CCNA R&S 200-125 Practice Tests BrainDumps

CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 1348Qs



CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 1331Qs



CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 1275Qs



CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 1196Qs



CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 1166Qs



CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 1129Qs



CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 1121Qs



CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 1096Qs



CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 1084Qs



CCNA R&S 200-125 PL – 931Qs


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    1. Yes i’m aware of that but pass4sure could get sued by cisco’s official anytime, just like before. Also their dump’s validity is another concern. So i’m not sure whether its a good idea. Anyways i’ll keep an eye on that.


  9. Hi All,
    If any-one know CCNA pass4sure Certification exam dumps please please mail me the link to my mail address

    Please mail me the questions/CCNA Dumps i would like to download the question, as next month i am preparing for CCNA R&S.
    I hope you all will help me.

    Awaiting for your very kind response.

    Thanking you,

  10. Hi,
    I do not see any Cisco exam in the pass4sure web.
    Could you please use the others and provide us?

    Thank you,

  11. Hi Career cert,

    Could you please let me know the latest dumps for CCNA 200-120.As i have booked the Exam on April.Please let me know..

    Chandra Karne.

  12. Hi Career cert,

    Could you please let me know weather you have the latest dumps for CCNA 200-120.As i have booked the Exam on April.Please let me know..

    Chandra Karne.

  13. my anme is ma rahman i have completed ccna course recently but i cant get job any where without cisco certified certificate is mostly asked when i was face any interview i want to inform guys who know about….

      1. I couldn’t help but notice in the first picture, the Olympic weightlifter who is about to toss double body weight over her head is not observing the commonly prescribed “neutral neck” technique..Hmmm..

  14. Hi, admin and all. Can any 1 help me with the latest P4S test engine,am preparing for my exams and really need,plzzzzz

  15. P4S has updated CCNA exam to :
    640-802 Questions & Answers
    662 Questions – Last Update : Sep 22, 2012

    Could you please update it.


  16. Please send me a link to download simulations as i have exam in one time and have not done simulations real time exam practice

  17. Hi Careercert Admin,
    The P4S CCNA 640-802 has been updated to
    662 Questions – Last Update : Aug 17, 2012
    Please update the new version and please send update to me.

  18. Thanks all those who here in the support forum. I was also able to pass the ccna two days back thanks to the cisco learning network and support forum. It was failrely complex exam you have to do lots of practices and home work before the exam. I refered
    “CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, 7th Edition” study guide and it was very helpful.

    You better listen to some better video tutorials to understand the concepts.

    I wish you all the best in the exam.


  19. Is this website updated????
    Is the Latest CCNA 640-802 Pass4sure – v9.4 / 631 Qs – GB#25 Dump still valid , can someone guide plzz???

  20. CCNA 640-802 Pass4sure – v9.4 / 631 Qs is valid. Passed the exam last Friday(01/13) with the score 905/1000.

    Really thanks for the site!

  21. i had given the exam today i faild 812/1000 if any help with latest dumps of 640-802 CCNA plzzzzzzz am in pad satuation plz forward it im my email

  22. hello boss i need the update… i purchase the ccna dumps from u… kindly send me the latest update of 4july….

    1. hey buddy…is this update is same as the previous 602 questions..i also purchase that dump…please tell us careercert.
      Thank You.

  23. hi guys any one knows what is the last update for CCNA exam i need it please help me.

    i do the exam for the first time and i’m failed

    any one can help me

  24. any one send me……………….ccna latest dump that he or she have

    i will be thankful,,,,,,,,

    i wil give one of my girlfriend to him………

  25. hi friends ,
    I am planning to give ccna exam in next week plz tell me the witch is the latest dums . i have 3 to 4 dums i am confuse pls help me

    Thank you

  26. i want to take the exams of ccna can any body send me the latest dumps of ccna please i will b very much thankfull to you.

  27. Hiiii….All
    This suggestion for our CareerCert . if You can Please Provide Group Buy for Pass4sure or Test Inside.
    Thank You.

      1. hiiii….Thanx 2day i bought it…wow …Thanx careercert.
        hope u’ll send the updates to my email.(with in 2 months).

  28. If you don’t understand networking at this level you will only ever be a PAPER CCNA and I guarantee you will get caught out in your 1st job interview.

    1. Hi Majid!

      I do agree with you but not every one here read the dumps just to get passing grade in the CCNA exam just an FYI I have already passed my Written CCIE Exam and I do possess CCIE LAB Level expertise still I am interested in
      viewing the Pass4sure latest exam questions to see the trends and question’s format therefore I really don’t need
      to contact you.

  29. Can anyone please share the latest Pass4Sure Questions
    that are updated on May 24th, 2011

    Thank You

  30. I passed yesterday 986/1000…..

    1-Study From –>ACME 356 Q (70%) –>

    2-Study and Practice Lab.. & Hot Spot –>9tut

    3-Study From TK V218 (30%) –>

    4- Remember The New Command (show mac address-table) NOT (show mac-address-table)

  31. hi i am planning to give ccna paper one 15th june 2011 is this actual test v4.2 is the latest dumps and will it be enough to pass the test…

  32. you should pay for the latest P4S , and i didn’t buy it . but i did download from here . well , to be honest i did also used another website it’s … , check it out . they do update the versions frequently .. the P4S here with almost 1000 pdf slides were also very very helpful .
    check the labs .. the labs are very important and they always come the same with a little change .

    let me know if u need any help .. good luck .. and prepare well for the exam .. and as i said before ,it’s not hard but u need to practice the questions .

    Gooood luck Guyyyssss

  33. Hello guys , i went for the exam yesterday 28th , may and i passed . i got 924/1000 . I’d really love to help you passing this ..
    number 1 ) study hard for the exam . read about it , there’s always new questions .
    number 2) get the pass4sure latest version which is uploaded here and study it . it was very very very helpful.
    number3) download the practice labs as these labs will always come . ACL , EIGRP and some troubleshooting to get data out of the switch . what i wanna tell u .. guys , the exam is easy .. don’t be nervous .. relax .. and always .. practice on pass4sure questions . they were very helpful . almost the exact questions came . even in the labs .. 🙂

    good luck all ..

  34. just took my exam last tuesday.. got 960/1000.. acme dump is about 70-80% reliable.. other items came from other dumps/pdf/test engines.. same sim(vtp, acl and eigrp) though they made changes in the configuration..

    1. what acme means ?
      i am planning to take the exam in next month
      i am studding from actual test v4.2 647Q , is it updated
      what is the best dumps now
      can you send me e mail with the dumps u studied from

    2. what acme means ?
      i am planning to take the exam in next month
      i am studding from actual test v4.2 647Q , is it updated
      what is the best dumps now
      can you send me e mail with the dumps u studied from

    3. Hi Dim Could you please indicate where those acme dump
      can be found a direct url will be highly appreciated

      Thank You

    4. Fantastic Dim

      Good score, am giving my Exam on july 09th please tell me the latest dumps to clear the exam

  35. Which Vendor is Better Testking or Pass4Sure for CCNA Exam
    Guys please vote on this to get a clear idea

  36. Questions and Answers: 602 Q & A
    Updated: May 24, 2011
    hi pass4sure latest version released please upload it plz plz plz

  37. hey guys ;
    can you please tell me which dumps is the most recent dumps .
    can any1 email me the most recent dumps .

    i would be so thankful . and again thanks a lot for this great website .

    note : my exam is going to be next week .. 28th of may . and so i can send you my recommendation here .. wish me luck guys ..

  38. hi friends
    can any one told me that what is the current version of latest ccna dumps,pas4sure,active test,test inside?

  39. Could you please send me the latest dump for CCNA 640-802?

    Do you recommend Pass4sure, ActualTests or Testinside?

  40. hi every one
    what is the latest dump for CCNA 640-802 ?.1 weak is left to my ccna exame.pls email me latest ps4shure or other dumps

  41. ccna gets expired , der wil be sum new addition in course , mostly IPV6 . i went to VUE centre , der dey said dat , if u wana give exam , u hav to give within may13 , ,examination wil again begin in month of june , date not specified.

