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  1. 1Ofcourse, If you got 80 to 90% with pass4sure in a first try and can do the labs, you can definitely pass the exam. But be ceuafrl with the subnetting questions.Best of [email protected] Anonymous 2You should always go with the latest version because previous versions could have some wrong answers. V7.58 is latest so go with it.

  2. Would you please to post the latest exam of ICND2? I tried to open the 200Q’s file for P4S, but just I can look at 5 Questions. I need your support.

    Best Regards,

  3. can any 1 share ICND1 640-822 Pass4sure v3.00 234 in exam engine format or just send me the test engine coz there is no answer for the qa in this df version

  4. Hi can anyone update me with the latest runing dump(P4S or Actual Test or whatever) and the version ???

    Help will be appreciated.


  5. Hi,
    Can you please upload the latest P4S and TestInside study guides? THe new P4S now has 245Q (ICND1) and 272Q (ICND2)….thanks!

  6. This section of the website is not updated in a long time. Especially, the dumps are outdated.

    Please update the dumps.

  7. @waqas

    what?? u r saying that this website is useless??

    o common.. u r saying this website is useless bcoz u cant find the latest dump here.. U R JUST AND IDIOT CHEATER!!

    this website has 100% passing sure if u just read all the books that posted in here!

    dont rely on dumps cheater!!

    it is just maybe mr.careercert cannot find the latest dumps as of now!

  8. Hi,

    I gave my ICND2 exam today FAILED.

    40 Question in 75 Minutes
    Lots of new Question, some of them real tricky one.

    Please update latest Dumps

  9. Guys,Just passed ICND1 with 868…Guys i just wanna thanks of all.Though there are a lot of new questions were asked but above dumps & PS4 2.87/3 is really helped a lot…Simple advise dont just rely on dumps…1st go through CBT nuggets then practice the dumps & P4s……

  10. I failed 804/775 .
    Yes. Lots of new questions. I bougth Boson exsim-Max 640-822. But so different than real exam. I hope next time I can pass

  11. Hey icnd2 640-816 v1.9 – as I said before you cannot relay on them because these are not valid.
    I have talked to PASSGUIDE, Acutaltests, pass4sure, testinside.
    they say they are going to update. as I have subscription to actualtests.com once they update I am going to post the PDF.
    or even the software if there are any crackers out here.
    so long no news guys.

    p.s Test-King and Actualtests they are identical.. one has copied from another.

  12. CareerCert:

    Well..according to Mr. dude, the icnd2 Actualtests and Testking are not updated, even if they changed their date of update. That means they are trying to fool the buyers, which the dump companies often do to increase their sales.
    P4S is also not updated for icnd2 exam. You can check their website. I think they’ve gone to sleep mode after july31st.
    The only one dump left is testinside and i don’t think they are updated too. In fact all dump makers are pretty much dead nowadays. They all are copying each other.

    And so? What’s your plain, CareerCert?

  13. CareerCert:

    Why would i ignore anybody.
    Actually i’m busy with many types of workload
    BTW, what is your requirement ?

    please find last p4s, testinside and testking. Many ppl failed icdn2 exam cause the dumps present here in this moment are useless and this dude’s at is not enough. I think it’s cover 50% maximum of the exam.

    1. Well..according to Mr. dude, the icnd2 Actualtests and Testking are not updated, even if they changed their date of update. That means they are trying to fool the buyers, which the dump companies often do to increase their sales.
      P4S is also not updated for icnd2 exam. You can check their website. I think they’ve gone to sleep mode after july31st.
      The only one dump left is testinside and i don’t think they are updated too. In fact all dump makers are pretty much dead nowadays. They all are copying each other.


  14. Hi

    I Passed ICND1 today with 900
    I had 50 Question and 804 was my passing score.

    P4S ver 2.73 and 2.83 still valid
    and do go through ver 3 pdf also…..

    Now heading towards ICND2



  15. Hi Careercert

    Thx for a great site …
    just wanted to know if you have a link for the latest P4S 640-822 ICND package

  16. Hi, Anyone taken the ICND2 exam lately? I wanted to know what sims you got and if P4S was used & how useful was it.


  17. Dear All,

    I need help for ICND 1 Exam…

    1. Can anybody provide me the details of Drag n Drop question below:


    2. Can you also provide details on the testlets questions about the following:
    A) 8 PCs connected to a hub
    B) Multiple choice questions about security concerns based on show run output of router and switch.

