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CCDP 642-873 ARCH (Authorized Self-Study Guide) (2nd Edition)

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Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH), Second Edition, is a Cisco®-authorized, self-paced learning tool for CCDP® foundation learning. This book provides you with knowledge of the latest developments in network design and technologies, including network infrastructure, intelligent network services, and converged network solutions. By reading this book, you will gain a thorough understanding of issues and considerations for fundamental infrastructure services, including security, network management, QoS, high availability, bandwidth use optimization through IP multicasting, and design architectures for network solutions such as voice over WLAN and e-commerce.

Sybex CCDP Study Guide

CCDP ARCH Quick Reference Sheets


CCDP ARCH KNET Student Guide


CCDP 642-873 ARCH – Lab Guide

This guide presents the instructions and other information concerning the activities for this
course. You can find the recommended solutions in the Case Study Answer Key.
This guide includes these activities:
Case Study 1: MegaCorp Campus Design
Case Study 2: CP Hotels Addressing and Routing Design
Case Study 3: CP Hotels Network Initiatives
Case Study 4: CP Hotels Security and IPsec VPN Network
Case Study 5: DS Medical Research Institute Network Infrastructure

CCDP 642-873 ARCH – Student Guides Vol-1 & 2

Vol-1 / Vol-2

Cisco CCDP – Exam-Pack: 642-871 ARCH

Rapidshare Links:- Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5
4shared Links- Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5
UnRar Password:

Contents: Cisco CCDP – Exam-Pack: 642-871 ARCH
– Cisco AVVID Framework Essentials
– Enterprise Composite Network Model Essentials
– Methodologies for Enterprise Network Design
– Campus Infrastructure Design (Part 1)
– Campus Infrastructure Design (Part 2)
– Server Farm
Modular Design
– Enterprise Edge Connectivity Design
– WAN Module Design
– Remote Access Module Design
– VPN Design (Part 1) VPN Design Overview
– VPN Design (Part 2) Site-to-Site VPN Design
– VPN Design (Part 3) Remote-Access VPN Design
– Internet Connectivity Module Design
– Assessing Network Security using SAFE
– Network Management in the Enterprise
– Designing High Availability Networks
– Quality of Service Solutions
– IP Multicast Design
– Designing Wireless Solutions
– IP Telephony Solutions
– Content Networking Design Essentials
– Cisco Storage Networking Solutions


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  1. Hello Guys ,

    Would you mind please provide me with CCDP CBT Nuggets urgent , the links which is provided here are invalid … Thanks in advanced


  2. HI
    Cleared 642-874 on 5 jan 2015 with 986 …dumps with 112Q are valid and only 2 questions were from outside.

  3. Hi, passed examen with the last P4S from this site.
    CCDP ARCH 642-874 Pass4sure – v22.0 / 112 Q&A – GB#26

  4. Hi
    I bought for $ 16 to:
    LATEST CCDP ARCH 642-874 Pass4sure – v20.0 / 62 Q & A – GB # 26

    This is the last version of this test?
    She only has 62 Q & A the same?
    It is equal to PSS4SURE same?

    because I downloaded a demo of PSS4SURE and they are all different.


  5. Hi,

    Would you be so kind to provide new links for CCDP ARCH Study Material cause none of the links are valid at the moment?

    Thanks in advance

  6. hi guys, sorry but can somebody confirm that the pass4sure 279 questions are still valid? thanks in advance, a

  7. Passed yesterday the CCDP ARCH 642-874 with a score of 874/1000. Pass4sure v7.0 (279 Q&A) are very accurate. Thanks to careercert!

  8. non of the study material including Studenta nd course administration guides are available on either 4shared or rapidshare .
    could anyone update a new shared folder or post a torrent link please ?

  9. Hello careercert, could you please provide valid links for downloading the material? Thank you!!! or anyone have them? Please share…

  10. Dear Career Cert,

    Kindly update the Certification Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH v2.1) the listed is an old version please update it ASAP..

    Thanks in Adv.