    1. iv talked with an Cisco academy members …. he didnt heard anything like that……… i also chqd the cisco website and nothing thr…….

      but one of our examination center told me thr ll b some changes in the dumps not in the syllabus …… so he asked me to wait till 8th May

      1. thanks may be . k lets c wat changes comes til may8 th, put an update here after u pass d exam , mee too hav to write d exam.

  42. Hello,
    iv only 12 dayz left of my exam ….. im confused …. which one i should follow of the latest.

    plz help me as early s possible ……

    1. ccna is goin to expire on may12 or 13 , it means sum new additions in course , so dnt give now . i wil today get full update on dis . stay tuned.

      1. tnx, neeraj,
        is that true …… that means iv 2 prepare my self frm the beginning? oh GOD help us??

        is thr gonna any dumps agnts the new syllabus??
        plz upload the CISCO press book also…..

    2. ccna gets expired , der wil be sum new addition in course , mostly IPV6 . i went to VUE centre , der dey said dat , if u wana give exam , u hav to give within may13 , ,examination wil again begin in month of june , date not specified.
      so ma suggestion lets wait , i was also preparing , but now i stopped .

  43. Hi Friends!

    Could some one please advise which Vendor is better between TestKing and Pass 4 Sure I have used Test King
    for Microsoft Certifications and Found it Most Accurate
    like Hammer on Nail head so which Vendor Should I use
    for My CCNA Preparation TestKing or Pass 4 Sure I can only buy one of them.
    Also it is worth mentioning I have the old version of
    Testking Questions for CCNA it has too many duplicate
    questions seems like they are pretending to provide new questions and the number of questions are increasing but it is same old duplicated stuff.

    Any help to address this query is highly appreciated.

  44. Hi All,
    Can you post the latest CCNA exam dumps soon ?
    Most of the vendors updated dumps after Apr 15th.
    Awaiting new updated dumps. Thx for your help !

  45. guys…
    today i gave the paper of CCNA and my score is 920 (v.v thanks to almighty Allah).

    {CCNA 642-802 ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs }
    {CCNA 640-802 Testinside v 21.24 – 436 Qs }

    is too much helpful to me so i recommended u all to go through it and understand it…

    best of luck…
    if any one ask any think regarding to CCNA paper as well as question, u all are welcome to ask….

    1. Hello can u pls advise
      {CCNA 642-802 ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs }
      {CCNA 640-802 Testinside v 21.24 – 436 Qs }

      both are required to clear exam or any one of these will work. pls help as i m planning it on 20th wednesday.

      1. yes it ok

        most of the question of {CCNA 642-802 ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs } is also in the {CCNA 640-802 Testinside v 21.24 – 436 Qs }. so i recommended u to look both of them.

      2. Today i given CCNA exam and not passed 🙁 i used

        {CCNA 642-802 ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs }

        only 15-20 questions are from it.

    2. hi dear zohaib hassan i want to give the ccna exam but i have no laatest dumps what should i do plz help me thank you

    1. hey i m also confused regarding which dumps to use prior to give my first certification, please help to tell with new version, i m planning this to on monday

      1. Hi dear.i am going to give CCNA exam i am so fluctuated about that. Please help me if u got some dumps if i got i would tell u as well.

  46. hi i just download Pass4sure CCNA v7.73 Fully Automated Patched Installer and during the install he’s asked me
    an order Number and a serial code to activate it so where are these code plz…?
    you don’t give them, so can i have it thanks

  47. hi guys, is the “ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs” and Testinside v 21.24 still valid? Please comment. Thanks

  48. Hey guys im going to get my first certificate! Please help! Will be highly appreciate to get latest p4s or dumps or study books! ! thank you

  49. please tell me that ( CCNA 642-802 ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs ) and ( CCNA 640-802 Testinside v 21.24 – 436 Qs ) is still valid

  50. Please Careercert update the Dumps and please save us

    Test Inside and Pass4sure have updated the dumps

  51. i m going to write CCNA in this weak end can plz tell me this ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs is useful to me.. its valid dumps.. i m waiting for reply to u guys

  52. i’ve got ccna test yesterday (17/03/2011)
    only 1 week preparation
    i read CCNA 642-802 ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs and it really help.
    my score was 882/1000, pass 🙂

    now preparation for CCNP/CCIP

    1. i m going to write CCNA in this weak end can plz tell me this ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs is useful to me..

      can u plz advice to me how i study

      1. yup, AT v4.2-647Qs is really heplfull.. read it and understand the explanation, thats the key..
        but overall u still need understanding about :
        1. how network works
        2. VPLS
        3. NAT
        4. Static Routing (default and subnet)
        5. routing dinamic (RIP,EIGRP,OSPF)
        6. wireless (encryption, basic setting)
        7. troubleshooting
        8.and a little about ipv6


  53. dear Mr. sud ,

    i try to send the PDF but it is 90 Mbps that i can no send to you via email .
    but u can download it form the way of this site

    best regard,

  54. I pass the exam CCNA 640-802 with 949/1000

    I read pass4sure of this site

    really thank you for the help

    and i read the sim question form

  55. Hi friends….

    i passed my ccna exam today and i got 936/1000… in INDIA.

    i used

    CCNA 642-802 ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs

    Latest CCNA 640-802 Pass4sure v3.00 – 609 Questions

    and Sims From This Site.

    But you have to clear in all concepts.

    in real exam sims ip address are in different so be carefull when studying.

    most of the Question from ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs

  56. Hi friends….
    this dumps is still valid…
    i passed my ccna exam today and i got 850/1000…… in INDIA.
    but you have to clear all concept…bt yes this dumps is still valid.
    Go friends, write your exam before these dumps get expire.

      1. i passed my ccna exam today and i got 936/1000… in INDIA.

        i used

        CCNA 642-802 ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs

        Latest CCNA 640-802 Pass4sure v3.00 – 609 Questions

        and Sims From This Site.

        But you have to clear in all concepts.

        in real exam sims ip address are in different so be carefull when studying.

        most of the Question from ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs

  57. i heared that the exam has retired,,,my exam will be the next week. i need help about the latest dump and accurate information if the exam has retired or not pls
    thanks in advance.

    1. Hello,
      Are the dumps v 21.24 still valid? Anyone can please comment? I am appearing for my exam on this Thursday.

      Please reply to everyone of us if these are still valid.

      1. Hello everyone,
        I appeared for my exam yesterday and cleared my exam with 910/1000.
        Most of the questions were very easy.

        Thank you career cert.

  58. Hi everyone,i heared that CCNA dumps are changed ,so could anyone plz confirm?plz update if anyone has given exam after 20th feb.

  59. hey careercert,
    thanx for giving dumps and study material….
    i passed my ccna exam today.
    i got 936/1000.
    thanx a lot

  60. Hi i would like to give CCNA exams too can u please update me wether the testinside dumps are still valid as many are complaing about the question changes

  61. Dear All,
    I search alot to find the Pass4sure latest dumps but could’t. so if anybody have then kindly upload it.
    i’ll be very thankfull to him/her.

  62. Hi,
    Can I know latest version of MASHTI. I am really worried about the exam. I am planning to exam soon.

    Thank you very much

  63. this testinside is the latest dums of ccna 640-802.
    i pass the test on 15 jan 2011.
    all dums come from this testinside v21.24
    very very very very good job.
    keep it up

  64. hi friends i m confuse, i dont know from where i will get the latest dump of ccna 640 -802 everyone plz suggest me where should i get latest 640-802 dumps [2011]!

  65. i have test insdie but the problme there is no expliniation for answer it will be better to have explination to understand the answer

  66. i give ccna 640-802 exam on 15 january,all dums from testinside v 21.24 . i pass the exam. very very very good job.

  67. Hello Everybody, i have registered my test a week before, i have know that today that there are dumps, plz guys help me how i can know the exact dumps here is alot, tomorrow i have test on 14th of january,
    send me details on my email “[email protected]
    i am waiting plzzzz just having one day

  68. Kindly plzzz tell me that CCNA 642-802 ActualTests v4.2 – 647Qs

    is this still valid or not, i am giving test at 14th of january of this month

  69. Hello CareerCert,

    Is possible to have the CCNA 640-802 Testinside v17.14 – 356 Q’s available via 4shared.