    Thanks in advance for your help…

  18. Hello ppl, wrote ICND1 02/07, cleared it by 950, thank you careercert, ICND1 v3.0 still valid, also go through other posts lads, one question which keeps appearing is with 11hosts, hub and 2 switches which couldn't find anywhere online, simulations were http://www.9tut.net/icnd-1-lab-sim 1st and 2nd one this webpage, had about 25 questions fron ICND1 V3.0 pdf file……goin to write part 2 next week, appreciate any help….take it easy guys…;)…

  19. what is the password for ICND1 640-822 Pass4sure 191 Q's – VCE when i downloaded it request me password to open it

  20. Sorry about not getting through first time but don't wory you will pass this time. Please read read and read till you master it. Also please use all stuff you find on this site its really awsome.. I passed my CCNA and this stuff really helps me..

  21. Hello ,
    Please make sure you go through all stuff uploaded here. Just read read and read again unless you master in it. I have done my CCNA and this stuff really helps me. Use cbt nuggets as well.

    Hi, I am looking to sit my ICND1 exam next weekend, please provide any tips, I failed two weeks ago….and had few wireless questions and a freaking lab, where I had to drag and drop crossover cables and configure a router……I used the P4S, got a score of 742.

    your help is appricated.

  22. I passed my exam today. Was through with wendell odom ccent/icnd1 exam prep guide and worked on questions from 9tut.com and p4s version 3, 2.7 and had worked on lots of practice exams. Worked on all problems from wendell odoms book and cd. (score:901)

  23. Hi ALL!

    Anyone know the PASSWORD for the ICND1 640-822 and ICND2 640-816 Pass4sure VCE available for download in here.

    I cannot open this file.

    Any help is welcome, thank you.

  24. Hi Guys,

    Just passed my ICND1 exam…woo hoo !!!. I used Trainsignal, CBT, Ciscopress & P4S ver 3…i had 70% from P4S but the other 30% were unknowns…well off to do my ICND2…i must say you have to understand the fundamentals…if anyone has any question please let me know.



  25. Hi Guys,

    Just passed my ICND1 exam…woo hoo !!!. I used Trainsignal, CBT, Ciscopress & P4S ver 3…i had 70% from P4S but the other 30% were unknowns…well off to do my ICND2…i must say you have to understand the fundamentals…if anyone has any question please let me know.



  26. Hi there

    Took my ICND2 today and scored 917. I Used CBTnuggets Wendel Odem exam guide 2nd ed. Then this weekend spent time with p4s 2.77

    It works. Thanks. But here is a tip for real life people Do the work first with Your Videos and Books then finish it off with p4s.

    Thanks again




  28. Failed ICND1 by one point 803/804. Lots of new questions that were not on the downloads…

  29. Thanks Heaps agol…i have used trainsignal & ciscopress so i have the fundamentals…thanks for your response and good luck on your exam.


  30. There was about 90% similarity in my icnd1 exam.
    I am preparing for icnd2. According to comments posted above i think icnd2 exam contains 100% questions from p4s. πŸ™‚ finger crossed…..

  31. Hi Guys,

    quick question, how similar are the P4S questions to the real exam? I am planning on taking my ICDN1.



  32. Please help me with ICND1, does anyone know what the wirless questions are in the exam, also anyone can help me with the drag and drop and configure of routers please???


  33. Hi, I am looking to sit my ICND1 exam next weekend, please provide any tips, I failed two weeks ago….and had few wireless questions and a freaking lab, where I had to drag and drop crossover cables and configure a router……I used the P4S, got a score of 742.

    your help is appricated.

  34. Passed ICND2 today with 1000/1000

    OSPF and VTP labs, 41 Questions 75 mins.

    I used:

    Exam Cram – make notes, learn notes
    Cisco Press ICND2 – for anything I needed more detail on
    Packet Tracer – build the labs yourself from 9tut, good practice
    And TI 2.77 / Actual Tests 2009 for an idea on question type

    I think you could scrape through on practice questions and labs from 9tut but what's the point? As soon as you get put into a live environment you'll fall over…

    good luck, Louis

  35. The TSHOOT exam is the troubleshooting exam with 90% of the questions being trouble tickets and situational questions and only 10% being multiple choice, etc.