  11. Will the CCDP page be updated? 642-873 is not a valid exam anymore. The new one is 642-874. Will there be any dumps available anytime soon?

  12. Hi Chaps,
    Be careful about 642-874 dumps.
    I prepared 3 dumps and was expecting 1000/1000 but I failed which mean the answers are wrong in the dumps.
    So my advice at least wait for 3 months beofr esit in the exam. I had voucher expiring on 15th so have to give the exam.

  13. Hi All,

    Just a question, did 642-873 still valid? It seem like from Cisco official website, 642-873 will be expired at May 11, 2011 and new 642-874 will be replace it. If so, is there any new thread for 642-874?


  14. hello guys, it seems to be a stupid question but how do you download the link of this 130Q or 219 Q?? everytime i try to download, i get trojan into my system and then i fight to find that cipher2.exe file located sumwhere in win32 folder. please do let me know if that link is clean and still valid ??

  15. I am planning to finish my CCDP certificate. As 642-873 ARCH is expiring on June 16th.. Do we have dumps available for 642-874?

  16. I passed 642-873 on Tuesday. This exam expires soon and will be replaced with a more difficult one. I had 59 MCQ and 6 D&D’s. All but two of the D&D’s came from “anderson” at …. Best of luck to all and don’t delay.

    1. Does anyone have idea till which date 642-873 is available … It appears to me that it has been removed and version 2.1 ARCH is on …

  17. are the multiple choices question in 642-873 ARCH same in CCDA as well? ALL A,B,C,D only? what reviewer did you use guys?

  18. Hi, I passed the exam on 19.04. All questions were from the tests on this site, except for one DND question about private VLANs. Not sure about answers. All the best.

  19. Hi,

    I have passed 642-873 today with 987.Dumps are still valid.
    Drag and drops are little confusing.

    Thank You and All The Best.

    1. Congrats abhi……

      Did you get the usual 5 drag and drops from the study guide, or some of the new ones?

      Were there any unusual multiple choice questions or pretty much the standard? I have found several of the answers to seem incorrect…for example:

      Which two statements about SCSI are true? (Choose two.)
      A. The bus is limited to 32 devices.
      B. It is a full-duplex serial standard.
      C. It is a halF. duplex serial standard.
      D. The bus is limited to 25 meters in length.
      E. It allows up to 320 MB/s of shared channel bandwidth.
      Answer: C,E

      Seems to me it should be D, E since SCSI is a parallel standard and the bus is limited to 25 meters. yes?

      You are the Cisco Network Designer In your company site, a NAS is both physically and logically in the traffic path. The NAS identifies clients solely based on their MAC addresses. In which access mode has this NAS been configured to operate?

      A. Layer 2 mode
      B. Layer 2 Edge mode
      C. Layer 3 mode
      D. Layer 3 In-Band mode
      Answer: A

      Since the NAS is physically and logically in traffic path, shouldn’t it be (B) Layer 2 Edge mode?


      1. I got 5 drag n drops out of which one was new related to DTP..dynamic desirable,auto,trunk etc..Also I am not sure about the answers.

        All the best.

  20. Hi vb,
    The questions was from both the Pass4sure & Test inside. Hence its better to prepare from both pass4 sure 140Q & Testinside – 219 Qs.

    Note:some of the drag and drop answers are wrong in both pass4 sure 140Q & Testinside – 219 Qs.

  21. Hi,

    Thanks to careercert,today i passed 642-873 with a score of 987/1000.i prepared on the below meterials
    CCDP ARCH 642-873 Pass4sure – v 3.10 – 140 Q & Latest CCDP ARCH 642-873 Testinside – 219 Qs – v 5.27

    Out of 65Q only one questions is from out of dump.Remaining 64 questions were from the dumps.


    1. Hi sundar
      As per the pass4sure site latest questions are 226 in dump.
      Can u please confirm that these 140 Q are still valid for exam?
      the exam was from pass4sure or both?


    2. Did that include the drag and drops coming from the two study materials that you used? How did you find the best way to prepare for the drag and drops?


