing Protocol (Part 2): OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP4 Comparisons
# Basic WAN Design (Part 1): Enterprise Edge WAN Design, Planning and Technologies
# Basic WAN Design (Part 2): WAN, VPN, and Internet Backup Solutions
# IP Address Design Techniques
# Designing Voice Networks
# Assessing Network Security
# Designing Network Management
# Introduction to the CCDA Updat
e Series
# Network Design Methodology
# Wireless LAN Design
# IPv6
# Security Management
# IP Telephony Design


180 thoughts on “CCDA Study Material”

  1. Hi dbarn. Congratulation to become CCDA Certified. plseae let me know about the CCDA Exam fee.Thanks MH.Exam fee was 150 EUR (I m from EU), but in e-mail with subject Cisco Testing Confirmation Letter , there was something like this:Total Purchases: $US 150.00Unfortunatelly, Cisco is counting 1USD = 1EUR

  2. Dear sir,
    your blog help me a lot. but When i click any of study guide or videos link its showing error and a popup comming for this file is not available.
    kindly help me how could i get this materials.

  3. CCDA 640-864 Pass4sure – v 26.0 / 157 Qs is still valid . cleared ccda with 1000 on jan21,2015 ..All Q’s were from the dump

  4. Hi careercert!

    Are you going to send to applicants new version of CCDA dump ? The new version has appeared 30.04.2014 at pass4sure with 157 question. I’ve bought one week ago dump with 133 questions. Would be nice.

  5. Hi !

    Is this dump CCDA 640-864 Pass4sure – v 20.0 / 133 Qs – GB#24 still valid and up to date ? It seems to me that nearly one year passed since last update .

  6. I’m guessing the careercert got sued or got legal threats from Cisco, as this site has stopped updating with new materials. Hoping its not true, but gotta be some reason why they stopped updating.

  7. careeercert,
    i cannot download the CBT nuggets…..can u please upload it again…
    please….if anyone has the link…please reply me

  8. please assist, I’m getting the error when saying wrong password when I enter the ‘’ password

    1. if you check torrent from other sites you wud notice its the same…640-861 was an other exam but some new materials were added to it. I guess CBT dint want to make new videos so they updated the old one

  9. Hi Creercert
    thanks for the great service and help , would you please advise when the new CCDA course material will be updated ? i have the electronic version of the new CCDA book .. but need PPT and quick reference guide which is absolutely different than what we have in there.

  10. pls update ta site…. its so borin….. as ta design 2.1 has came far befor…. yu people dint updated yet…. tats careercert is absolutly down……

    1. hi mohammed,
      I am taking my route exam coming monday. can you tell me how was the route exam. any questions from p4s.If you can share the latest p4s

  11. Bought the latest p4s for CCDA 864 a while ago.
    Like MMs statement, for me its useless because of two kind of errors. 1st, sometimes the chooseable answers provided in the questions arent correct, so u cant answer correct. 2nd, the answers to the questions arent correct.
    To me, there where to much errors in the first 25 questions, so the faith was gone. I hadnt my test yet, but i learned with the official cisco cert guide, so i recognized the errors.

  12. I haven’t looked at the pass4sure, but I saw something else, same amount of Q’s as the P4S with a ton of wrong answers and incomplete questions. Sux. It was valid with is accuacy of what the questions are, but not all the answers it says are correct are actually correct.

  13. Has anybidy passed 640-864 with Pass4sure recently….?Please upload any successfull attempt with any test engines..


      1. on person vue site i see that registration is possible till 15th, anybody tried to schedule exam?

  14. My testing center has had problems, they postponed my exam till 27th. Hope everything will be the same.

  15. i just passed 640-863(scored 936) yesterday(4/18/11). Used only Testinside v5.71 and Actualtest v1.3 from this site. 100% of the exam questions from Testinside and AT on this site. No surprise at all.

  16. Just passed 987/1000 with the help of CBT Nuggets and .. MMFSH. Better hustle here as the new exam starts 5/1 and it will not be easier!!

  17. @Shazi : you still can take this exam (640-863) until 30-Apr-2011. later than that, you must take the 640-864 exam.