  36. Passed ICND1 wooo, thanks careercert lots of questions from P4S and actualtest , but a few random ones. know how switching works, broadcasts etc..

    couple questions on network security, virus , trojan's , phishing drag and drop type question match with definition.

    got all the drag and drop simulations, and one where you are given switch and router topology and asked about configurations on each.

    I got the lowest score for the WLAN administrative tasks section, also know your cable types by name DB60, what a crossover looks like and which numbers cross 1-3 2-6 i think it was

  37. Took ICND1 exam today and passed. My honest advice is, just going through P4S, TI etc etc is not good enough to pass. You really need to know the A-Z of the subject. Cisco is clever enough to trick you with their questions. For all those who are going to take your exam soon, you must be prepared well enough, to gauge yourself, try out p4s and TI questions and if you can breeze through answering them then i suggest going back to Wendel Odom ICND1 study guide and try out the Do You Know Already questions. If you think the questions are tricky and you are still unsure about the answers to a few questions then i 'd say you are not ready for the exams. P4S and TI will not help you even answer 30% of the exam.That was my case.

  38. Hussein Ramadan:
    Hi everybody,I passed the ICND2 exam on March 14 2010 with 1000/1000,I used the same material on this website.

  39. Hey there,

    Seems like the P4s for ICND1 and ICND2 have been updated. Admin – any idea on when these will be available?

  40. Ok, I did that and nothing happened. I tried copy-pasting the registration code in the program but nothing happened. What do you mean by run the ZWT Registry file?

  41. Hi Cris,

    This again is the trial version. How do I run the entire VCE file? Is there some modification I need to make? I'm sorry but I seem to be unsure of what needs to be done?!?!



  42. Passed ICND1 on 3/5/10 with an 877. Thanks Careercert!

    The P4S ICND1 3.0 PDF file on this page was helpful. I saw about 10 questions from the P4S on the actual exam.

  43. @Cyberstorm, I believe you can try uploading to rapidshare.com and link it to us here.

    Or does careercert has any recommendations?

    Please advice. thanks! πŸ™‚


  44. How do I use the ICND2 VCE file? I have Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. I downloaded this software called Visual CertExam Suite but that's only a trial version. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!!

  45. Can me help someone with this question:

    after entering "router RIP" in global config mode.
    1. rip process ist started, but no updates are send
    2. rip process is not been started

    how2pass marks 2 as right. p4s marks 1 as right answer.

    What do you think?

  46. Do you guys have icnd2 pass4sure version 3 or later? Please supply, as I am experiencing cert fever πŸ™‚


  47. How do I upload the certkiller doc @careercert?
    I got it from a friend who paid for access to the mock exams


    Careercert is king!

  48. @Cyberstorm: Please advice what certkiller are you referring to. Thanks and congrats! πŸ™‚


  49. i heard on the 9tuts forum that dumps were no loger valid…anyone take the ICND lately – please advise asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. i heard on the 9tuts forum that dumps were no loger valid…anyone take the ICND lately – please advise asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. there is a failure on page 98. the outside ip of the router is a NAT inside global not NAT outside global address. outside global address are public IPs of other devices in the internet. outside local is right the device communicated with

  52. Thanks Careercert for the latest pass4sure, you are simply awesome!!

    A world without technology is just a giant rock!

  53. Recently took ICND1 – Friday the 26th of Feb. Wasnt too bad except for a horrible drag and drop simlet. Was confusing as hell. Gave one Central router and you had to add 2 routers and 1 switch and drag in cable connections. Sounds easy but two places show direct PC connections that arent rollover connections. Was just really confusing. Anyone else know what Im talking about?