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Right now Pass4sure is all jacked up. I have the purchased software, and was going thru the last section, and found about 20 odd questions that were either just flat out wrong, or where they did not give you information to answer the question.

        1. Hi Route Passed!
          Can u plz give some reasons why to use Test Inside instead of Pass4sure. Has anybody used this and passed CCNA exam? Also plz suggest how to prepare for exam Labs?

  70. Hi All,
    Can any one guide me Plz,
    I want to go for CCNA exam, Which Dumps I should prepare(Paas4sure/TestInside) and which versions of these dumps are latest and valid. How much exam portion comprise of these Dumps?
    How to prepare Labs in Exam?
    I will be really grateful for this guidance.

  71. Hi CareerCert,

    I really appreciate your efforts and help for all of us. Can you please upload latest dumps for CCNA updated by Pass4Sure this week with 432Q as i have exam after 2 days. Thanks in Advance.

  72. Dear Admin,
    Please send the link for the new 802-640 CCNA dumps 432Q that was released on Oct 16 as i want to write tha CCNA exam this weekend.Please can i have suggestions if any on what to do.

  73. Hello carrercert,
    According to the information i received from p4s online support team pass4sure for 640-802 paper with 597 Q&A is the latest one, they reduce some old questions from 609 Q&A p4s.So can you please try to upload the latest on. I am waiting for your kind reply coz my exam in on Dec so that i can update mysef.

  74. i downloaded the Latest CCNA 640-802 Testinside v 21.24 – 436 Qs but when i open it, its curropt. can it be sent to ma e-mail. am taking the exams ending of this month.

  75. The latest Testinside v21.24 is a great collection of CCNA dumps, i passed ICND 2 exam today and almost 60 % questions were from testinside. In my opinion if u have a good knowledge of Cisco theories then these dumps really add some extra confidence before exam. Best wishes for all.

  76. 640-802 Pass4sure was updates on Sep 23 2010 with 597 questions.. My exam is on Oct 10 ..if anybody having latest P4S please send me the latest link

    Questions and Answers: 597 Q & A
    Updated: Sep 23, 2010

  77. Hi Sir,
    I want to pass exam on 1 oct,
    i have scheduled it for 1st oct…
    please give me good suggesion on dumps.
    i did read full ccna course with todd lammle book.
    i have very good knowledge on ccna…
    please sugges me very good and latest dumps for ccna…
    please sir reply fast
    i need your help…
    thank you very much…
    take care…

  78. Hello,is there anybody who had passed ccna in latest month of 2010, i only find the old comment of 2009.So come on new CCNA passed guy and please share your experience.

  79. hii all.. could any helo me please..
    whats the last version at both testinsider and pass4sure for ccna exam? i want 2know the last uodated exam + where can i download them.please fastly reply me because i will enter the exam soon..thanks

  80. hii… please could you tell me
    whats the last updated( test insider number and pass 4sure number) exam for ccna exam for that month ? and thanks

  81. The Testinside link above provides dumps in jpeg format.the problem is that the scenario is not being depicted while the answers are given. Could anybody provide dumps with test engine??

  82. Hello People
    I am wondering if anyone can help me with my CCNA exam to pass it will highly appreciated can someone send the infor. or file or website i can study or to look at it it would be really nice thanks alot.

  83. i have downloaded P4S_640-802_v3[1].00_609Q_by_CareerCert.rar, while opening password. what password we can use?

  84. Hi CareerCert;
    Iam doing my CCNA exam on August 17th. Will which is the latest dumps or is there a new version??

  85. Hi Careercert, I just got back from my ccna test, got 1000/1000. Thanks a ton for all the resources. Most (90%) of the questions were from TI 17.14 although i'm not sure as i went through the dumps just once. But anyways I'd like to wish everyone who's going through the process of preparing all the best. And god bless you CC

  86. team while using the link to download p4s i am getting the PDF downloaded but its having only 86 questions in that plz help me out

  87. TestInside 640-802 braindumps

    Exam Number/Code : 640-802

    Exam Name : Cisco Certified Network Associate

    Questions and Answers : 436 Q&As

    please update in the careercert website

  88. Hi careercert,

    please upload testinside 430 Q&Ans

    All are waiting for ur update who are preparing for CCNA 640-802

  89. could any one upload testinside 430 Q&S, iam going to write the exam in the next 10 days please update as early as possible.

  90. could u please upload TI 430 questions dumps…

    i have exam in the next 10 days please upload As early as possible

  91. hey buddy……

    can u upload TI 430 questions dump…

    i have ma xam dis month….

    thnx in advance…..

  92. please anyone got the latest testinside with 430 questions. Please conduct or arrange a group buy carrercert

  93. hey guys follow testinside 17.14 they are still valid i pass with 961 marks this month in pakistan

  94. Hi, I am work in networking from last one year, now i fell that i have to go certification, please tell me the lastest version of P4S dumps and other useful study material.

  95. That's right. CCNA Ti has been updated with 430 Qs and i'll create a GB.
    It'll take some time because Ti has entirely changed its testing engine software. Now the setup will only work on the owner's computer.
    So now screen-shot PDF is the only way left !!


  96. Hi careercert

    It seems that these testinside version has been change … i think this 17.14 was old…. for ur info please…
    Exam Number/Code : 640-802
    Exam Name : Cisco Certified Network Associate
    Questions and Answers : 430 Q&As
    Update Time: 2010-07-09

  97. please create a GB, is a testinside updated in:

    – Exam Number/Code : 640-802
    – Exam Name : Cisco Certified Network Associate
    – Questions and Answers : 430 Q&As
    – Update Time: 2010-07-09

  98. please create a GB, is a testinside updated in:

    – Exam Number/Code : 640-802
    – Exam Name : Cisco Certified Network Associate
    – Questions and Answers : 430 Q&As
    – Update Time: 2010-07-09

  99. Thank you once again Homen, can u tell me,when you get, just write to me how often these questions appear on tests,for example in percentage?

  100. Thank Homen, but can you tell me I have a test inside v11.72 and I took off last night 17:14 and questions are exactly the same .. how to?

  101. Nenad, Latest versions are given at top.

    CCNA 640-802 Pass4sure v3.00 – 609 Questions – PDF
    Latest CCNA 640-802 Testinside v17.14 – 356 Q's

    and guys please dont call it dumBs.
    The correct word is dumPs.

  102. Nenad said :

    Can someone tell me all these pass4sure and testinside what is the latest version, please!!

  103. Hi, i am going to write ccna 640-802 exam on august 12 2010,which latest version dumbs shall i prepare

  104. Hi, plz share latest CCNA P4S 640-802 v3.0 with 609 question, i have it in the form of PDF but i need it in the form of Test Engine plz help me..

  105. hi i am going to attempt the paper of ccna 640-802…plz tell what version of pass2 & testking shall i use for preparation…plz

  106. Hi,

    Please help me to find study materials and practice test for Cisco642-165 (UCCXD)

    Thanks in Advance

  107. dayesh:ccna pass4sure 609q is not gettin downloded…once downloaded the file its showing the file has been damaged….plz help!!

  108. Hi Team ,

    i am planning to take CCNA on jun 27th ,2010
    and iam preparing 2 dumps

    1. CCNA 640-802 Testinside v17.14 – 356 Q's
    2.CCNA 640-802 Latest Pass4sure v3.00 – 609 Questions

    is these to are enough or any latest dumps?

    Please suggest

  109. hello guys realy i want to writ my ccna exam en 21 jun can anyone tell me that it gonna be the same as on 7 jun please let me know i will appreciate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Hii careercert
    i have passed the ccna 640-802 on june 12 2010 and i got 949.i have read latest update p4s 609q

  111. wen u gonna update da new version of pass 4 sure am takin my exam end of this month,,,,n is it enough to pass da exam ,,i need it for my job n i cant fail,,,thanks

  112. @ CareerCert
    Please advice if i should follow Actual Test or Pass4Sure to pass 640-802 Exam. Please do upload the One and Let me know. Your Help is highly appreciatable.

  113. Hi to all.Iwill have my ccna exam in 2 days and im using TI 17.14 and the 9tut labs.Will this be enough to clear the exam.Please help me!!!

