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Latest CCIE R&S 400-101 Dumps PassLeader 100 Q&AGB#31

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CCIE R&S 400-101 PL 151q (Jan 22, 2020)


CCIE R&S 400-101 PL 105q (Oct 14, 2019)


CCIE R&S 400-101 PL 100q (Sep 18, 2019)


CCIE R&S 400-101 PL 198q (Aug 15, 2019)


CCIE R&S 400-101 PL 98q (July 04, 2019)


CCIE R&S 400-101 PL 100q (April 24, 2019)


CCIE R&S 400-101 PL 105q (March 05, 2019)


CCIE R&S 400-101 PL 100q (JAN 29, 2019)


CCIE R&S 400-101 PL 265q (DEC 26, 2018)



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  9. Hi, Could you please let me know that the Actual test dumps of 587 Questions for CCIE R&S 400-101 is still valid. As when i checked on exam collection guys said they failed the exam using Actual test 587 questions dumps. Please update.. Thanks.

  10. Please Note:
    GB has been updated, and the latest 400-101 Pass4sure update v12.0 (552 Q&As) has been emailed to the contributors. Don’t forget to check your Spam/Junk mail. Let me know if any contributor didn’t receive the update.


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    GB has been updated, and the latest 400-101 Pass4sure update v9.0 (587 Q&As) has been emailed to the contributors. Don’t forget to check your Spam/Junk mail. Let me know if any contributor didn’t receive the update.


  12. How come there’s a group buy like after 2 months? And how come the version went from 8.0 to 8.5 and to “11.1” ? Will version 8.5 still have all the questions?

  13. I recently gave CCIE r and s. I used the dumps version v8/485 question. I scored 930.

    Dumps are still valid. 99.5 same question option are little twiked. but all ok.


  14. Hi,

    P4S has been updated to 480 questions. Pls provide me the current version. My CCNP will expire 2nd of Dec. 2012 and i am scheduled to write the exam on the 30th Nov.

    1. Hi

      You promised to deliver the update today, kindly assist. I cant imagine loosing my certifications. I need to re-certify ASAP. Thanks

    2. And so with my CCNP just 2 days to expire, I wrote the CCIE written. No time to prepare, so took the risk of flipping through a few books and working closly with the P4S (v7.0) in this site. I passed with 888. The questions were 100% from P4S. The only thing Cisco does is to rearrange the options, so that if you crammed the position of the P4S answers, you might be confused. Now bring on CCIE Lab

  15. Dear
    I purchased pass4sure from u 10 days before but in pass4sure site the dumps has been changed now can u give in any update.

  16. Dear CareerCert,

    New P4S update is available with 409 Questions. Please provide this update. I contributed in P4S v6.4 / 407 Qs.


      1. Dear Career Cert….. I have purchased p4s for CCIE R/S written and i am seeing that they have updated the questions. Can you please send me the latest questions I am appearing in exam soon

    1. I have contributed in P4S v6.4 / 407 Qs as well and will be going for exam b\next week, Please provide latest update

  17. There are many missed exhibits Latest Pass4sure CCIE R&S 350-001 – v5.6 / 404Qs – GB#8. And absolutely no explanations. Can you do some additions or explain about this missings???

        1. I would also like to know what the difference is ?? Having looked through some of the volume questions these look to from the previous versions study material!

      1. I have passed my CCIE written exam and i would like to thank you for help in that. Do you have similar demos/dumps for CCIE R/S lab as well?

        1. I am looking for good practice labs for CCIE, if you have any suggestion please let me know I will really appreciate it.

          Thank you,

  18. Hi Site Admin..

    I’m planning to buy this within few days. please let me know if will be provided with the latest updates!

  19. Does the P4S 404Qs – GB#8 contains “Practical Labs (25 Labs)” or “Cisco CCIE-LAB Exam (48 Labs)” that are available in P4S site as a bundle.

    1. You can’t dump LAB questions because you actually have to configure the router and switches. You’ll get more detail information on you’ll see all the requirements about what’s gonna on there.

      1. You are correct..i just checked P4S web site about LAB exam. Maybe we should try it..i’m down for group buy if other people are down. : )

    2. FYI: P4S 404 is just for written exam..i’m gonna attempt this exam few weeks from now. I will let you guys know..

        1. I’m still working on exam topics. I wanted to make sure that I cover all the materials before I take this exam. Please feel free to let us know if anyone has attempted this exam. Thanks

          1. Passed the written RnS.
            Found four new questions, rest all from the dumps.
            No simlets, passing is 790.

    1. Guys, Just to let you know, that CCIE R&S written exam has changed and do not waste ur money to use Pass4sure dumps… you won’t get a single question from Pass4sure… Thats 100% true… Otherwise you will waste your time and money!

          1. When are you planning to appear for exam. i cant wait for pass4sure to update the exam, my ccnp is expiring soon.

  20. i can see that v4.8 195 Q link is closed is that still valid ,if not what’s the latest one if anyone passed the exam recently?

  21. Hi,

    Did any1 appeared for the CCIE written exam recently? If yes then what version of P4S was used. I am planning to go for the exam in a week. I am using P4S v4.13.

  22. Two hour before I cleared the exam. All questions are from GB#8, except two which has been mentioned by Abood. Thanks Abood for valuable input.