      1. Congratulations!

        Did you encounter many questions where there were more answer choices than in Testinside?

        How did you prep for the incorret D&D questions?


        1. Shouldn’t the answer to this question be (E) and not (F) as shown below? :

          142. When is a first-hop redundancy protocol needed in the distribution layer?
          A. when HSRP is not supported by the design
          B. when multiple vendor devices need to be supported
          C. when preempt tuning of the default gateway is needed
          D. when a robust method of backing up the default gateway is needed
          E. when the design implements Layer 2 between the access switch and the distribution switch
          F. when the design implements Layer 3 between the access switch and the distribution switch
          Answer: F

          if the design uses Layer 3 at the access layer, then shouldn’t that be the default gateway, making answer (F) incorrect?

          1. it’s F, layer 3 means routing and that’s when you can use First Hop RP, you cannot use it for layer 2

          2. With answer E (my choice)wouldn’t the default gateway be the distribution layer switch and since layer 2 is used between access and distribution layers, you would need a FHRP like HSRP at the distribution switch.

            If Layer 3 were used would the default gateway be the layer 3 access switch itself? not the distribution switch?


  22. Hey guys

    CBT Nuggets Launched the new (old) cbt 642-873


    How can we get it? Before D-Day (May 11)

  23. Congrats.

    How did you deal with the D&Ds. Seems a little confusing with all the variations and the incorrect answers. Obviously, even TI 5.27 has them wrong.

  24. Hello Everybody.
    This dump is still Valid 🙂 Passed yesterday 988/1000.
    I studied the Kevin Wallace referecence sheet TI 5.27
    Go for it quickly before May 2011.
    Thanks CareerCert and everybody you the best.
    Finally CCDP

    1. Thanks to TI.
      I have passed Today with 961/1000. This Dump is Still Valid but Drag & Drop Answers are wrong . Refer the Kevin Wallace reference Sheet. I retained my cisco credentials by scoring this 873 Paper..

      Once again Thanks to CareerCert & to Everyone in this Forum for the Guidance.


    2. Was the Wallace reference sheet sufficient coverage for the exam? How did you learn all the drag and drops with all the confusion? Thanks

    1. KKRK,

      give me your email address I will send you CBT Nuggets ARCH, but keep in mind that CBT Nuggets has not released any series for 642-873 and the one I have is 642-871, but it will cover most of the topics and I recommend you to refer to Ciscopress Self Study Guide for ARCH.

  25. any body have the cbt nuggets ARCH links…plzi want that videos…i try hot file and other links ..this file has removed from that link…if anyone hav working link plz send me….thanks

  26. hii firends i want to give 642-873 exam but i want to do self study is it possible for me just guide me friend the right way i have done ccnp class and going to give route and switch exam this mounth.

  27. Hi Careercert!
    Careercert i need your Favour please!
    I want to ask that, i have passed my ROUTE(642-902) and SWITCH(642-813) exams, Can i attempt Both TSHOOT and ARCH(642-873), And will i be know as CCNP and CCDP as well. Please Reply. i realy appriciate the coperate of your all. Thanks

    1. Shahbaz,

      Yes you can attempt both TShoot and ARCH to obtain two certificates, that is exactly what I am doing these days, preparing for ARCH first and then TShoot because ARCH 2.0 is going to be retired on May 11, 2011.

        1. Thanks for the response, but in George B.’s post there are only about 5 DnD, if I’m not mistaken and you said you got 10. I have search through most of the dumps available and can’t find upto 10 unique DnD qusestions.
          Please shed more light.

          1. Hi, sorry i do not have more info for you. What i can say is that TI will give you the result you want at the test. I don,t have the extraordinary memory like george b to exactly rewrite the dnd. Sorry

          2. Thanks for the response. I took the exam today 14th of Jan., and I passed it. I got 6 dnd questions. I’m now CCDP.

  28. Passed today with 987 /1000.

    I think I missed the drag n drop with this choices, Verify, Apply, Analyze and Learn.