  114. Ikram Salam,,,
    plz can any one help going CCNA exam 640-802 this week…which Dumps i should stdy to pass exam eaisly and with high score.
    for help u can contect or send me dumps dirctly on my email Adress tooo.
    [email protected]

  115. Muhammad Umar
    Hi guys this stuff is really awesome.I have clered my ccna and i should accept this stuff really helps me.. Thanks for uploading..

  116. hi, to take the exam just revise pass4sure part1 (607 Q) and part 2 (additional 86 q as a update for pass4sure 607Q) then the labs, all in the previous link

  117. To, CareerCert.


    my exam is scheduled on 15th of May. is TIS 11.72 enough for cracking exam???? or at least it is enough updated, so i can face exam more confidently with it??

    Please let me know! [:-)

    n wish me luck.

    bye n good day!

  118. @Jewel

    congo dude [:-)] 987 wow!

    yeh ur 101% right if we don't have perfect & firm basics thr is no use of certification.

  119. @ chandra,

    2 months updates are for one SINGLE product, not for any exam. Every group buy offer is separate from each other.


  120. Hi career cert this is chandra i have cotributed the 10 GBP for ccna 640-802 and i have cleared that also in the u guys mentioned right like we will send the updates up to 2 months now i want to write 642-901 so u guys will send new pass4sure for 640-901 or i have to make the another payment for this separate plese do let men know
    thnx in advance and i am waiting for u reply…..

  121. CCNA 640-802 Testinside v 17.11 – 312 Q's//

    when u ll open the link..and after downloading.need password ??

  122. Hi carercert,
    Today i finished my ccna i passed the exam thnx for the careercert and the test inside who ever want to prepare the dumps use the testinside ner version and for the sim use 9tut and once again thnx for the careercert thnx for the help…

  123. @ Jewel,

    Congrats buddy !
    That's the thinking i want to see in every IT certification student.


  124. Hi, i took the CCNA exam on last Friday April 30th, and i passed with 987 out of 1000!! I am really happy and extremely thankful to Allah!! I Studied really hard for this exam. I studied the CBTNugget Videos, CCNA portable command book, Pass4Sure 609Qs, TestInside 17.11, and All the simulation came from and all the Qs were from Pass4Sure and TestInside. Dont't just study the Qs and the Sims. Study the CBTNuggets and the concepts. Try to understand them. There is no value of the Cert if you don't know anything. So study all these materials and be confident and pray to God, you will ace the exam!! Thanks to CareerCert, you guys made it possible for me. Thank you and i wish everyone the best on their upcoming CCNA exam!!

  125. Hi careercert,

    I booked my exam on thursday and i bought the dumps as weel testiinside 11.72 new version from careercert can you please confirm wht ever the answers given there everything correct right please do so thnx..

  126. @ chandra,

    yeah, P4S v3.00 (609 Q) is the latest version.
    If you are facing difficulty in understanding the labs then you can follow 9tut for labs sim explanations.


  127. @chandra
    If you want to get good marks in the CCNA exam then download the testinside ,labs and the exam questions from the below link. i got 1000/1000 marks in this dumps. i have also uploaded the paper questions.

    Thanks to CareerCert

  128. hi career cert this is chandra sorry to keep asking again i am going to write my ccna this coming friday i prepared the book alo but when u come to te dumps i am preparing the P4S v3.00 with 609Q/A that is the latest right or did they released new version? please advice regardin the sim also…….thnx in advance..

  129. chandra,

    check out 9tut for lab sims and use latest testinside, im going to wait next month to see if there are any new updates

  130. Hi this is chandra could you please tell me which site is for the practisng for the lab sim ? because i am preparing the current version of pas4sure with 609 Q/A is not enough ? for sim

    please advice me thnx

  131. @vicky..
    Follow 7.58+ 7.63+ 7.73+ 609 Qns.. Not just the 7.58.. That will not be enough. But before seeing the dumps first practise the lab sims because that fetches u more marks…

  132. HAI GUYS
    I going to take ccna 640-802 exam on april 1st week.whether this version is enough
    pass4sure v7.58 anyone guide me….

  133. Hi CareerCert,

    I passed today with 938 score… Unfortunately I missed my marks in VTP sim.

    Thanks a lot yaar.. Without u and i would have not been able to achieve this. Questions are from Ti 17.11 and P4S v3.00 609 Qns. U can follow any one of these but mostly prefer P4S as they have the right answers. And I got EIGRP, ACL & VTP for sim. All these were in the… So guys make use of it.

    All the best…!!!

    Keep up the good work CareerCert…
    We are always there to support you…:)

  134. @ chandra,

    Dude, you should look carefully.
    This PDF has two topics. Topic 10 has 61Q and Topic 11 has 86 questions.

    Total Qs in PDF: 61+86 = 147

    Now v7.73 has 473 questions.

    So 473+147 = 620 !

    Now there is still a difference of 11 questions. Right ?
    If you look carefully you will find that the LAST 10 questions(Topic 10) of v7.73 are identical to FIRST 10 questions(Topic 10) of v3.00.

    So 620-10 = 610 !!!

    I hope it is now clear for everybody.

  135. Hi carrier cert this is chandra any update regarding my question above or else please tell me the link for testinside latest version contains 312 Q/A? please do so..thnx.

  136. @ Angelina,

    You can't compare p4s and Ti.
    Both are good at their own place. If you have both of them then you should practice both.
    If you have single one then it will also be sufficient.


  137. hi carrier cert this is chandra again i have downloaded thet current version of p4s version 3.0 but its not showing the comeplete 609 Q/A and its saying in that use 7.73 (473q)+that pdf after u calculate the 86 Q/A iin that pdf also all the questions number its not coming to 609 this is where i am confusing or is there any other link for comeplete 609 Q/A? please advice soon….thnx…

  138. Hi CareerCert,

    With what u have mentioned above poster do u mean to say it is better to follow P4S 609 Qns than the 312 Qns of TI?

    Reply as soon as possible… Please…

  139. @ Firas,

    I dropped testinside because now we have latest pass4sure.
    Thus Ti is not really needed. Moreover Ti contains some false answers. So it could produce confusion for some guys.


  140. hi this is chandra i want to take ccna 640-802 with in 10 days i am preparing the book as well vbut could you please tell whic one is the latest dump version for cca 640-802?please….

  141. @ kasi,

    Of course the unrar password is correct.
    By the way you can open this PDF with Adobe-reader 7 or newer or Foxit-Reader. This PDF can't be opened with adobe-reader v6 or older.


  142. hi career cert, you upload p4s 640-802 v3.00 609 question & ans PDF file but i could not unable to open that file…. u give correct password ah ?… will u plz explain….

  143. @ CareerCert,

    What is the difference in TI 312 Qns and 310 Qns of MARCH update? I have only 310 Qns with me which my friend has given.

  144. @ Angelina,

    Yes, you can do very well with these dumps.
    I hope you have also studied well.

    Good luck.

  145. Hi CareerCert,

    Thank u for ur advice. I was able to install the P4S patched installer. And regarding the TI, I cant afford for the new version. Will I be able to score well if i practise the P4S609 Qns and TI 11.73_720 Qns?

    Please respond. I have booked my exam for this tuesday (April 20).

    Thanks & Regards,

  146. Hello careercert,
    I'm a non IT background guy (mechanical Engg) but i have some how made my mind to do the CCNA certification, kindly provide me the right inputs and methods for passing the same… thanx once again as i feel u r doing a great job in making many ppl. like me happy and clear their exams….

  147. Hi careercert!
    Howlong has p4s been existing since it is cracked and uploaded for free?And will p4s 609 Q&A continues to be used to April,30th?

  148. @ Angelina,

    P4s is not according to actual exam format.
    So you should also follow the latest testinside.


  149. Hey Guys…
    Has anyone passed the exam recently..? Please do update… Is it enough if i follow P4S 609 questions alone..?

    Reply plzzzzzzzzz………….

  150. Hi CareerCert,

    I am unable to install P4S 7.73 patched installer. A product activation wizard opens and it asks for order no. Please help me to install.