    1. Thanks Alot Adit. I was waiting from last 4 days. Thanks for ur reply. I appriciate it. And now i have a formal plan to take this exam. 642-863. thx

  18. Hi Careercert!!

    I realy appriciate everyone , Coz i have got passed my all exam which i have attempted. I need to know one thing Can anybody tell me that , CCDA 640-863 is availabe , i mean can i attempt 640-863 or this exam have expired, coz i have seen this exam is updated and the new code is 640-864 for CCDA. Can you Please tell me that , can i attempt 640-863 or i have to attempt new version 640-864. And which exams i have to attempt to complete my CCDP. I appriciate all of you, Thx in advance.
    Regards Shahbaz

  19. Today i cleared the CCDA exam with 974 marks. Thanks to Actualtest and testinside links.Very useful site….

  20. Hi Careercert

    Are you going to organize a group buy for pass4sure 640-864 which is released 18 March 2011

  21. Hi Moderator,

    Could you update the exam version, as it is changed long time back and upload the latest materials ……………………

    NEW: CCDA has been updated
    The new DESGN v2.1 course is now available through Cisco Learning Partners and the new DESGN exam (640-864) is expected to be available on December 16, 2010. View the DESGN v2.1 exam topics (you must login to access this content).


  22. i just passed 640-863(scored 972) today(2/11/11). Used only Testinside v5.71 and Actualtest v1.3 from this site. 100% of the exam questions from Testinside and AT on this site. No surprise at all.


  23. Hi folks,
    i have a questione about the TI: i can’t see the drag & drop question that are in the Actual Test. Is the v 5.71 still good for the exam? I will try it at the end of Febraury.

    Thanks in advance

  24. Hello guys

    Can you assist me with the password for the CBT Nuggets for CCDA. I want to write my CCDA early february.

    Thank you

  25. Passed 640-863 with perfect score, thanks to dsut… a very wonderful site for preparation.

    Only one Drag n Drop which I have not seen before but understandable. All I can remember is there is SDM, CSM, Iphone, a type of computer but very simple, just know SDM and CSM.

  26. Dear Careercert,
    I am going to write my CCDA(640-863) on 24th Dec.Please advise that TI 5.71 and AT 1.3 are still valid.
    Looking forward for you positive response

  27. i passed Design 640-863 exam on 26/nov/2010 and scored 1000.I prepared with CCDA 640-863 Testinside v5.71 – 128 Q’s & CCDA 640-863 Actualtests – v1.3 , 2010

  28. Dear CareerCert,
    I have checked on Anders cisco link for Design 640-863 exam and still valid upto 30 April 2011.
    Would you like to tell me that Actual Test 1.3 and Testinside 5.71 dumps are still valid for 640-863 exam

  29. Careercert, Dude , man.. come on.. please update the dumps.. puh-leaze.. I am stiiiiil waiting for your updates dude…


  30. Hi Careercert.I want to write my CCDA exam last week of Nov . I have studied v2.0 material and cbt nuggets.Now what should i do to pass my CCDA exam. The Uploaded dumps are valid for CCDA V2.1.

  31. Hi there:

    Regrading to the new DESGN v2.1 exam that will be available on December 16. Does that mean the (v2.0) will not be available after December 16 of 2010?

    Any explanation will be greatly appreciated it

    1. you can find these kind of information on Cisco’s website. Let’s all agree to do a little bit of research before we post questions to careercert. We need him to work on more imp things like dumps and materials 😉

      To answer your questions: The v2.0 exam has already been stopped since Nov 7th. Also, it does not make sense to have two versions of the exam. Why would Cisco do that anyways?


  32. Hi, Does anyone know if the TI 5.71 and AT 1.3 have the same questions on as P4S. I only have TI and AT as P4S doesnt seem to work on my computer. Do I need all 3 or will I be ok with AT and TI. Cheers.

  33. Hi Careercert… Dude, we know u r tied up with so much, but puh-leaze let us know about the latest study materials and the dumps… I am still waiting to book the exam and i will do it only after you give the signal man.

    u da dude

  34. Cleared the Exam with 1000/1000 score today. Thanks for Actual Test 221Q & Test-Inside 128 Q are valid and more than enough to get a centum.

  35. Hi Careercert,

    matter of fact , even the Testinside dumps has changed.. Would u please look into that too.


  36. Hi Careercert,

    The p4s dump for CCDA has changed. It now has 222 Qs. Would you be kind enough to upload the latest version for us please?

    Thanks a lot careercert.. you are helping so many individuals and their families directly.. God bless you my friend.


  37. hi everybody,

    i downloaded p4s 181q but i couldn’t open it,
    my os is Win7 and java runtime env. is downloaded at my computer.

    i have to get this exam in 2 weeks
    i need help

  38. hi carrercert
    i passed my CCDA exam
    thanks to you guys contribution
    managed to scored 987/1000
    passing grade is 825

    i used ActualTest v1.3 (221 Question) and P4S 2.77 (181 Question)

    1. Hi Carrercert,

      When you finished passed CCDA Exam. Actually I saw P4S Site Questions no 189 but carrercert 181 question. Can you explain. I want write the exam after 2 week. How many month validate this question.