    I doubt on my answer between Analyze and Learn. All other question is from TI but the drag n drop in TI has wrong answer. Here’s the correct answer based on CCDP Quick Reference Guide and I used this one on my exam. 6 Dnd came out with number 6 on the above.

    Cisco NAC Appliance Agent = Client side component provides device based registry scans
    Cisco Security Agent = threat application prevents malicious behaviou BEFORE it can occur
    Cisco Secure Services Client = Single auth framework…works on MULTIPLE device types
    Cisco Trust Agent = application determines if security or management tools are installed
    Headend VPN devices = VPN headend termination devices…campus
    IPSEC tunnels = VPN interconnections for
    VPN access devices = VPN branch end terminator devices at branch office
    Internet services from ISPs = Wan interconnection media
    NAM = centralized management point
    NAS = an in band or outof band DEVICE for network access control
    NAA= a Windows based client which allows
    Rule Set Updates = A status checker for operating systems, antivirus
    BPDU Guard = Shuts down a port that receives a BPDU when enabled.
    Backbone Fast = Cuts convergence time by max_age
    Root Guard = Prevents the alternate or root from being designated
    PortFast = causes Layer 2….enter forwarding state
    Loop Guard = Helps prevents bridging loops
    RSTP = Identical to 802.1 W
    CST = assumes one spanning tree instance for each bridged network regardless of VLANS
    RPVST+ = Provides a separate instance of 802.1W for each VLAN
    PVST+ = Cisco STP enhancement
    STP = original 802.1 D version

  29. paased CCDP 923/1000 new drag and drops are in the paper please consult 1. rootguard 2. promiscuous port & isloated vlan & isolated port and community port. 3.
    E-line and rest is same but in testinside some questions are with wrong answer plz consult actual-test

    1. Hello Martein Joe, can you please clarify the above new DnD you’re talking about, as it’s not totally clear as stated above. Give further details, please.
      Thanks in anticipation.

  30. PLease I have a CCNA, CCNP and CCIE(written) certification. Can I just take the ARCH- 642-873 exam and become a CCDP? since cisco said a CCNA and CCDA or any CCIE certification is periquisite.

      1. Wrong assumption, CCIE(written) is not CCIE Certified, If you already have got CCNA & CCNP you need to pass CCDA Design and then CCDP Arch to get CCDP Certification.

  31. Hi Careercert

    I have got valid CCDA & CCNP (passed with 642-901 Routing and 642-812 Switching) will I get CCDP certification if I pass 642-873 Arch. Now the CCDP required exams says you got to pass 642-902 ROUTE +642-813 SWITCH + 642-873 ARCH but I passed the old version exams of Route and Switch

    1. The passing scores on 642-901 and 642-812 exams will remain valid for various certificates like CCDP, CCIP and CCNP etc. So you need to pass only ARCH exam if you already have valid CCDA and CCNP.


  32. What is this TI 5.27? I have passed BSCI and BCMSN, now planning to write ARCH to finish CCDP. Any suggestion what should read to pass ARCH?

  33. Hi there:

    Regrading to the new ARCH exam (v2.10) that will be available on December 23. Does that mean the (v2.0) will not be available after December 23 of 2010?

    Any explanation will be greatly appreciated it 🙂

    1. 642-873 Last day to test May 11, 2011

      Just passed today! TI 5.27 from Malik is 100% accurate. Only one DnD is from “DnD corrected.txt”

  34. NEW: CCDP has been updated. The ARCH v.2.1 course is expected to be available November 24, 2010 through Cisco Learning Partners and a new ARCH exam (642-874) is expected to be available December 23, 2010.

    1. the new exam v2.1 will have a new certification number also, it will be 642-874 as per Cisco,
      if you want to certify with the latests and greatest you will need to wait till december 23rd, if you are ok with the 642-873 you should take it before than.

      I was prepering for a while allready so am happy Cisco finally released this information so I get the chance to get my exam done before the new version comes out, thx Cisco.