  151. Hi Guys!
    Please tell me p4s ver 3,609 Q&A, updated from 20/3/2010. I prepare to exam on 20/4/2010. I dont know whether this engine continues to be used?Thank u 🙂

  152. Dear,CareerCert
    CCNA 640-802 Pass4sure v3.00 – 609 Questions
    20th March 2010
    Could you give the password for unlock this file "P4S_640-802_v3.00_609Q_by_CareerCert.rar", please ?

  153. Hi Can any one tell me wats da paswrd for "CCNA 640-802 Latest Pass4sure v3.00 – 609 Questions"
    I hav dnlwded it bt not able to xtract it!!! Plz

  154. got the questions by paying the required amount … i hope the labs are the same for the certific … thank you guys

  155. @ umer,

    No dear, there is no award for 100% score.
    By the way, 100% score is not good. It looks suspicious.


  156. hey guys!
    Pass4sure ccna dumps got updated on 20th March 2010 with 609 Q&A..
    CareerCert can you please help,i have exam in 3 days & suddenly dumps changed…
    when can i expect new dumps to be posted on the website..
    plz reply fast


  157. hi this jigs
    i want pass ccna 640-802 exam with good score and my exam is on 30th march
    anybody is there can help me to pass exam
    which dumps is letest?
    is p4s or testinside good for exam????
    pls reply fast
    thank you very much..

  158. hey guyss…test inside is updated again on 18 march with 310 questions only…so any update careercert..???

  159. please careercert what should i use for my icnd1 and icnd2 exam on the 26th march,please help me out am going out of my mind here.

  160. @CareerCert
    Dear Sir
    My CCNA exam is on 20 March please upload the latest Testinside Dumps for free.

  161. @ careercert

    please upload latest testinsise or p4s dumps for us, it will help future ccna's a lot.

    If u hav pdf that will be fine

  162. @ careercert
    kindly upload latest Testinside dumps
    for those who didnt participate in GB but urgently require dumps……

    Will u provide latest dumps atleast in PDF format….

  163. @ careercert

    If nothing has changed for p4s, does testinside have the same number of questions??

    What's the difference between testinside and p4s?

    ps4 updated in march with same number of questions…………

  164. @CarrerCert

    isn't pass4sure now have 523 questions?

    it has changed.

    plz someone upload the latest dumps of p4s.

  165. @ careercert

    can you please upload latest p4s which has less questions. It was updates this month in march and has only over 500 questions. Cost 99 dollers only, so can you please upload.

  166. hey guys,my exam is tooooo closed,so i hope form careercert or any one has the latest dumps to download it kindly.

  167. hi, can anyone tell me what i use for preparation for icnd1/2 exam on the 26th march.please help me am kinda freaking out alittle!

  168. dear brother CareerCert,
    i am going to test CCNA 640-802 on next week is there any update rather than P4S 7.73

  169. @ careercert………….

    What for those who didn`t contribute in the GB….
    n in a need of Dumps???????

  170. Hi
    I have my CCNA exam on 18 march, I have prepare 522Q of pass4sure and also 288Q of test inside which was up dated on 5th Jan . Can you suggest me to take exam or extend the dat of CCNA paper for per paring latest dumps Or which i per pare is Enif for exam ?????

  171. Update:-

    We got the 10 committed people who are willing to contribute.

    Amount has been received from 3 guys.

    Rest of the guys please send me your paypal email ID, so that i can send you the money request.

    Purchase will be made on March-12 and Exam engine setup will be delivered immediately after that.


  172. right ! That's why they were providing the dump on pre-order. They had to give many fake exams to provide the exact questions.


  173. the reason y testinside increased there price was,they had to give too many exams then usual to figure out the paper…this is wat the testinside sales person told…..and this also tells us the fact that ccna exam has changed a lot….
    so everyone out there who r gonna give there exam in the next few days….n need the dumps..plz contribute to the group buy…we just need 4 more……….let u finish this off as soon as possible

  174. That's right. TI is better than p4s.

    We have now 6 committed people.

    4 more to proceed with purchase.


  175. i dont think so….may be pass4sure will also increase there price….and more over pass4sure already has 522 questions and now if they increase it…it will be close to 1000questions….however testinside is much better then pass4sure..

  176. @ careercert

    do you think the price will drop 4 testinside??

    Or shall we wait for the new p4s. I have talked to p4s and they said that they will update very soon…………..

    Maybe there price will be lower than testinside

  177. @ rammy,

    4 guys are willing to contribute till now.

    We need 6 more. I think we'll complete the GB within 2-3 days.


  178. hi careercert,
    can u please tell me how many of them r will to contribute till now ….coz i have my exam in next few days….

  179. hi careercert,
    i am interested in groupbuy…to plese let me know the procedure….
    i need them as soon as possible..

  180. yeah the guy is right they updated on 5th march with 723 questions…so kindly careercert upload the new testinside…im ready to contribute the amount…

  181. @careercert
    thanx for replying…so wt do u suggest?? should we go take the exam preparing both of them?? or are u going to upload the latest dumps??

  182. @ Nabx,

    I said i'm NOT SURE about the validity of TI because peoples were saying that very few questions are coming from it.

    Probably the reason for that is because testinside contains only selective questions which normally appears in the exam. Now the cisco has revised some question but the question pool is same.

    P4S contains the whole question pool. That's why i recommend to mix and read both TI and p4s.


  183. @Careercert
    hi..u were saying few posts back that TI 11.72 is not valid anymore and only few questions are coming from it as the TI got updated on 5th march now ur saying to go for 11.72 and 522Qs u will be fine..wts going on??

  184. Hi Careercert,
    My ccna exam is on 28th March. I was very much confident untill i checked the details above today. Now i am very panicky and i am doubtful what to do next.
    Please suggest me what to do next.My mail id is [email protected]. Please help me. I dont think it is possible to postpone my exams.
    Hope to hear from u soon.

    Thanks in advance.

  185. Hi Career Cert,

    Am sure a lot of people willing to contribute on this, do update us once you have the latest TI with you at the soonest :).


  186. hi
    certifyme has updated there dumps on 4th march but they have the same no of question….184Q
    did they update it really r not…?

  187. now the number of the qustions became 498q and the price is 300$ I think is better to buy pass4sure because the the number of the qustion is 522q and the price is 99.99$

  188. dear CareerCert!

    i would like to participate i can spend $ 10 dollars. so tell me how can i give that money to u. i live in pakistan and i dont have any kinda credit cards. so how will be the procedure next.

  189. Dear Friends
    My Exam is On 15 March 2010 and i have only 5th january pass4sure updated dumps.
    Are these are the latest dumps for the CCNA Exam.
    and can i pass my exam from this dumps

  190. @ sandman,

    I can't say anything about the validity of Ti v11.72, because it is not latest at this moment.
    Many guys are reporting that very few questions are coming from it.


  191. plz comment on my above post as i am going to check it every now and then . also kindly update with upcoming dumps i will be giving test by latest Monday or Tuesday

  192. hi career cert i am looking for latest updated ccna dumps. killtest and testinside preferred.

    let me know if its ok if i got with 640-802 Testinside v11.72 – 288 Q's – PDF or i am just panicking cause i dont see a sign that used to be in front of testinside dump latest and recommended.

  193. Dear, i am not that rich to buy it for $300 and post it free. All i can do is to provide it at lowest cost possible. If someone can spend $250 on his exam that he can also spend $15-20 on Ti.


  194. @ CarrerCert

    you mean i must wait to take the exam?
    and after march 15th you are gonna post the pdf here for free downloading?cause i live in a very poor country and i dont have any credit card to contribute you in a bg
    i need my ccna cert to get a better job i hope you can help me and other people who cant paid by credit card and post it here as you did with the others testinside.

    god blees you

  195. @ CareerCert

    hey the next tuesday you mean the 9th march here will be posted the new testinside for free downloading??

  196. Hi all,

    In Testinside v11.72 Q43 Doesn't option E is also true because Siwitch C is the root bridge
    for this reason all ports will be root ??

    In Q69 I think option D is wrong beacuse transparent mode doesn't synchronize since question say permitting the editing of local VLAN information?

    In Q93 DNS use both UDP and TCP hat do you think Guys?