    Best luck…

  23. Hi,
    I took the exam today and i scored 973, most of the questions are from GB#8 v4.8 195Qs.
    As i remember i have two new questions:
    the first to match the corresponding QoS technique for its description:
    the answer:
    Policing: discards excess traffic
    RED: designed to alleviate the tail-drop effect
    shaping: cannot be performed on inbound traffic
    classification: performs differentiations among packets
    marking: should be implemented at the access layer
    Queuing: also known as congestion mangement

    the second question:
    4 questions with a big topology, the topology 3 BGP ASs 20,1000, and 4. inside each one is EIGRP, OSPF area a and OSPF area 1.
    the questions regarding QoS marking and setting, but for me i faced a new command to match inside the class which is i think match packet size. you have to look deeply for this command.
    i got 77 questions, the passing score is min. 790 is required.

    Good luck 4 ALL

    1. Hi,
      I took the exam today and i scored 973, most of the questions are from GB#8 v4.8 195Qs.
      As i remember i have two new questions:
      the first to match the corresponding QoS technique for its description:
      the answer:
      Policing: discards excess traffic
      RED: designed to alleviate the tail-drop effect
      shaping: cannot be performed on inbound traffic
      classification: performs differentiations among packets
      marking: should be implemented at the access layer
      Queuing: also known as congestion mangement

      the second question:
      4 questions with a big topology, the topology 3 BGP ASs 20,1000, and 4. inside each one is EIGRP, OSPF area a and OSPF area 1.
      the questions regarding QoS marking and setting, but for me i faced a new command to match inside the class which is i think match packet size. you have to look deeply for this command.
      i got 77 questions, the passing score is min. 790 is required.

      Good luck 4 ALL

  24. hello Everyone,

    I passed CCIE Written 350-001 last 2 weeks ago Agust 26, 2011.
    the pass score was 938.

    Almost are same questions but there are having a some IPV6 questions.


  25. I passed my CCIE Written Exam thanks for thr Careercert and the groupbuy , motst of the exam quez came from P4S

  26. CareerCert, please reply. P4S website says 195 Q’s updated 8th July. Is this the latest dumps that you have put for GB ?

  27. I bought Pass4sure CCIE R&S 350-001 v4 (195 Q&A) converted to pdf by Is it still valid since I see only 195 Q in v4.8. In case there is an update I would like to buy the new updated one. Please suggest.

  28. Hi guys,

    I went for exam today and there were new questions.
    I bought ccie dumps from this site. and went to paper today.

    There was one question which has the topology of bgp, ospf and eigrp. Questions were related to BGP and QoS. There was another question related to Qos, pick and drop.

    Although i manage to pass the exam with score of 973, but can you tell me what’s the purpose of buying exam from here if the questions are not coming from the document provided by this site????

    1. my ccie written comes up on Friday – June 3rd and i have prepared with v4.8 – 195Qs. However, pass4sure updated their questions last Saturday – May 28th. Can the experience one in the house advise me if my v4.8 will still work. If not, anyone with the latest one should assist me in order to pass, pls. Thank you all.

  29. Hi Everyone,

    I planning to answer CCIE written.Is P4S the latest version 4.8(195 questions) is enough to pass the Exam.

    Waiting for Reply

  30. Hi careercert
    Pass4sure update their exam 350-001 today, can you plz check this update I bought this GB on 15-03-2011, my exam is scheduled on Monday 27, kindly have a look and update it if their is any changes. Thanks

  31. Hi All,

    Can you please share your Experience in CCIE Written Exam Expesically Simulations… What simulations are we getting and what all we need to check…

    Thanks and I wish all the Best For better prospects…

        1. He is right, I also cleared the CCIE written with the help of P4S V4.8 dumps. I failed to answer scenario based question which was not from Dumps,even then i scored more than 950. So don’t worry P4S dumps are more than enough.
          Thanks CareerCert.

  32. The CCIE written has a drag&drop question, as well as a question which contains 3 questions like a scenario based, if anyone has read the CCIE R&S book (v4) should be able to answer both drag/drop and the scenario which ask 4 questions, One BGP, two QOS, and one EIGRP IPv6.

    Good Luck.

  33. Dear Careercert !
    Please provide a group buy option for CCIE 350-001 test-inside. As i have listened from somewhere that test-inside is good for CCIE 350-001.


  34. hi careercert, thanks for Group buy option for Pass4sure for 350-001 exam.Sir is there any option to purchase Testinside latest dumps with Group Buy option as well ? As i think we should use Testinside actual Testengine to prepare for exam instead of Pass4sure PDF paper for CCIE R&S 350-001.Thanks

  35. One Hotspot question is coming out of dumps (350-001)
    One network and few questions related to it.This is nt included into P4S but still manageable/

    If anyone got recent update on this question pls share !


    request you please help in group buy for ccie 350-001.
    please advise if thers is some other process to download the dumps.

  36. Hi,

    request you please help in group buy for ccie 350-001.
    please advise if thers is some other process to download the dumps.

  37. Hi,

    I passed R&S written 991/1000.

    I used:
    – Cisco Press CCIE r&S v4 book
    – a lot of dynamips/dynagen labs
    – P4S 325 Q&A

    Thanks careercert!!

  38. I want to start with my CCIE journey. I want tto know/get some suggestions, what is the best way to start?
    Which e-boook/material i should use to start with preparing? Can i find all necessary information to start with on this web-site?
    Which of those dump are best since there are lot of them (the latest dump should probbably be this one”: Latest Pass4sure CCIE R&S 350-001 – 195 Questions
    – Group Buy #8″?) am i right ?)

    Nice to be the new “member” of this site!

    1. 1-which dumps you’ve used to clear it 195 OR 325 ???? please confirm…
      2- how to deal with group purchase??? trusted ?