  35. Hi, Just need a clarification. I have passed BSCI & BCMSN already and I’m a CCNP. Do I have to pass only the ARCH exam or ARCH along with the new ROUTE & SWITCH exams also to be a CCDP since BSCI and BCMSN are now expired? Please HELP….

    Cisco User

  36. Hi careercert,
    I notice that there is now exam blue print (2.1) for ARCH exam. can you compare V2 and 2.1. It will be big help us to prepare for the new exam. and could you please recommend new study materials as well.

  37. Hey guys…
    Does anyone know where i can get the latest CCDP training video?
    The Nuggets are out of date and havent made any new ones. Does anyone have Knowledge Net or something similar?
    Please help.

  38. hi took the exam last nov 6. all the questions with matching type were drag and drop now…glad i took it before it changed. BTW, i passed. thanks careercert!

  39. @khan

    Thanks for your reply khan. but in cisco website they given CCNA or CCDa as pre-requisite , since i am CCNA certified do i need to write CCDA also???

    please clarify dude, i m in a confusion

    1. @Sheriff
      According to Cisco site, CCNA/CCDA or CCIE paper is pre-requsite. so I Think their is no need of CCDA for CCDP if you pass CCNA,
      I am also CCNA and pass ARCH paper last day.
      Acttually, to pass any professional exam cisco ID is required, so you have already a Cisco ID through CCNA, thats y there is no need of CCDA.

  40. Thank you very much for All Guys
    passed today ARCH

    testinside is still 100% valid
    one new d&d in every and each exam, so expect it
    go for it b4 11/7

    good luck guys…

    1. Bali-> Can you please give further information as regards the new D&D question in the ARCH Exam?

      Thanks in anticipation.

  41. @ Sheriff,
    You only need to give ARch paper for CCDP, but before that U also need to give CCDA ,as it is a prerequisite for CCDP.

    1. For Anybody who studies with VCE from .. (MALIK):

      PART D and E have common d&ds and different answers…

      Part D

      headed vpn devices = vpn headed termination devices..
      ipsec tunnels = vpn interconnections for headed
      VPN access devices = VPN branch end terminator devices at branch office
      Internet services from ISPs = WAN interconnection media

      Part E

      Internet services from ISPs = vpn headed termination devices..
      ipsec tunnels = vpn interconnections for headed
      headed vpn devices = VPN branch end terminator devices at branch office
      VPN access devices = WAN interconnection media

      and there are also some other questions where it is also different.

      What is correct?
      Part E or D of MALIK?

  42. Hi i have 1 important doubt, please clarify friends

    i am CCNP certified , i want to get CCDP certification?? can i take Architecture paper alone and get CCDP certified??? or i need to take ROUTE & SWITCH AGAIN ???

    NOTE : i took ROUTING AND SWITCHING composite paper in CCNP…

    so please clarfy my doubt

  43. passed today ARCH

    testinside is still 100% valid
    one new d&d in every and each exam, so expect it
    but still this dump is enough to pass.

    go for it b4 11/7, exam is already changing
    good luck guys…

  44. Hello All,
    Can any body have the answers of these question or D&D, update it plz

    new drag and drop about the definentions of promiscuous port & isloated vlan & isolated port and community port.

  45. I passed the exam form 2 hr only, it’s a copy from Testinside – 219 Qs the new drag and drop about the definentions of promiscuous port & isloated vlan & isolated port and community port.

    Good luck for all

  46. I am ccnp certified and now i want to do CCDP (Arch).
    now my question is that will i need to repeat route and switch exams or i will pass only 642-873 exam to get CCDP certificate.

    Please guide me and thanks in advance

    1. All you need is CCDA certification, then you can sit for the Arch exam and get your CCDP. No need to sit for route and switch.

  47. I passed the ARCH exam yesterday. All questions from TIS are there. Six Drag and Drops (one new one, around E-line and E-line etc).

    1. Hi ,

      I also am looking for the same .Did you get it ? if you have can you forward to my email as i take the exam next week .