    In Q 154 access list permit telnet so why the option B is true ???

    In Q 183 I think option E is true and F is wrong
    because Router1 has two networks and ??

  197. Hey guys,

    I will definitely arrange a group buy for new testinside but the price($300) is not appropriate.

    Moreover it is not ready yet. We will need to make pre-order and they will provide it after two weeks. Below is the excerpt from testinside website:-

    "This braindumps needs pre order, and we will make this product for you within 2~3 weeks."

    So we will do a GB when they finalize it and lower the price.


  198. hi careercert,
    why dont u organise a group buy for the new testinside ccna dump updated on 5th march 2010,
    i suppose there r many people interested….

  199. hi careercert,
    please organize a group buy for ccna exam…surprisingly TI has increased the cost of the $300

  200. Dear Cert

    i have downloaded "TIS_640-802_v11.72_Full_Setup" n when i am trying to extract it is asking for password [:(] what is password? or how can i open it? [:-S]

  201. Dear Cert & all

    i want to give exam in next week(mid March 2010). which exam dumps & engines should i use? last post said he scored 912[:-)] in exam but post is dated "September 25, 2009" n today is 5 march 2010. almost 5 months is passed. so from where i should download latest dumps & engines? please guide me.

    Thank You!

    Saurabh Vaishampayan.

  202. Yasir Khan is correct as the exam has new questions. They are mixing the labs up so different lab sims will appear in the exam.

    It will be a good idea for all of us to study EVERY lab sim on 9tut

  203. testinside and pass4sure are no longer valid, they are going to update later this month in march!!!

    So can we all have a group buy to purchase both TI and P4S. It has also been updated with one new access-list sim on 9tut

  204. hi careercert,
    please conduct a group buy for the ccna exam,so that we can buy it as soon as it is released.

  205. i spoke to test inside and they confirmed that the ccna exam has been updated..n the new dump will come with in 1 week…

  206. hello! one of my friend took exam today…he passed the paper with very little margin….about 20 to 25 question came out of TestInside ver 11.72. so my kind suggestion is this that we have to wait atlest 1 week or untill TestInside annouced the new update….ooh yah he passed the paper with 831 marks…..

  207. hey career cert is testinside ccna 640-802 ver 11.72 valid.i have to take my paper in 5 days.wainting for your reply!

  208. hey careercert is CCNA 642-802 testinside ver 11.72 q:288 still valid..i have to take exam in 3 days…i m so worried please help!

  209. hi
    any one passed this exam this week to know that if still work or not coz i have exam next week

    thank u in advance

  210. Cert could you please tell me. 11.72 still working to pass the exam? My paper is schedule @ 5th March 2010. so im little bit confuse to read the upper one comments. thanks alot in advance. cert ur urgent reply required … please cert reply us asap. we are very thankfull to u.

  211. hello!
    any one who passed CCNA 640-802 paper today i.e 2-3-2010 or yesterday. coz my 4 friends failed yesterday.they said that only 4 questions came from TestInside Q:288 ver 11.72. LABs are EIGRP and NAT and 1 FrameRelay Simlet. any one who have accurate information please inform me at [email protected] or comment here. coz i m taking my paper in a week too. effort will be appreciated hope some one will comment soon….!
    thanks in advance

  212. my exam at 2nd march 2010 so any body tell me the proper version of DUMPS. kindly response me asap im waiting for reply thanks.

  213. on are 8 lab question i want to know if just studying those 8 will be enough, or if i must study others and which others??

  214. I think the dumps update every month but for some reason the last update has been in December.

    I really hope testinside will update in March

  215. @ all

    how often does cisco update the exam questions?
    could i trust the questions of testinside 11.72 and p4s 3.00?

  216. @ everybody

    i want to know which p4s is the best one or recommended for take exam this weekend
    p4s v3.00 vs p4s 7.58???????
    god bless u all

  217. @ everybody
    ok i entered but just tell exactly where to find labs,i just see ordinary questions ,whats the exactly link name on that page to check labs? i cant find them please help me, give the step by step directions in order to see the labs on this page(links).


  218. Hello

    I have been revising from the Testinside 11.72 for 640-802 exam and the 9tut ones. I am planning on doing my exam in the first week of March. Does anyone have any idea of how often cisco would update the exam by adding new questions? Would they add loads of questions in one go to catch people out? I'm worrying now!


  219. @ everybody

    i want to know where exactly are the labs to study cause in a few weeks i will take the exam i already studied testinside 11.57 and p4s 7.58 but i dont have the labs where are they? are they above to download? which one of above are they?
    thank 2 u

  220. Hello Admin,

    I'm taking my 640-802 exam in couple of weeks. Which dumps and lab resources you suggest me to study to have maximum chance of passing the exam?

    Thanks in anticipation for your feedback. Bye

  221. to careercet

    with the help of you and i passed ccna with 916

    thankyou very much

    i will be very very greatfull to you ever and forever

  222. @ careercert

    any wrong answers on ps4 v3.00,p4s 7.58 or testinside 11.72 already reported by users?

    any bad answers or mistakes i may take care of??

  223. @Careercert
    i want to know where are the labs simulations or the question of p4s 7.58 where i can download them?? which one of above i need to download thnks

  224. @ CareerCert
    i want to thank u for your help answering my questions so fast and such in a effective way god bless all of you .

  225. @ CareerCert

    Does the real exam(the exam i will take it on feb 29/2010, in a week) has the same questions or are they pretty different? i refer to testinside 11.72 and lasb from pass4sure 7.58

  226. @ above,

    Success percentage is above 95.
    There is no fixed schedule time-line for the practice hours. Practice until you feel comfortable with them.


  227. @ careercert

    did you mean i should practice with testinside 11.72 and for p4s 7.58 pdf for labs but just let me know how many of this questions and labs appears exactly on the real exam?
    i mean what is the success percent and how many days should i practice how many hours at day ??
    thnks a lot
    ATTE: KRATOS23000

  228. @ above,

    Read testinside 11.72 for multiple answer questions and practice labs from pass4sure 7.58 PDF or 7.73 exam engine.


  229. hi everybody i just want to know which p4s 640-802 version should i download which one is the latest one i mean the most recently for present my examn on feb 29 2010 which one do you recommend please somebody help me


  230. Ya…finally i m ccna certified.
    Scoring 958…

    I read test inside 11.72,P4S Version 3 and practice labs.

    11.72 is enough..but must practices the Simulation ..
    Best of luck to all ccna budies.

  231. Does the v7.73 Fully Automated Patched Installer
    same as Pass4sure v7.73 (473 questions)?
    If NOT why they have same version number ?
    If yes why U noted us as pervoius versions?


  232. Hi All,

    I just want to say that testinside 11.72 is enough for passing CCNA but pratice the simulators. I have passed the test and hope you will also pass it by studying Testinside 11.72 and Be trough in sims

  233. Is there a date by which P4S 7.95 is expected to be released here? I have the earlier versions (7.73), not so sure as to give the exam with those or to wait till they release 7.95 version here.

  234. yeeehhaaaawwwwwwwww………… Passed CCNA today… prepare by Test inside 11.72, and 9tut……

    Test inside 11.72 100% valiiiiiidddddd

  235. hi Careercert

    please help me in CCNA Vice Lap

    i have exam next week in 640-460 and i cant find any sim lap i need your help as fast as you can

    Thank you in advance

  236. Hi….
    I felt this site is the best for CCNA exam preparation.. Keep up the god work…

    Is it ok if i prepare only v3.00+7.73…? Or should i prepare with 7.95 too… If so,Please tell me how can i find 7.95 version of p4s for CCNA 640-802..

    suggest me guys….:)

    Please reply…

  237. Hi CareerCert…

    I am planning to appear for the CCNA640-802 this weekend. Please help me in which dumps should i follow… Also guide me with what all should i be thorough.. I know all he concepts… But in exam point of view how should i prepare..?