  39. Hi CarrerCert
    Can you please provide latest CCIE R&S 350-001 written ,DUMPS.
    The latest one has around 195Q.

    Thanks in advance

  40. heyy Do you have the latest version of Pas4sure? As shown in their web site, it’s been updated to 195 question version at 26th october 2010.

    Thank you

  41. hi,

    i am trying to download pass4sure from this link (first one)

    but unable to download it please suggest me


  42. i’m planning to take the exam in a month can you please tell me which versions are the valid ones for both passguide and pass4sure?
    Thank you

  43. Hello everyone
    I passed my CCIE R&S written exam
    with 938 marks.
    I want say thank you to careercert for help.
    And this 325 exam dumps (v 3.10)is still rocks.
    except that two troubleshooting & drag n drop que.

    so once again thank you careercert.

    1. cong!!!!!!!!!!!! kaushal

      could u please share the material which u have prepared for ccie r&s written , ihave done v3.10

      thks Bro.

  44. Hi Sir…
    I have exam of ccie r&s written tomorrow,
    Please give me some tips to how i can pass exam with surety…
    is p4s 3.10 will help me or i have to go with any other dumps…
    please help me sir…
    i need your help and support…
    Thank you so much…
    Take care…
    Please reply fast…

  45. Dear sir
    I have downloaded ccie R&s v4 written exam pass4sure after downloding when i extract it asked fo password kindly please provide password. 30 sep 2010

  46. Syed:

    Hello CareerCert,

    First of all I’m thankful to you for the valuable information and free material you are sharing on site, I’m preparing for the CCIE R&S… looking for P4S CCIE R&S v4.0 350-001 Pass4sure v 3.10 – 325 Qs dump, please suggest me from where I can download it..

    I have shared it now.


  47. Hello CareerCert,

    First of all I’m thankful to you for the valuable information and free material you are sharing on site, I’m preparing for the CCIE R&S… looking for P4S CCIE R&S v4.0 350-001 Pass4sure v 3.10 – 325 Qs dump, please suggest me from where I can download it..

  48. Hi
    I have exam of ccie R&S theory on 28th sep.
    so please can you tell me which is the latest dumps which help me to pass the examination.


  49. Guys anyone know the link to Latest Passguide link released on 28th August 2010 for 350-001. Career Cert Please upload if you have any link.Thanks

  50. September group is here, I am planning to write my R&S Written on 11th Sept. I am using P4S V3.10, kindly share your experience.

  51. Does anyone passed 350-001 version 4.0 (recently, maybe in july/august 2010) with P4S v3.10 (q325 from april 23th 2010)?


  53. Hi CareerCert, i am planning to give CCIE R&S exam next week.Is P4S (v4)3.10 with 325q the latest one?
    Please reply soon.

  54. Hi All,

    I have my lab exam coming up next month, I have the latest P.C.L I need to know if this material still works,I don`t depend on the solutions but the questions as well as the topologies. I saw in another forum one material called KillCCIE and the poster said that was what he/she used and it was correct. Can someone who recently visited the lab confirm this or if you know someone who visited the lab recently, please help confirm and revert here. Thanks.

  55. I tried to download Pass4sure 3.00
    But viewed the following message in Rapidshare

    This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

    This limit is reached.

  56. Dear Careercert!
    Can you make a Group Buys of the CCIE 350-001 TestInside – lastest update 136 Q&As?
    Thanks in very much

  57. Hi Guys

    I am Planning to write CCIE R&R written exam next week can any one post the latest dump
    please advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Hello day pass my exam yesterday with 930 and really only two questions do not come in the guides and are already mentioned above. I consider for study the v4.0 Pass4sure v 3.10 – 325 Q's – April 23. CareerCert thanks for making the buy group. lab now prepares

  59. You do not get a certificate for the written only the practical.
    The written is only a prerequisite for the Lab

  60. hi career cert i wanna buy ccie R&S P4S but no credit card ….is there some other mode of payment??? please reply ASAP

  61. Passed CCIE R&S written with 973, all you need is passguide 3.22, 2 question were not there one was Drag and drop and other wasa SIM, I dont remember the SIM but Drag %& Drop is bellow:
    1 policing -> inbound interface
    2 shaping -> tail drop
    3 RED -> drop packets
    4 Marking -> packet differenciation
    5 Queuing -> congestion management
    6 classification -> near the edge of network

    good luck guys.

  62. Passed the CCIE R&S written today with a 965, 2 questions were not on the latest P4S or TI, one was a drag n drop for shaping, RED, classification, queuing and one other that i cant remember. The second one was an inactive SIM about BGP, straight forward and pretty easy. I used the 136 question test inside and that will be more than enough to pass

  63. hi Carrercert,

    I am going to take exam tommrow, i will let you know once i am done..

    Thanks for help..

  64. bros…p4s is always valid for ccie. I've passed my ccie sec and wireless written with them. I'm sure it'd be equally true with r&s…cheers

  65. HI CarrerCert,

    I have using your P4S 325 questions for 350-001 it still valid..

    any feedback is much appreciated..

    I am going to take this exam on 10th June..

  66. Hi everyone! I have to take the 350-001 exam this month, can anybody confirm what is the best version of pass4sure to use to pass it?
    thanks a lot!

  67. Hi CareerCert,

    May I know the GB8 (23rd April P4S) is charging at $16 at which currency? AUS$? US$? SG%?


  68. Alright, thanks for the link. So Version P4S ver3.10 will still suffice to clear the written exam after removing the four open-ended Core Knowledge questions?


  69. HI CareerCert,

    After going thru many posts, i finally decided to contribut to the GB of the CCIE R&S, wish me luck in clearing this EXAM.