  54. are the NAT, VTP, Frame Relay sims on icnd1? some people on 9tut say that. But this is not covered in the topics of icnd1

  55. CCIE, here I come πŸ™‚

    * *
    * <-> *
    * || *
    * \/ *
    * ****** *
    * "**" *


  56. Go to gns3.net and select the download tab. It's easy to setup and use.
    I also do not have the latest pass4sures, and I am writing on friday. What I'm doing is going over other mock exams, it gets easy after you go through a few of them. Remember to read the explanations as well, as this will prepare you for any type of questions.
    Also watch the cbt nugget videos, they help.
    Good luck, you can never be too prepared…

  57. i am gonna write the exam soon, if somebody is having latest dumps , please upload …

    And i need router simulater also, coz which i have , does not support the few commands.. please upload …

  58. Hello,

    I have loaded the ICDN1 labs from p4s. are these the latest?
    But this cant be true. There are labs asking for configuration VTP. But this is no topic of icdn1. This is a ICDN2 topic??

  59. Hello,

    the p4s v3 is the latest dump for icdn1?

    But there are no simlets, testlets or how these 5 simulation tasks are called. there can I find these?

  60. I'm taking my ICND1 soon, so please, anyone with the 640-822 v3.0, kindly put it up! πŸ™‚

    Already have the word copy but I would like to have a working copy of P4S, so that I can test myself and see where I stand.. πŸ™‚


  61. Anyone write the ICND 2 – 640-812 exam lately? Has it been updated or are these dumps still valid? PLEASE HELP – im writing in 1 week!

  62. @ above,

    I never saw any option of creating PDF from P4S.
    Questions are not online but registration is.

    There is no way to crack it until yet !


  63. There used to be an option in P4S to create pdf file form questions. They do not offer this option anymore CareerCert?

    If you posses p4S V3 is there no way to crack the datbase or are the questions on thier server online?

  64. Exe can't be installed on more than one computer.
    It requires online registration to activate the product, and there is no crack until yet.

    So screen-shots are the ONLY way of sharing.


  65. Is there nowhere p4s v3 to download???

    I would like to see explatantions and not to see correct anwsers at once. I would like to test myself so it does not help to have anwsers before you get a chance to answare on your own.
    But i must greet mart28 as he is the only one who put newest version P4S in Word format.

    If anybody has exe i would be glad.

  66. Hey, passed ICND1 today. Largely thanks to this site!
    I used p4s v2.87 but there was only about 10% of the questions (about 5 questions) from this version of p4s on the actual ICND1 test. Try and use an update version if you can!

  67. P4S has released ICND1 3.0
    Does anybody have those?
    I installed old version 2.83 and run live update.
    The program says that i alredy have the latest version. So if anybody had P4S has released ICND1 3.0

    PLEASE PLEASE post it.

  68. This site ROCKS!!!
    One question though, is "ICND1 640-822 Pass4sure 191 Q's – VCE" P4S version 3 that Karthik is referring to? When was "ICND1 640-822 Pass4sure 191 Q's – VCE" released by P4S?

    This site KICKS ASS!!!

  69. For ICND2:
    Anyone know the best dumps to use as of today (plan on testing mid-March)? Is it still 2.73 and 2.77 P4S?
    Does anyone recommend any lab exercises?

  70. Hello every one.. trust me guys these stuff is amazing. i am cisco certified now. i passed my second exam today with 972 marks.. these questions really helps.. Thanks alot fot uploading.

  71. Hi Ppl

    I just cleared my ICND2 and im very happy abt it. I shud say that you get 99% of the questions from P4S 2.73.

    Thank you CareerCert and all you fellow bloggers for your immense support and inputs.


  72. I Guess CareerCert is busy with lot many things at this point of time.

    No wonder why we are not getting any update from him.


  73. The new ICND1 has a complete makeover. Careercert, please check on the latest dumps…Need to resit again. πŸ™

  74. Congrats Sagar

    CareerCert I am about to take my ICND2 exam this week and I would like to know if the P4S(204 Questions) still valid.


  75. @ Benjamin,


    I took my ICND1 last year 1 Dec 2009, but only few 5-6 questions were from P4S. I dont think it will be helpful now.

    do RIP2 seriously πŸ˜‰

  76. hello guys,

    I passed my ICND2 with 1000/1000 marks. Dont wait for anything, P4S 2.77 and 2.73 is enough to get max, and for Simulator refer 9tuts.com. I got OSPF simulator to solve.