  48. Just passed 642-873 (CCDP) arch last saturday by 847…there was a new drag n drop n 2/3 new ques….rest was exactly same…but still manage to 847….

  49. Dear Career Cert,

    Please provide CCDP Arch 642-873 latest Test Inside, previous one has 120 ques and latest hav 140 question.

    Thanks a lot career cert.


  50. @ AT-J,

    If you pass TSHOOT and ARCH, you will get two certificates. i.e. CCNP and CCDP.
    You don't have to write route and switch again.
    Keep in mind that you also need to pass CCDA in order to get CCDP certification.


  51. Hi CC,

    I pass BCSI and BCMSN one month back. If i give the exams TSHOOT and ARCH, Will I get 2 the certifications or will it be only one. Will I have to write ROUTE and SWITCH again for second certification? Please answer.


  52. Pls i really need you guys favour…. Cisco CCDP – Exam-Pack: 642-871 ARCH the link 3 aint working. If u have the file pls can you send it to [email protected]..

    I'll really appreciate the prompt response.. 10k u very much

  53. Hi careercert,

    Cisco CCDP – Exam-Pack: 642-871 ARCH. The link 3 aint working.. Can u pls fix this coz I really 2 take dis exam….PLS

  54. Plz do upload latest version of p4s 3.10 and share the link I am badly searching it have exam in few days,
    please share. upload it any shared side and share the link. or eMail me i,ll upload it some where

    shahzad1 at

  55. for CCDP (642-873) P4S newer version is 3.10. Let me know how can I share it here.

    I've cleared exam today…but as a suggestion its good not to depend on P4S totally. Exam comprised of 65 questions and out of which 20 were not from it. Thanks to my self study..I've cleared exam with 910 score.

  56. heeeeey where is the admin here we have a lot of questions, i have been monitoring this website from long time it was good but why everything starts good then changing to worse.many notes:
    the sharing of very important CBT videos like BGP is shared on rapidshare…. i don't like rapidsshare because there is nothing for the free user.please don't share anything on rapidshare, 4shared is great!
    also the P4s before 8 monthes you were following up every new update , every new question but now things are changing.i want CCDA and CCDP-Arch.
    come on man you are the alone who providing this brilliant service.thank you and sorry for long typing

  57. hiii admin both 640-863 and 642-873 are changed .
    where is your post ,i am going to take the two exams in 10 days please advise me with the new version of the both exams,because all the above dumps are changed.thanks!

  58. CCDP ARCH EXAM: the exam is on sunday can anyone who has passed the exam confirm the dumps are valid ?? thanks

  59. Thank u Mr. CarerCert for quick response

    I read on some website that any Proffessional level individual exam is valid for 3 years , is this period starting from the day i passed exam or starting from day once cisco announce exam available

    Thank in advance

  60. You will not need to retake the exams.
    The BSCI and BCMSN exams will continue to be accepted as a valid certification requirements for CCNP and CCDP, even after 31/7/2010.


  61. Hello Mr. CareerCert

    I have an urgent question and i need to answer me

    I'm interested in taking CCDP exam , I have already took CCDA and BSCI 642-901 exam

    i'm planning to take BCMSN before 31/7/2010 and ARCH exam in 1/10/2010

    So , Does that mean that i have to retake the New Route and New Switch exam after 31/7/2010 or , it will be still ok to continue with my BSCI and BCMSN and then take my ARCH exam

    Thanks to answer me in details


  62. I have following cbt nuggets parts for ccdp
    but not able to extract it please confirm password for it.
    email id [email protected]

  63. Hi Careercert, Really useful stuff. please upload the Cisco CCDP – Exam-Pack: 642-871 ARCH CBT nuggets on
    4shared as it is easy to download.

  64. Dear Careercert, thanks for all the post and uploads that keep this site alive.The stuff are of great importance.
    I will like to suggest that files with multi parts is better hosted on or where we wont have download limits (ie the number of files that we can download at anytime) as imposed by
    Thanks for all the effort! A.

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