    Thanks a ton for all your Support, also thanks guys for posting your experience which helps others before taking on any exam.


  70. Hi Guys,

    Can any one completed CCIE R&S written exam (350-001). Any feedback is much appreciated..

  71. Careercert,
    Is Latest CCIE 350-001 v4.0 Pass4sure v 3.10 – 325 Q's enough for the CCIE WRITTEN EXAMS?
    Please kindly comment on that for me.

  72. Guyz In ccie written exam there is no drag & drop question and there is no laps plz anybody answer !!!!

  73. Hi careercert,
    i am 27,april guy,
    remamber me.
    thank you for your kind help and support.
    i have pass my exam on 27,april with 965 marks.
    thank you again.
    so nice of you.
    i have no word to thank you.
    next, i am going to focus on ccie lab.
    please give me good advice on that.
    i will need your help.
    thank you.
    thank you very very very very much……
    thanks a lot.
    take care.

  74. Thanks a lot Guys… I practised questions from P4S and got 982 in CCIE R&S… thanks guys….Any suggestions on how to prepare for lab?

  75. People, please share your exam experience.
    I'm going to have written exam in next few weeks.
    Did anyone passed the exam recently and can assure, that p4s 3.10 is worth buying?

  76. Hi careercert,
    i have purchased the latest dumps of the ccie
    p4s v.3.10 and p4s v.3.10 it good for tommoow exam, right.??
    tommoerow means 27,apr
    please pray for me.
    if you have any more suggestion to read a onther or extra questons so please tell me fast.
    i will be waiting for your reply till tommorow 8:00 am
    thank you for your kind help and supports.
    thank you very very much.
    i will tell you tomorrow about my result.
    take care.
    thanks again.
    but reply for this, please. it will gives me confidence.

  77. Hi Careercert,
    Thank you,
    Ok, then.
    I am going to buy this today.
    Thanks again for given me confidence.
    take care.
    Thanks a lot.

  78. above, It will just take about a few SECONDS to complete the transaction and getting the download links. Regarding 100% pass surety, you can read the comments of passed guys above.


  79. Hi Careercert,
    ok, i am going to purchase p4s 3.10 but i have reshedule my exam on 27,apr from 28,apr
    please tell me how much time it will take to purchase and get it to me, i have no time,
    please tell me fast,
    please reply fast.
    and most imp then it is ok with p4s 3.0 + 3.10 to pass exam with 100 % sure.
    please reply fast
    thank you.
    thanks a lot.

  80. Hi Careercert,
    i am again same boy wich has exam on 28,apr
    the v3 of p4s is more or i have to go for onther version of p4s
    i need your help
    give good advice to pass with 100% sure
    on wed 28,apr it it good with v.4 ( p4sv.3)
    or i need more q. reading.
    help me
    thank you very very much.

  81. Hi again,

    The latest 350-001 updated pass4sure v3.10(325Q) is now ready.

    NOTE:- This update has been emailed to the previous contributors. Let me know if anybody haven't received it.


  82. Hey guys,

    A new update has been out for 350-001 on April 23, 2010. It will be ready before 25th April, 2010.

    Note:- The new v3.10 (325 Qs) updated PDF will be sent to the previous v3.00 contributors within 36 hours. (Before 25 April, 2010.)


  83. Hi CareerCert,
    i want to ask you that my ccie r&s written exam on 28,april wednesday,
    in mumbai.
    i am little bit scared about it.
    please give me good suggetion on dumps,
    i ment which dumps will be best for me to pass the ccie exam 100% surely.
    i want to pass it at first attempt.
    please help me to pass it.
    please please.
    thank you.
    thank a lot.

  84. Guys, testinside is not really needed for this exam. P4s is more than enough.

    I will not do a GB for CCIE testinside.


  85. Thank you careercert.
    Thank you for you great advice.
    I got my point.
    Actualy i want to be a great CCIE in Routing & Switching.
    So, from your point of view i will go for ccie Written test instead of ccnp.
    Thanks again.

  86. @ above guy,

    CCIE is best if you are planning to do the lab attempt too, because the written test itself has a little value in the eyes of employers. If you are not interested in the lab exam then it'll be better to get your CCNP first.


  87. Could you tell me,
    which option will be best,
    CCIE – R&S Writtne OR CCNP complate,
    for exam?
    please guide me.
    Thank you.

  88. Please i need cisa exam materials for cisa 2010.even if it is group buy am prepared. Or can u show how to convert paas4sure software into screenshot pdf version. pls am waiting for u.

  89. guys,5 of my friends and me passed ccie written
    all of them got above 900.allof us are used passguide 3.32 only one question came from outside that

  90. @ mohdmubasheer,

    P4s is good for 350-001 exam because it also contains explanation with answers. It helps to understand the questions easily.


  91. I wrote my CCIE R&S written exam yesterday, I scored 973/1000,one 1 question was new,all other question I saw in passguide. Its now time to focus on the lab.

  92. Hi guys,

    Nothing has been changed in the p4s.
    I have checked it entirely. The version and number of questions are still same as before.

    They have just changed its date on the website.


  93. The pass4sure dumps has been updated. But the number of questions are the same ? Are some questions deleted and some added ?

  94. Hi all!
    I passed yesterday with 982/1000. All questions were from p4s 3.0 or passguide 3.22 exept topology based question – on topology you have 3 AS, with EIGRP ipv6 on the left, BGP and OSPF on the right. Of course all routers run BGP (iBGP or eBGP). I think there is many various variances for this scenario. I had:
    – 2 questions regarding output sh ipv6 mroute, regarding sharde tree (*,G)
    – one question regarding reason of neighbourhood down regarding EIGRP and BGP notifications and logs
    – and last with output of sh ip bgp and some bgp config from one router, and question was how many routes will be seen on next router in another AS.
    I think all questions were simple, so don't worry. There is a plenty of time to think about your answers.