  77. Hussein Ramadan:
    Hello Again guyz, 640-816 v2.77 is not the latest version,i had this information today from pass4sure support guyz.
    Make sure to study well, and i wish the careercert guyz will provide us with lastest version.

  78. Hello Guyz I took my ICND1 exam last month December 2009,it was around 25% of the questions were there.
    I advice you to study well before applying to any exam,just to be in the safe side.
    Study well ICND1 books,and try to make the scenarios with PACKET Tracer, and then apply for the exam.

  79. Hey guys,

    Has anybody sat for the ICND1 – Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 exam?

    Are the p4s dumps any valid?


  80. Does any have a latest pass4sure ICND1 Preparation Labs engine to download without having to use an authorization code and purchace number I do have the ICND1 pass4sure study test engine? Just need to practice the Labs!

  81. Hello all,

    I am givng my icnd2 next week are there any updates in ICND2 P4S v2.77 after 2010 started.


  82. Hello guyz ..
    i will take da ICND1 after 2morow ..
    anybody tell me wt iz da latest version n p4s ..
    nd give any advice 2 pass it plz


  83. I downloaded Pass4Sure ICND1(v2.87) changed the system date to 2007 and then clicked on the examengine.jar and also the .exe file but it gave a Java Virtual Machine error message " Could not find main class. Program will exit"
    How do i get it working?

  84. hi guys,

    TI V26 is just for ICND1, right?

    Also, how is TI v26 different from P4S v2.87? Which one would you recommend?


  85. When setting the system clock to 2008 and running the exam engine, can you use the 'practice exam' without it freezing halfway through also? Thanks.

  86. To get P4s to run just set your system date back to 2008 and use the exam engine. I did this in a vmware setup (So as to not mess up my OS) I had no problems. When I ran the .jar file directly it locked up half way through.

  87. Hi Grin, i got some mixed questions about access-list (a question with an access list that seems to deny traffic to internet for a specific LAN host, but since after this entry there wasn't the permit ip any any at the end none of the LAN hosts can access), vlsm (assing subnet of a classfull network to ip router interfaces) spantree (who is the root bridge),vtp(effects of a new switch configured as vtp server added on an existing group of switching, ospf (many questions show route table and ask which value is the admin distance and wich value is the cost, eigrp (route chosen for a destination) and Frame relay. no quiestions on ppp, ipv6 and vpn. in any case the new questions were similar to the pass4sure provided here.
    there was an OSPF lab with 3 routers, in the third, there was an error on the area assigned to the network (1 instead of 0). then a lab on vtp and frame forwarding (like: who is the vtp server (look for last vtp update and use cdp to find the source), where a frame with a known source mac and a new mac address will be floded (interfaces in the same vlan and trunks) ecc..

  88. hi guys.. these question are realy good. i just passed my icnd 1 and more than 10 question come from here.. owsome . thanks for this.. now i am preparing for icnd 2 …

  89. yesterday took my ICND2, and i scored 931. It was very easy, the whole P4S 2.77 qns were there
    and i got OSPF sim and VTP simlets, only 2 simulations. The exam was much easier than expected.

  90. hi all! yesterday i passed my icnd1 exam 640-822 with score 832 with mere pass, though not really happy, this is my first cisco exam and i least expected it to be like this…anyway i share my horrible exp…

    i followed P4S icnd1 v2.87, cisco packet tracer 5.2, trainsignal videos and i got nearly 15-20 multiple choice qns from P4S, a rip version 2 config sim, 2-3 simlets given in 9tut.com, and 3 testlets all were new for me and i managed to go with the help of show commands, trainsignal videos really helped me to go through the drag n drop qns….hope my info will give u some idea..

    anyway i really be proud to get a cisco certification as it is really worth for deserving hard work… be well prepared before u take your cisco exams….

  91. Thanks! and thank you for this awesome website! I ran P4S in a VM and set the dates back. I had problems running just the examengine.jar file, it kept locking up half way through.

    It's great to see that so much of the test is captured in P4S. However, It was frustrating that at least 5 questions in the P4S software were wrong. For example it said you need a trunk between switches to route between Vlans, this is only partially true, you need a trunk AND a router, but selecting router was wrong. It may be possible with special switches, but that is out of the scope of CCNA, so I dunno ;).