  39. Passed the CCDA yesterday 1000/1000. P4S v2.77 is all you need. However, it has 2 new questions:
    – one drag & drop about WAN tech such Frame relay –> packet switching, ISDN –> Data + voice using traditional PSTN, TDM –>fixed bandwitch…, SONET –>data & voice system… you should left the option for DWDM untouched.
    – second question is drag & drop about PPDIOO stage which should be Prepare –> stage 1, Plan –>stage 2 and so on. Good luck guys.
    I am now certified for both CCDA & CCDP (I did the CCDP ARCH to requalify my CCNP a month ago but I would not get the CCDP untill I passed the CCDA which I did it yesterday).

  40. Hello CareerCert,

    I am preparing for the Cisco Select/Foundation Partner certification. I would really like to access study materials for the 650-177 SMB Acct Manager and 650-195 SMB Engineer.

    Please, any help, I shall be most grateful.

    I appreciate! Thanks

  41. Hey Does any one have the 189 Questions for 640-863. I have been looking for these all over. Can you guys please help me. Need to appear asap.

  42. Hi Careercert and friends,

    Thanks for the wonderful resources. Just a quick question about the exam. Are there also simulation questions on the CCDA exam (as on CCNA exam) or is at all multiple-choice and D&D type??

  43. passed ccda yesterday, achieved 1000, 64 of 65 questiones were from TI&P4S(in that one which was missing i was asked to D&D circuit/packet switch and leased line definitions), posted version are still valid. Good luck and thanks for the wonderful source material!!!

  44. I passed my exams.. P4S and TI are very much valid… 10ks… Btw i have a quest. A friend of mine's ccna expires last 2 months, can he still take d ccda exam??

  45. Hello All,

    I have scheduled my exam for Friday, hopefully i'll come back with good news.. Wish me luck

  46. I've taken the exam today and passed.The dumps are still valid. I had only one new question about matching the routing protocols (EIGRP, RIP, BGP, OSPF, Static) with their use in networks.

  47. Ther should not be a problem. U can still write the exam by refering the same dumps. There is no new dumps in the market yet.

    All the best

  48. Guys,

    Had my CCDA exam booked for this morning, but got a call from the exam center saying that they are restructuring the exam so I ave to do it on Friday. Any clue if this means that the dumps will no longer be valid, or is it still safe to sit for the exam with the current dumps???

  49. Anyone passed CCDA(640-863)exam lately? Are the dumps still valid ? I'll take the exam next week.

  50. Please help with the latest P4S for CCDA. Ready to contribute in group buy offer too.
    Thanks CareerCert.

  51. @Ravish Oza,

    Thanks a lot dude, was really in a panic. Let me get ready for the exam this Friday. Will let you know how it goes. Peace!!!

  52. Hey am confused, I am doing my CCDA exam next week,downloaded the Testinside Dump on this site and it has 128 questions, on the Testinside site is has 500+, anyone done the exam recently??? Is it still valid??? Please reply asap!

  53. Please what is the latest version of the testinside because it is showing 501q on their website.Is p4s stil valid

  54. A planning to give CCDA. I have testking for the same Ver. 14. I got reviews that the answers are not all correct. You may end up answering wrong during the test. How do I know what is the correct answer in Testking or TI or p4s.?

  55. Hi Friends,

    I am willing to write CCDA (640-863) very soon. Please let me know the current pass4sure dump version.

  56. Hi Carrercert, M planinng to give my BCMSN (642-812) exam end of this month. Could any please tell me which ver is the latest for p4s and testinside? I saw p4s ver 7.46 with 446ques and ver 3.10 with 538ques. Is ver 3.10 paid ver? Please help with the latest version..

  57. Hi All……
    I just passed CCDA exam today….. Almost All the questions were from the TI and P4S dumps……. The dumps are still valid……

    There were 2 drag and drop questions out of the dumps…. One I remember was from WAN… Technologies like ISDN, FR, MPLS, etc had to be mapped to their description. other question i dnt remember….

    Good luck guys….

  58. Hello All,

    Anyone pass CCDA(640-863)exam lately? Pls share the info(materials, study guide…). Thanks

  59. @Anonyomous: Good luck to you Man!!!!!!!! Wish you good luck with your career and future plans……

  60. i am so happy that BSCI and BCMSN are included in the CCDP track. i am currently pursuing becoming a CCNP and i only have ISCW and ONT to take until July 31. Im smiling whenever i think that after i become CCNP i will only need to take CCDA and 642-873 ARCH to become CCDP. Wish me luck guys!!

    -currently downloading CCDA CBT Nuggets. 🙂

  61. Are the dumps for CCDA changed???? Someone kindly verify the information……… Someone who have recently taken the test and not by rumors…… P4S dumps version and version on their website are the same. For TI, they have an updated version on their website….. If anyone have new version, kindly share…. It will be helpful…..