    Thanks for all Careercert and guys and best luck on lab (this is big deal).


  95. Please, can some elaborate the topology based question which is not in the dumps. The scenario is regarding what? and on what sub topic ?


  96. Anonymous, you are obviously not reading the blogs. As I said above, I used version 3 (346 questions) and the majority (92-95%) of the questions came from v3. If you study study study ONLY from v3, you will pass very easily. Make sure you read the explanations to the answers for a better understanding and grasp of the topic. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT FOR P4S v3.00 (346 questions). After your exams, you can come back and thank me for this advice. Good luck!

  97. HI

  98. Guys,

    passed 350-001 on friday March 12th with 973 (passing score was 790), had 77 questions.
    Testlet with 4 questions was tricky (eigrpv3, multicast, BGP, Qos)

    I was using P4S v6.95 (395q) but is was not enough. Luckily I skimmed through Examking (update Nov 30, 2009) with 404 questions day before and I have kind of photographic memory so I remembered I saw few questions, but had to think a lot on exam as I did not remember exact answers 🙂
    World id going IPv6 and Multicast as almost half of questions were IPV6 and Multicast related.

  99. HI,

  100. Anonymous,
    please reference to Mohammed's blog above. The simlet is exactly what he posted. But like I said, this will be a stroll in the park compared to the CCNP exams. Just stick to the Ps4 versions I talked about earlier. Remember time is your friend here, take your time on the simlet even if that takes you 10 mins. All will be OK, trust me bro.

  101. Congrats David, but please write more detail regarding topology based question – what they asking for, on what focus and spent more study.

  102. Dasz & Gang – The CCIE written was easy as advertised above. I scored 977 and finished in about 40 mins. If you practice practice and practice using either the P4S v3.00 or v6.48 (Both versions are pretty much the same), all will be fine. The only question not in the dumps is exactly what Mohammed described above. You can sort it out easily. Read the book on those topics. But even if you miss that you will still score above 900, so no worries. We now need to concentrate on the CCIE labs. Good luck to all.

    Ps. Thanks to Mohammed and Misan for all the help. Also a big thanks Mr. Careercert himself; You are the McDaddy! Keep up the great job…

  103. Guys, thanks for the reassurance, Mo & Misan. I am taking my CCIE written tomorrow. I will post my experience after the exams. Wish me luck, y'all.

  104. Hello Guys…I passed my CCIE written on March 1st as mentioned earlier…CCIE written is a piece of cake.. trust me.. it is not as difficult as u imagine..It is very very simple..If u are using the dumps then you are guaranteed to pass. I bet u can pass even without using dumps..If u have good CCNP level knowledge..BGP,Qos,Ospf,etc. This is just do not dread and make use of the posts above.

    As for the two questions which are not in the dumps..very very simlet with four have skills..then observe and answer it is like re arranging the jig saw..
    The other one..Match The Following
    Shaping –Description
    Policing – Description (you know this..can be applied outbound or inbound)

    So relax..and think big..Think LAB. This is not a hassle. Even I thought much but after the exam.. I laughed..I completed in 40 mins.
    Best of Luck


  105. Guys I will like to know as well. Any more updates on the 2 questions that are not in the dumps like Mohammed and crew said it was? Thks.

  106. any updates about the 2 questions that appear in the ccie written exams which are not there in the dumps……Guys who have passed, humble request you to help us

  107. hi got my CCIE R&S today looking forward to the lab but dont know any good school to train me for the lab b4 going for the exams. can any body help give me good info abt any institution offering thanks.

  108. @Mohammad,
    sorry for the late reply i have been very busy studying for my lab.Well regarding the ccie written please study pass4sure v3.00 all the questions were from there except the BGP simulation,it's not really a simulation it a topology with multiple sub question good Luck!!!

  109. Hi Mohammad,

    Congrats man!
    Could you give us some more description about topology based simlet?

    Thanks & Regards

  110. Alhamdulillah (Thanks to GOD), by the grace of God I was able to accomplish this great first step towards the CCIE LAB. Passguide 3.22 and Pass4sure v3.00 is more than enough. All questions were ditto, except two.
    1. A topology based simlet consisting of four questions (all four questions had different topics – 1. Ospf, 2.BGP 3. Show Ipv6 mroute 4. qos).

    2. A simple drag and drop question on Qos

    match to their descriptions by drag and drop.

  111. Here I come CCIE….Bye Bye to CCIE written…Dear Friends I passed my CCIE written today…It was the easiest exam in my life…easier than CCNA and CCNP experience I had at that time.

  112. Hello friends….Today is the D-Day for me…I am going to write my CCIE written today. Till now I have been taking from here, but from now on I will give. I will let u know all about my exam..Best of Luck

  113. @ Kay,

    643-832 is the code of Tshoot BETA Exam.
    It is available from February16 to March26, 2010.

    642-832 will be available for registration at from April 30, 2010


  114. Dear Careercert, concerning the new TSHOOT exam for ccnp what is the exam code?
    I am confused on what code to use:
    On the official exam certification guide the code is 642-832 but on there is no such exam code-rather the code mentioned there is 643-832. I do not know if both are referring to the same exam.Please clarify me on this b/c i need to register for this exam to complete my CCNP requirement.