    Please help me…

  238. i loaded p24 v 7.73 setup from here but it asks for ordr number & serial number how could i get them and how many question are added or changed per update and by the way on the p4s website they said that last updated at 5 jan.

    some one please help me

  239. please send me updated version of pass4sure for ccna 640-802 , that is 5th jan 2010 update , having 522 questions

  240. @ Fayazkwk,

    The p4s labs provided here are old but same. Changing the date doesn't mean that they are really updated.
    BTW p4s labs are not real. They are just for practice.
    Real labs are in p4s practice tests.


  241. Hi CareerCert Admin,

    Pass4sure site updated its 640-802 Exam also prep Labs on 5th Jan 2010, if m not wrong,

    Kindly reply that at ur CareerCert site Version & Labs r updated, its helpful to all of us whome r preparing for taken Exams



  242. Thanks to careercert.
    i passed the ccna exam today. i got 930
    all the sim questions are from
    all Questions are from testinside 11.72

    Good luck to you all !!

  243. hey careercert is v 7.73 473 q are avialable for the exam…?
    if any one know what are the latest simulation questions & please tell me TI latest version is enough fro my ccna exam.because my exam on 10th jan.hope you all give me a reasonable answer.
    thank you.

  244. Test inside 11.72 &
    is really enough to pass the exam

    i know someone passed the exam with those.

    Do not waste your time searching for p4s7.95
    Test inside 11.72 is really enough.

  245. hey guys can anyone help me to install pass4sure CCNA preparation labs….when I unziped it there are 5 files named,key,password,readme and one PDF file….but there is no file named…..also I am not able to open PDF file…
    please help me somebody…!!!

  246. Hello Careercert,

    This blog is the best blog I ever found for preparation of CCNA.

    Can you provide us atleast the PDF format of P4S v7.73(with all questions) and latest v7.95.

    I will be thankfull.

    Thank You 🙂

  247. Abusive comments has been deleted.

    Now..I am not the guy who set the questions for CCNA exam. Neither i work in a dump maker company nor in the cisco test center. So i don't know whether it has changed or not. Okay ??

    Read your books also, not just the dumps. You need to understand that pass4sure is not always the better. P4S was released v7.95 on Dec 11, so it will not help you if the questions set has changed on 31 dec according to varun ! I hope you get my words !!!!

    You have latest testinside up there, which is equally good. Rest is depend on your guts.

    Good Luck !!


  248. pleased i want 473 full setup can anyone give it to me pls i have take my ccna exam on the 15th of jan thank u careercert

  249. Hey Careercert is tht true that dumps changed on dec 31st…????

    my ccna exam on 10th jan.Tv 11.72 and P4S v7.73 is Enough for that.i wanna anser from you sir.
    thank you.

  250. careercert please help us we r in trouble….please upload P4s 7.95 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  251. And what abouy Lab-s.I saw,that it was changed on Pass4sure is Updated 29 December.Doas it mean,that on exam will not be Lab-s like ????? plz Answer

  252. varun…who said to use v26 ????? you deserve to be fail.

    use v11.72, which is latest and rocking. I passed yesterday with 1000. Also use p4s7.73. It has explanation which helps to understand the topics.

  253. the dumps changed ……… i failed no use of test inside v26……only 11 question came from tat dumps….. other question were new ….. GUYS BE CAREFUL DUMOS HAV BEEN CHANGED… I FLUNKED CCNA 2DAY…….

  254. @ CAREERCERT,
    I cleared CCNA on 23-12-09, but still I didnt received any mail from CISCO. Normally how many days does it takes to get a mail from CISCO & what is the procedure to get CCNA Certificate?
    Please reply me…….

  255. @ VIBINNA
    HI …. TIS S VICKY…..

  256. @ vibinna,

    Nobody can say that which thing is enough.
    Even the world is not enough. Just study all the material which you have and ride on the exam!!
    Fear is not an option.

    Just go for it!!

  257. @ Careercert,
    please guide me,
    I want to go for CCNA Exam on 18th dec, is it enough to study TI v26 & P4S v7.73 still?
    Just say me without hesitation.

  258. CareerCert,
    is there any new release of Testinside after Testinside v26?
    Is TI v26 is valid still?
    please reply me fastly……

  259. @ vibinna,

    I don't recommend to study Actualtest as a sole practice test.
    You should use it with p4s and testinside.

  260. Doing my test on 16th. Would be great if i could see the 22 new Q. befor. Do you think thas possible?

    Thanks allot

  261. You are a star!!!!!

    Do you have the latests 475 questions of CCNA in pdf format?

    Do you think in jan it will change again?
    Thanks man

  262. the previous one had 473 questions and 7.95 has 495 questions; it will have probably 22 new questions ? !! can someone clear me this ? because I am giving test on 21st December inshaAllah

  263. Hi Careercert, Iam going to write CCNA 640-802 on 20th december. If I read Pass4sure v7.73 & Pass4sure labs 27 available in this blog, is it enough? will these p4s v7.73 is valid up to 20th?

  264. Hi, Iam going to write CCNA 640-802 on 20-december. If I read Pass4sure v7.73 & Pass4sure labs 27 available in this blog, is it enough?

  265. I am also planning to write exam by december 15th,is TI-v26 and 7.73 enough to pass?plz tell,thank you careercert

  266. Hi, Careercert. Iam planning to write CCNA by 20-dec,is pass4sure V7.73 will be valid upto that date?
    if I go with pass4sure V7.73, pass4sure labs & subnetting questions then is it enough?
    When will IPV6 implemented?

  267. Hi, Careercert. Iam planning to write CCNA by 20-dec,is pass4sure V7.73 will be valid upto that date?
    if I go with pass4sure V7.73, pass4sure labs & subnetting questions then is it enough?
    When will IPV6 implemented?

  268. I am findin out 7.73 and test inside v26 have very little in common between them,that makes it almost 800 questions!do we need to read them all?plz anyone took exam recently?

  269. Hi,
    I have CCNA 640-802 v26_293q.pdf with me. I would like to know is this the latest version or not. If not, please provide what is the latest version.

  270. Hi
    I know this is CCNA section but can you please upload p4s N10-004 for network+.I'm going to take that exam within few weeks, I could find p4s installer but it doesn't run on my pc,Can someone convert it to .pdf?

  271. Thank you very very much for share these things.I hope 2 do CCNA 640-802 Exam on december 27.I'm refering Sybex CCNA 6th edition.Can anybody have an idea about how am i ready for the exam.please help me my dear friend.

  272. Dear careercert,

    i will give 640-802 exam in 5 th december.I have learned 7.73 473 questions.. i have basic ccna knowledge.and working morethan 1 year in the networking field.Is there ok with 7.73 for my exam..if any suggestion or update after 7.73,let me know..

    Thanks…ur blog is rocking……..


  273. hello ppl, I have my exam tomorrow and need our guidance to clear pls tell me what refer to clear the exam.

  274. Hi just try to do pass4sure 7.73 and testinside v.26 for 2 to 3 times each and scoring above 900 will be simply applicable to all of us. CHeers and best of luck. 🙂

  275. friends…i dont have a premium account on rapidshare, is there any other way to download these files? pls help me…

  276. I passed CCNA with 1000 marks today… thanks to careercert.blogspot. THere's 2 simulation on RIPv2 and NAT. And 1 question for "show frame-relay map" command for frame-relay. Once again, thanks for every help provided here. ^_^

  277. Thank you a lot for your answer!
    btw. I passed exam before few days with 958, learned from CBTNuggets, P4S&Testinside. RIPv2, NAT&Frame Relay labs was in exam. Cheers!

  278. @ Tony

    No mate! You don't need to purchase it.
    It is totally free of cost !
    Just accept the agreement and update your shipping address.
    But if you need same copy of cert in the future, you can purchase it.

  279. I am a little confused. Wallet card and hard copy certificate are sent by default without cost or i need to purchase it at price of $15?

  280. @ Tony

    I believe you'll get your cert through courier service and the courier guy deliver it in your hand not in the mailbox.

    Moreover you'll miss your wallet card if you choose PDF.
    BTW quality depends on the printer.

  281. i passed ccna today with 982 marks p4s is still valid but real exam is same like testinside v26 with 293q…questions and answers are exact and same!!

    thanks careercert!!

  282. I passed ICND 2 and the pass4sure was 99% accurate.
    40 out of the 41 questions were from the Pass4sure.

    Thank you CareerCert.