  62. hiii admin both 640-863 and 642-873 are changed .
    where is your post ,i am going to take the two exams in 10 days please advise me with the new version of the both exams,because all the above dumps are changed.thanks!

  63. Hi,
    I wanted to know about the CCDA course. Is it worth studying from the CCDA study guide because I am done with 3 chapters and everything seems to be pretty generic, i mean commonsense. is it better to just glance at the book once and prepare from Dumps for exam???

  64. guys i passed exam today.dumps are still valid 90%.I got 3 new questions…thanks careercert.

  65. @kuru did you get the questions from above p4s and TI dumps ? are they still valid ? please reply

  66. hey careercert , are those old dumps still valid ?
    can i get the latest which p4s has released on April 16th ? i am planning to give it soon.please reply…

  67. @careercert

    Hi can u upload the questions that is included as bonus in the updated version of the p4s. Thanks.

  68. @Kuru

    There are no simulations and the missing question was drag & drop between abrevated wireless devices and services, sorry I dont remember the exact question.

    And I sincerely thank CareerCert for their services.

  69. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your update. Is there any simulation type questions in the exam. Do you remember the question that is out from the dumps. Thanks.

  70. @ Kuru

    Yes I have taken the exam passed with 961/100, P4S 181 Questions and TestInside 128 Questions are are the valid dumps, just one question from Wireless was out of these dumps.

  71. Hi,

    Have u taken the exam on 30th april. Please give an update about the valid dumps for exam preparation.

  72. I am giving ccda on 30th April, preparing with P4S and TestInside.

    Will update with the results and questions after exam.

  73. @ Raj
    I think after CCNA u should go for CCNP. Atlease give routing and switching paper before CCDA because cisco itself says that for CCDA, CCNA and BCMSN level knowledge is required 🙂

    Is CCDA 640-863 Testinside v5.71 – 128 Q's still valid. I have my exam 1st may thus net week. I need your advice.

  75. Hi careercert,

    Can u upload the p4s for the ccda the new version is updated this Apr 16th,2010 with 189 questions. I think the test inside is not updated yet it contains the same 128 questions. I need to take the exam urgently can u please help me out by updating with the new pass4sure dumps.

  76. @ Michael,

    There is no need for group buy of CCDA pass4sure.
    The available Testinside v5.71 is more accurate and better than p4s.


  77. @Careercert: Thanks!!! I had seen some users stating to take CCNP before CCDA, so was confused because of that…..

    @Anonymous: Thanks bro for the motivation…. I am thinking for CCIE and that is my final goal in my said path….. But on a immediate basis, I need some money to eat and pay the rent… so was thinking what to take… 🙂

  78. Think big…..go for CCIE bro…now things getting tough day by day. It will take atleast a year to have CCNP n CCDP. Should go for CCIE but not in Routing & Switching. try some other track tooo…..

  79. Hi,
    I need some advise. I have completed my CCNA and I am having some strong base of the CCNA since I read the TODD Lammle book and using dumps just as a reference.
    I need to take some other CISCO certification. I was planning to take CCDA.
    Is it okay to take CCDA before CCNP??

    I am thinking of my career path as CCNA -> CCDA -> CCNP -> CCDP -> CCIE.

    Is this a good path to choose?


  80. the current version have also 188 ques…so is the matter of one question?…I have also an exam on April 10, plz let me know if any updated P4S is available….n specially if it wud interactive…..thnx alot…

  81. i passed on 18/02 892/1000
    testinside and p4s was almost 1to1
    although i didnt learn the test`s by heart as i should have
    i advise to learn the book, it helped me in the test to understand and answer the questions i was not sure about and did not rememmber the answer

  82. Questions and Answers : 198 Q&As

    Updated: Dec 9th,2009

    Product Description Exam Number/Code: 640-861
    Exam Number/Code: 640-861


    Hi CareerCert — It will be great of you, If you could upload the updated Pass4sure.

    Exam Name:CCDA

    "CCDA", also known as 640-861 exam, is a Cisco certification.With the complete collection of questions and answers, Pass4sure has assembled to take you through 198 Q&As to your 640-861 Exam preparation. In the 640-861 exam resources, you will cover every field and category in CCDA helping to ready you for your successful Cisco Certification.

  83. Hello my good friends, thank you 1000 times for all the material on this wonderful website!!
    When you have some avaliable time, can you please re-upload the CD-ROM for the CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide-Third Edition ? The link was deleted by Rapidshare!

    Thanks in advance!

  84. thx for u all and every person sped his time helping people thx all and i wish a day so i can do my duty and help other people

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