  115. Thanks buddy so much for ur assurance….You are an experienced lot…I guess you are the only CCIE helping the struggling cert birds like me…God Bless U

  116. @ durjoy,

    CCIE RS written exam doesn't contain any CLI based simulation because there are enough REAL simulations in the lab exam itself.
    And you don't need any other dump, p4s v3.0 is sufficient.

  117. I am taking CCIE R&S exam on Feb 24, has anyone taken written exam in last few days, share your experience? Is P4S v3 good for written exam?

  118. is there any simulation in CCIE R&S written???
    if yes let me know, is recent p4s dumps sufficient to clear the exam or i need to other dumps for that???

  119. Congratulations!! Abdoulaye!! Best of Luck for CCIE LAB! How many questions were there? What was the simulation? Do you mean you had to configure something on simulator based on some topology? Or just follow the output from a scenario and solve questions? (4 or more question based on same topology). How many questions were from 3.00

  120. Has anyone here given CCIE Voice recently? Please share your experience.

    How much is from 254 q AT or 233 q P4S (I do not have latest ver)

    This is urgent, I'm going in in next 2 hours

  121. @ Divambe,
    only one simulation talking about BGP but overall if you use p4s version 3.00 it's more than enough good luck mate.

  122. i just pass my ccie written exams with a score of 947 youpi! youpi! now let's stay focus for the real stuff i mean the lab.

  123. hello everyone…It was nice to see that people are passing here..I am taking my exam in four days I will let u know my result…

  124. i would like to know what it takes to pass the ccie r&s written exam.i am left with one ccnp module to complete.kindly help…tell me all the resources that i got to have.

  125. wow great,dont believe pple have started taking the ccie v4 written.plz can someone boast me up,an also with necessary material used an was seen in the exam hall

  126. @ Saad,

    All instructions and procedure is given at the top of this post. You need to pay via paypal.

    Click the link where it says-" Click here to get it right now" and make the payment.
    You will get the download links instantly after that.


  127. i am planning to take the 350-001 exam on this 31st Jan, Can any one who took the exam recently please share the experiance. It is very help full for me and other as well.

  128. @ Mohammad,

    1. You will automatically redirect to the download links page after payment thru the above paypal link.

    2. There is difference in number of questions between old and new one.
    Older v5.62 contains 262 questions
    Newest v3.00 contain 346 questions.


  129. Yes, I wanted to ask u how will i receive pass4sure CCIE v3.00. I noted that i can pay money through paypal. And what are the changes between version 5.62 and this one. Kindly reply. Thank you. I forgot to thank u for ur help. Once again thank u very very very much for providing these great resources here.Best of Luck

  130. Hi Careercert,

    you r doing great job,thanks a lot for that…
    let me know,all above books which u have posted are sufficient for CCIE R&S LAB exam…

  131. can any one provide us the latest dumps.. or only guide us regarding ..please provide us the link of Pass4sure ccie R&S Q 346..i need it

  132. I would like to do the written in the next two weeks as well. I would like if you can please share the latest CCIE R&S dumps!!


  133. Did anybody take the 350-001 CCIE R&S exam recently in last 2 or 3 days? I am planning to take the exam on end of Jan. And if so what is(are) the latest dump(s)that are coming in the exam?

    Please help me…

  134. @ above,

    Download the "software Demo" from and check the version number.

    The date is same but the newer version is 3.00 with 346 questions(not 348) !!

    Actually all new pass4sure products like ccna, ccnp etc has version 3.00.

  135. Hey folks,

    Latest v3.00 update has been sent to all v6.48 contributors. Don't forget to check your spam folder also because i have sent the email as BCC.


  136. Hey mates,

    I am sending updated P4S v3.00(346 Q) PDF to all previous contributors.
    If anybody wants to receive the update at email ID other than their Paypal ID, kindly contact me.


  137. Pass4Sure has updated the questions with total of 346 questions and not 348 and also they have changed the testing engine with nice blue color, which don't eat up whole of your CPU. It hardly takes 1 or 2% of the CPU utilization.

  138. Will..

    Study Passguide 166Q. You will get 98% questions from that. I cleared exam with 980/1000. That is enough to pass CCIE RS. Don't worry. All the best.


  139. Hi Guys,
    I cleared 350-001 today! Special thanks to CareerCert. Also, the recent Posters for their exam experiences.
    The Materials used are Cisco Press for references and P4S v4 6.48. You will do fine with the latter alone.
    There ia a Topology to analyse and answering 4 questions. There is also a D & D involving QoS. These are not in the Dumps!


  140. Hi Careercert,
    I wanted to pay for CCIE p4s v4, but my country is not listed.
    Guys. I need it to pass the exam. WHAT CAN I DO?
    Please reply.

  141. Hi all,

    Passed 350-001 today. For all those who have to take the exam, use any of the following sources to prepare.

    1. Latest TI/Passguide posted above + P4S (5.62)
    2. P4S v4 6.48 (with explanations)

    Anyone of the two options above (either 1 or 2) are sufficient.

    For the simulation – Study BGP community, BGP neighborship concepts(peering with loopbacks) & route propagation, interpreting OSPF LSA database.

  142. Hi All,

    I Passed CCIE 350-001 Exam today.
    1. Senario based on EIGRP and BGP Routing having 4 questions was tough.
    2. Drag&Drop questions based on QOS is easy

    All other questions are from Passguide 166Q and P4S.

    I have already shared Passguide 166Q.

    Thanks to Andre and Larry for their comments.
    Wish you all the best guys..