    In summation, Thank You!

  92. I just passed ICND2, I used P4S 2.77 204Q. Almost the entire test was in there. There is no need for the P4S released this month. Probably just a dupe delete.

    I got 986, 41 questions, 825 to pass

    I had an OSPF sim and a VTP testlet with 5 questions.

    I had the OSPF sim. The only problem was one line. It had "Network area 1" as I recall. There were 3 problems. The first was that the network should have been …5, not …0. The second was that the mask was wrong, should have been …3, not …4. lastly, the rest of the routers were in area 0, not area 1. Once i corrected that one line, it all worked.

    My simlet was the VTP sim question. The questions I had were #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8 from 9tut.com. Not in that order though :p

    The one question I missed was a new one to me. It was about an NAT ACL, IIRC. I was teetering between one of two options, I guess I chose wrong.

    All in all, it was easy

  93. Hi lads n lasses

    I am due up for my 640-822 exam on 1st Dec. I have p4s v2.87 with 188Q. Additional material is Cisco ICND1 book and CD, Trainsignal vids and Actual Test stuff, and Prep Labs for ICND1 (using Packet Tracer).

    My question is to you guys in the know….. what is best method to prepare and pass? Im scared I'm going to concentrate too much on one area (VLSM for instance, and miss something)

    thanks a million in advance guys πŸ˜‰

  94. I passed ICND 2 and the pass4sure was 99% accurate.

    I used the ICND 2 , version v.277 with 204 questions

    40 out of the 41 questions were from the Pass4sure !!!

    Thank you CareerCert.

    And if you have any doubts about which brain dump to choose, trust me nothing comes close to Ps4

  95. going this weekend….so far pass4sure is not helping..I need to study some more..

    I hope ICND 2 PS4 is more similar to the actual exam….last time I only had 30% of questions on the actual exam on ICND 1…

  96. Read what the Admin said:

    There is no difference between the new one (200questions) and te current on this site 2.77 with 20 questions.

    BTW I'm going for my exam in a couple of days so I can tell you how accurate this pass4sure is

    careercert said…
    Don't worry. There is no difference between 204Q and 200Q p4s. They just eliminate the duplicate questions. Nothing new.

    Good luck.

  97. there are new ver but no one has the New one unless u buy them, so 2.87 for ICND-1 and 2.77 for ICND-2 are latest in Dumps world. Buy and post here and you would be first one to share with all of us. these works great because they are for same exam ver.

  98. Mmed nice to see you also here! hehehehe! First of all congrats….. I'll be having exam this coming 2nd week of november. Quite nervous ,cause Cisco is adding some new questions.

  99. Passed the ICND1 exams today with a 986 score. Lots of new questions on my test, but about 50% are on he P4S on this page.
    My advice? Use this as a practice for the feel of the Exams,even though some questions do appear. Study hard and understand the basics and you'll be fine, and dont rush yourself there's plenty of time to spare on the test, finihed mine with one hour still to go.YOU CANT RETURN TO PREVIOUS QUESTIONS.

  100. Just finished the exam today ICND2 and passed with 972. I recommend only the P4S v2.77 and TrainSignal. Almost all the questions were from P4S, but watch out for the ospf lab, that in P4S is not correct. Thank you for this website, was very helpfull.

  101. Come on Ahmed grow up. this aint the kindergaten, this is a place for matured adults who want to make something out of their careers. If Careercert doesnt answer you take it like a man, and ask again maybe someone else lke Talhah would.

  102. @ 2nd last guy

    Change your PC's date to 2008 or something
    and run "Interactive Test Engine-640-8162.77" exe file.
    Don't run examengine.jar

  103. no swear words here please. this is the very first time i came across such a thing on this forum. guys u r kindly requested no to do this again.

  104. hello on the pass4sure 640-816 when i get to question 93 i do not see any pics and it starts to lock up. Its ok untill question 93 any clue ? thanks

  105. hey guys,
    Pass4sure 7.73 is latest or i have to study 7.63 and 7.58..
    pls tell me that as i m going write the exam on 17 oCT 2009

  106. @ careercert..
    can you provide me the latest icnd-1 4.91 dumps. is the new version has more changes than previous version.


  107. @ above poster

    Pass4sure provide real exam simulation environment whereas actualtest's questions are in PDF format. Moreover p4s is more reliable and accurate.

  108. I noticed that P4S update their 640-816 as of September 26th , 2009. Careercert, do u know if there's any new changes from it? As there are still 200 questions like previous version. thnx!

  109. to above poster

    hi there. there is nothing like grading system. evenif u get 1000 / 1000 it will say PASS nothing else. so just dont waste your time thinking about these things.


  110. hi, i am thinking to sit for the exams somewhere in Oct. But would like to know are the questions set for 640-802 is the same with ICND1/ICND2?

    The reason why i am asking is because, i am confuse/not decided on which type of exams i want to be taking? (1 paper or 2 papers)

  111. hello pooja

    how u doin ? only p4s 7.73 is fine. dont touch anything else. no testinside and no actualtest. also prepare all the lab questions from it. they are only 4 or 5 of them. packet tracer 5.2 is a good handy tool to have some hands on experience with IOS commands. u can also download ccna preparations labs from up there. if u download it u need to install its key first then and only then u will be able to access the pdf file. do these and u r done. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DIGEST THE FUNDAMENTALS AND U WILL GO CRAZY ABOUT THE CISCO STUFF. also watch trainsignal. i know most of the people find CHRIS BRYANT boring but trust me its really good. cheers mate. let me know of how much u scored. i want to know who scored 1000 / 1000.


  112. Hey Talhah,
    Thank you so much! I already went through CBT nuggets and have lil knowledge about the labs (used Boson Netsim). Lastly I had a look at these dumps. Just wanted to clarify if they are the correct ones or not.
    Are dumps 100% trusty??? Will the same qns appear in the exam?
    But thank you so much for the reply!

  113. hi pooja

    thats absolutely fantastic but if u havent gone through any videos then i advise u to watch trainsignal or cbt nuggets also so that u become familiar with how things look on real devices and also do some hands on practice with IOS commands using packet tracer 5.2. but before doing all these just finish p4s couple of times. i think u still have time to do all these but if u find it time killing just concentrate on what u find best to do. all the best for the D DAY. and dont panic in the exam. want any sort of help let the forum know.


  114. Hey I am giving my exam in the first week of october. I have p4s 640-802 v7.58, v7.73 and v7.63. Are there any other dumps I am supposed to follow.
    Thanks in advance,

  115. to above poster

    hi there. here is a solution bro. double click on " examengine" which is executable jar file and u r done. cheers mate. all the best.


  116. hey guys do anyone know the code for Pass4sure_ICND1_640-822_-_188Q.rar downloaded and asking for code need in ccnd 1 640-822 latest dumps very badly and soon plz send the link to [email protected]….. thank you

  117. thanks for the tests, I tried to vce the new actualtests, cant get the pics to come over is it because the pdf is password protected ? thanks

  118. hi DON

    forgot to tell you congratulations. anyway belated congratulations to you mate. this is handsome score. did u try to figure out where u went wrong ? if not then do it so that u dont do mistake again. cheers mate.


  119. Till now, I never used these but I've heard many times about these. One of my friend is being use of these sets and won't believe he is free of all tensions about study.


  120. Hey,
    Don't worry. There is no difference between 204Q and 200Q p4s. They just eliminate the duplicate questions. Nothing new.

    Good luck.

  121. Hi Careercert

    I am so happy that i cam across this site. I will be writing my ICND2 shortly. The Pass4sure would definitely help. I too had a doubt abt the number of questions. Pass4sure says its 200 but the one in this website has 204. The explain above didn't sink in properly. I would thus like to know if the questions remain the same or that it has changed and we need to look for another Pass4sure engine with questions.

  122. realy
    my exam is near
    thanks aloot sir
    then i don`t need to download last virsion
    this virsion enough..right?
    by the way i get 640-802 virsion that have 463Q
    thanks again sir

  123. @ don

    Oh! now i got it. Finally they changed the version number. It is now 5.0
    But don't be panic. As far as i know about P4S they didn't change the questions. Actually they are making new installer of exam engine and they have already changed the CCNA and CCNP installers.
    They are just making it according to topics. Questions remain same.

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