  143. Hi all,
    I cleared the Exam today, there are many of new questions in new P4S, i would recommend to study new Version of P4S before taking an exam.
    Hopt That Helps and Best Of Luck.

  144. Hello CareerCert,

    Installation was smooth!!
    Many thanks for all the effort. Will post exam result 4th day Jan.

    Best regards.

  145. Study Actualtests 404Q&A for CCIE 350-001 dumps.
    or buy P4S latest dump from careercert.

    Careercert is drag&drop questions are there in new P4S CCIE latest dumps?


  146. @ tejrs,

    You will get the cracked setup and PDF, just like v6.95 and 6.53 because the original serial number can be used on only one system.

    It'll be ready in almost 4 hours. I'll post the payment details here.


  147. Hello CareerCcert,

    Thanks for taking action with P4S 350-001 V4 GB. As a purchase member, I would like to know what are we getting, ie,

    P4S interactive test engine, or your pdf download from the Forum.

    Please send ASAP at [email protected]

    Thanks very much.

  148. Okay guys,

    If anybody wants a Group buy for Latest v4 350-001 Pass4sure, just let me know.
    We need just 6 committed people for this and i'll go for it.
    Original Price – $100.
    The contribution amount will be $15 USD.


  149. Gyus,

    Just study TI/Passguide.. Thats enough for CCIE RS. I cleared exam today. 95% of questions from TI/PAssguide


  150. Guys,
    why are you always asking about P4S v4?
    I've already posted that 5.62 would be enough for you!
    And if you read books like CCIE Routing and Switching exam certification guide – it would be even more better!


  151. Hi Careercert,
    Im planning to give ccie rns written in coming days. which dumps should i refer from this site to crack the exams? Waiting for you reply.


  152. hi friend, i wish to take my ccna 640-802 by 29th dec, and all i have is the pdf form for pass4sure v7.73….
    Pls i need someone to pls help me with the interractive engine for familiarity before the day. pls i need your help……

  153. Drag and drop was about QoS: shaping, policing, etc – nothing difficult.

    but question about bgp was real complicated: not easy route-maps, access-list, etc


  154. Andre

    Can you explain those questions a bit more as i have my exam in 1-2 the qos sim a simple one?

    What are the words and drag drops?
    Do you remember anyhting.

  155. Careercert,

    You are rocking man!!! KEEP IT UP..
    I got news that Pass4sure updated CCIE 350-001 with V4 questions. Can you please check and if possible share it with us in any format.


  156. Yogesh..

    Can you share the latest TI and Passgude with us if you have otherthan Careercert version. Please upload it to any of the filehosting servers like mediafire or rapidshare.


  157. Can you clarify it a bit more,…I had a chat with P4S sales guy who said they havent updated since 25th sept..So i am goin thru TI and Passguide at the time..Plz advice me if i should go through P4S also…


  158. Sorry Guys, may be I don't quite choose right word – Simulations. It's not sumulator of router 🙂
    First, its consist of 4 question. You have picture of topology (the same for all 4 questions) 4 outputs of bgp table and configs looking after which you should choos right answer

    Next, it's 4 or 5 words and several answer (topic QoS). You should find right definition of some phrase and use drag&drop.

    All two question I haven't seen in p4s.


  159. Creercert,

    Is there any chance to get v4.0 simulation questions?. Please share your thoughts as Andre did those who taking CCIE exams.


  160. @ Andre,

    Bravo Mate !! Congrats !!!

    So cisco has added sims in v4.0 exam.
    It is strange that p4s has not released v4 yet.

  161. Andre,

    Congrats… Thanks for your valuable update here.
    Can you share the simulation question details.. like from which topic the simulation questions were asked?


  162. Dear Andre,
    Plz post the simulation questions here. your story is very helpful for me and other ccie students so thanx and congrats.


  163. Hi Andre,
    You helped, definately. But, i dont understand. I think CCIE writen has no simulation….so, how come? Please expand the point.

  164. My long story:

    Because I don't know actually which dump the latest and if the latest dump reflect reall exam I use, at first, next books: CCIE Routing and Switching 4rd Edition, OSPF Network Design Solution 2nd Edition, Cisco OSPF Command and Configuration Handbook, Deploying IPv6 Networks, etc. Of course I use when in the book was a little information.
    About dump: I use P4S v6.53 FULL, P4S v5.62 262Q, and several Testinside. Due the fact that I don't know which quiestion will be in real exam I checked every question if I didnt understand topic I went to and read until that question would clear to me.

    In real exam I could say that dump 5.62 updated 262 – is very similar to real exam. A lot of questions were one-to-one. One exception: Simulators. In real exam was two sims.

    I hope I help you.


  165. Today pass4sure updated that thier current version is 14th Dec. but number of questions are still 262. Therefore I think it's the same version.

    2SS, Have you passed the exam? What is the result?


  166. Thank you Carrercert. I downloaded 5.62 and Testinside V4 vce. I will take exam nextweek and will share the result here.

    I just had a chat with P4S representative, She said P4S doesn't have V4 dumps and they are still selling V3 dumps.

    Keep up this good work…


  167. I agree that 5.62 is the latest version (I've just downloaded file from and could see that even with note about 7th Dec. it is still 5.62)

    But I still wonder how real exam is similar to questions from that version….


  168. Pass4sure 6.53 is too old. File creation date after installing in the system is showing 7/27/2009. I doubt this is not the 350-001 V4 dumbs. Can you help me to find the latest 3500-001 V4 dumps. I am planning to take exam next week. Please help


  169. Carrercert,

    Please share the latest CCIE 350-001 Dumps. I am planning to take exam on 23rd. Please help.
    I am not able to find any simulation questions. Is it possible to get a Testking 350-001 dumps?


  170. hi, pass4sure 350-001 has been updated on dec7 2009 but it has the same no of questions …262q.
    so is the v5.62 still vaild…did any one pass the v4 exam…?

  171. does anyone passed with TestInside 350-001 v4.0 150 Q vce or 7.21 136 QA ….

    What is p4s latest version for rs4.0 ..please share the experience…

  172. Hi Guys,

    for the latest TestInside 350-001 v4.0 150Qs – VCE you can download the Virtual CertExam Manager at hxxp://

    PDF version of Testinside v7.21 136Q&A (350-001 v4) at hxxp://

    Enjoy! 😉

  173. Hi,

    can someone share his experiance about the new 350-001 v4?
    I searched the new P4S, Testinside, etc everywhere, but nothing found. Can someone share it?


  174. Unable to view

    "Pass4sure 350-001 v6.53(353 Questions) Fully Automated Patched Installer – Latest & Exclusive"

    on my MAC. Does anyone have a pdf?


  175. Hello CareerCert,

    Great piece of work. Thanks a ton for all your efforts.
    Can you please upload
    1. Testinside 350-001, updated 2009-10-24, 136 Q&As
    2. Certifyme 350-001, updated 2009-10-22, 140 Q&As



  176. hey ,can sum1 plz share the latest version p4s for 650-621 and 642-587…i need dem asap bcoz m planning to sit for exam by next week and as it is cisco is goona change exam for 642-587 wid sumothee exam it seems…plz do share if sum1 has one.

  177. Hi Guys,
    Congrats to those that had pass the ccie prep.
    Now that 18th oct. is over, has anyone try the exam ?
    Please, anyone lets know.
    And I thaught cisco said the exam code is going to change to 351-001, how about this ?
    Want u guys comment pls


  179. hi gays , i too passed in ccie exam today , i used only p4s 2.63 353 questions ….

    thanks for careercert , and all because your coments did very important for me .

  180. Hello Friends,

    I gave my CCIE today

    I cleared it with 993/1000 ..

    Kindly refer to the latest testinside 253 questions and paas4sure 353 questions.

    No worry abt latest pass4sure 262 questions.

  181. Hello Friends,

    I gave my CCIE today

    I have cleared it best shot 980/1000 ..

    Thanks for all your support.

    Kindly refer to the latest testinside 253 questions and paas4sure 353 questions.

    No worry abt latest pass4sure 262 questions.

    Keep updating….

    All the best


  182. Hi friends,

    New P4S posted 6th of oct with 262 Qusetion any one has it or at least can confirm that 353 Q and 395Q is still valid ???

    Pls share u'r exam experience.

  183. Hello Friend,

    I am going give my exam on 9th oct, when ur planning to give exam ?

    Pls share u'r exam experience…


  184. Hello Friends,

    Even I am planning to give my exam on next week, Pls share the latest p4s dump with 353q&s which is updated on 25th sep…

    Pls share ur exam experience ….


  185. Dear CareerCert,

    I have just checked the pass4sure web site for the CCIE R&S written exam 350-001 and it shows that pass4sure has just updated its version for this exam 24th Sept 2009

    Can you please post this version at asap?
    Please I have to do the exam next Saturday so your prompt help is highly appreciated.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Best regards,

  186. Yes – If you pass 350-001 this will be valid for 18months and can be used as the pre-req for the Lab v4.0. (Check Cisco's website or Google it)

  187. Is 350-001 is valid for version 4 lab exam.will there be any problem if i gave 350-001 exam.
    will any terms and conditios change when new exam 351-001 will come.
    do i have to take it again.
    Please Reply

  188. hey man big congratulations.

    this is really like buying the world in $ 50 right. tell us more about the experience please. exam fees are $ 50 right ? in the new format they still ask u from p4s 6.95 ?


  189. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    u r really a superb MAN

  190. Thanks careercert, ur reply is very useful. I love u guys. Pls don't 4get to let the forum know, if any one has tried it.

  191. Hello any buddy have Beta exams dumps please provide me ,i have prepared for ccie R&S written
    with p4s Version 6.95 can i give the exams or not?,

  192. Hey Will,
    You should give this beta exam only if you are well prepared for it. Dumps are not built for this exam. However the beta v4.0 exam costs just $50 i.e you can save $300..!! plus full credit towards lab exam..that is very tempting. I think everybody should try their luck. Its a limited period offer.

    2. yep! you are right. Written exam doesn't contain labs, thats why it is called written exam. Lab exam is different and costs &1400 !!


  193. Guys,
    I noticed ccie written dumps does not contain lab question. Does dat means the written exam is without lab. I will be happy if it's so.
    Someone should talk to me.

  194. Hi Guys,
    Can I pass ccie written 4.0 beta with this latest p4s (6.95 ) with 395q.
    Want ur replys. Planning to write the beta.

  195. Hi anbu,
    I dont think v6.95 is valid for new beta exam. P4S will issue a new version for the new exam after the exam got old a few days.

  196. Hello,
    Cisco is about to introuduce a Beta version for CCIE written exam commencing from August 11, 2009. Can a candidate make use of this v6.95 for preparing for the [Beta] written exam?. could you Please clarify this?.

  197. There is no difference between v6.95 and the newer one. A friend of mine got 982/1000 two days ago and he had used v6.95. It is 100% valid.


  198. pass4sure for 350-001(ccie written R/S) has been changed at 15-06-2009. new version has 395 questions and answers.
    can anybody share new version of pass4sure for 350-001 having questions 395?

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