    And if you have any doubts about which brain dump to choose, trust me nothing comes close to Ps4

  283. hi i was taken exam on 30 october.i received my marks sheet. how can i get my certificate and what is the duration required to get my certificate and also told me how can i cheek that my certificate was mail or not. pls help me i shallbe very thankfull to all

  284. I wrote my CCNA exam in the first week of november with 950 marks. All the questions were from the dumps, i am still wondering how i lost the 50 marks! thank you careercert!!! you made my day 🙂

  285. Hi Friends
    I passed CCNA yesterday…..this is 100%valid
    testinside which contains 293 questions s valid and also see all updates from thewebsite..
    in simulations they changed the numbers…Pls carefully see the spelling of the given text in the sim

    hi see this link
    i hope it helps…26__293q_.html

  286. i need help i needto entertheccna exam this week and i need to khow if i have to study other things plus ccna p4s v 7.73 or not and if the exam change these days or not?

  287. Questions and Answers:473 Q&As
    Updated: Nov 3rd,2009

    Pass4sure have updated thier Site, but the questions are still 473Q….is it the same ?

  288. Hi CareerCert, I am currently studying for my ICND1 exam and have the "P4S 2.83", I was just wondering if there were any later versions available?
    Thanks alot =)

  289. hey i cleared the exam it was exactly from v73 only … and simulation has not yet changed guys….. thank you careeercert

  290. Please … Any Body help me..

    My Exam within a week .. and I dont know which dmup i have to read … is it 7.73 ..? is it Enough ..
    anybody reply me …

  291. Hello, here is a new version of Testiside 640-802 v11.72 293Q&As, updated: 2009-10-17
    I hope it helps.

  292. Hi, when is the P4S v7.73 expected to change? cause I have booked a slot to take up the ccna exam on 2nd November (coming monday)

  293. pls careercert is there any new dumps for the ccna exams cause i'll be writing mine this weekend and about the lab has any of the labs changed for the ccna. thanks in anticipation

  294. hi

    Regrading CCNA Exam

    They Updated TestInside dumps which contains 265 Q&A. Is Possible to get it………….

  295. hello,

    i will have the exam tomorow. any advice? Q: how close is the CCNA Practice final with the real exam? any answer in real time will be apreciated.
    All the best.


  296. hello to everybody,
    i will take my exam next week :(:). any news from p4s?….any hints from guys that already took the exam?
    any help will be highly apreciated


  297. hi all

    which dums is best pass4sure ,killtest ,testinside , or any

    and also told me what %age required to pass the ccna exam ,time in a exam ,total question ,and which type of lab questions include in a exam.kindly told me all information i shall be very thankful

  298. May I ask if anybody knows which one is more closely resembles 640-802 exam: KillTest or TestInside?

    Thank you for your input and big thank you for keeping this site going.

  299. which types of lab question include in ccna lab
    is p4s enough pls guaid me to pass my certification what %age required to pass exam

  300. hey to everyone, i have simple qoestion, i'm prepering for ccna exam and have studied from p4s v3.20 and now i took testinside because it also seems great. is that enoguh by your opinion or what? p4s v3.20 is older version but with testinside i have all the newest questions also…

  301. @ above poster

    These are latest real and original files from Testinside.
    Some people find it more accurate than p4s, however i don't think so. They copy questions and labs from p4s. Actually all other vendors copies from p4s.
    According to my experience p4s is most trustworthy. However you should review both of them.

  302. Hello everyone, & cert
    can you inform me about Testinside v11.71 Q189
    is perfect file or not? and I wanna know that this is real Testinside file?

  303. @harsha

    p4s 7.73 is all enough for ur exam coz I jst gave 640-802 on 1st of october and all ques I got were in the P4S 7.73 dumps


    P4S is the best…. certifyMe has many wrong answers… jst go through P4S 3-4 times then u can view killtest or certifyMe 'questions.. but NOT answers.. and u'll b passed with 900 above marks..

  304. @vivek
    u can use GNS3 for all ur practicals of CCNA.. this softwre lets u use d actual IOS image of a router or a switch so u cn practice CCNP or CCIE commands on it also… u need to install Putty to use GNS3..

    for gns3

    and for IOS images of routers

    for putty

  305. Hello careercert,

    i hv been using ur website for 1 week now and thx for all ur help, u need to know which one is the best p4s, certifyme, actual test, or killtest, i hv an exam soon so plz answer me soon


  306. hi.. guys i hav finished up with academy & now i got 2 take 640-802 exam , so im kind of gud wth concepts if i go through p4s v7.73 will i b able 2 pass??

  307. hello everybody,
    plz tell me the link for cbt videos. and also software in which i can do practical for frame relay which is not possible in packet tracer.
    someone tell me that ccna test pattern is change and no question is coming from latest dumps, IS it true? plz reply becoz i having the exam in coming week. i m confused to give exam now or postpone it. plz reply as soon as possible.

  308. Hi.. everyone 🙂




  309. Guys,'need somebody to tell me what to do next,having successfully changed my volumeid to 5555-7777,i still encounter problems running the careercert dump. Thnks.My email addy is [email protected].

  310. helloooo evrybody.. i got 986 marks in 640-802 jst by reading Pass4Sure 473ques. they are jst so good.
    thanks buddy careercert… thanks a lot

  311. Thanks careercert,
    one note: when i took ccna exam few simulation question had changed ipaddress,range and dlci,didnt matter too me since i passed a note to others. HOwever question still remains the same.
    ALL the best guys!

  312. now again P4S has changed its date to 25th sep 2009
    plz careercert… plz plz plz plz.. do smthng im having my exam on 30th sep.. 3:00pm…
    plz plz plz plz

  313. Hi all,
    Got my ccna on 26th sep.986. The only material i used were the Cisco press books wendell odom, packet tracer and pass4sure. i felt that pass4sure is all that is required for practice during the last week of preparation. I also had a look at certifyme, it had a lot of answers incorrect. Thanks careercert. The best blog for cisco certs.

  314. I noticed that P4S update their ICND2 (640-816) as of September 26th , 2009. Careercert, do u know if there's any new changes from it? As there are still 200 questions like previous version. thnx!

  315. Dear Sir,

    right now i have P4S 640-802 v7.73 PDF Q464-473 .yesterday i get information from my friend ,640-802 new dump is realeased.Any releases.Dumps are very use full to me.I plan to write 640-802 in this week.Pls gide me

    Thanks and regards


  316. bassem ([email protected])
    Hi every body,
    there is a new version of P4S-640-802-v7.73 that was updated on (23-Sep-2009) please careercert if you know any thing about this version notify me as quickly as possible

  317. hi careercert
    plz upload the latest dumps as soon as possible… coz im having my exam on 30th of september..
    thanks in adv

  318. got my ccna on sep26th. 986. The only material i used were the cisco press books Wendell Odom, packet tracer and pass4sure. You dont need any practice tests ther than pass4sure. I also tried certifyme, lot of answers are wrong. Thanks careercert.

  319. hello careercert i check p4s site thr is new version updated on 23rd bt its version is 7.58.
    bt it was old thn wht this is plz tel or update tht version her.
    thnks in advance

  320. 1. Decompress the file bought from pass4sure.

    2. Enter the decompressed folder, double-click the file Key.pfx to install certificate-key according to the installation procedure.

    3. When prompting you to input password, input the avove password, other procedures will be accomlished according to the default settings.

    4. You can read normally by double clicking the PDF document after installing certificate-key.



  321. I have downloaded the Pass4sure CCNA Preparation Labs.I have installed the key according to the mentioned procedure.

  322. seems like things are not under their control, specially releasing dates of dumps… is showing as july 14 for 640-802

  323. hello careercert

    nice comment bro….yes we do have different kind of fruitcakes………ha….ha…..ha……ha….
    LOL oh man i kant stop laughing….these are the legends.


  324. @ above poster

    yeah right, they have changed their logo. Its now "Everything is under control"… LOL
    But the version is still same with 473Q.

  325. Hii everyone , cert.. 🙂
    the pass4sure website is not openning from past 4-6 hours . some updates r going on…

    r they upgrading the ccna 802 dumps or releasing new dumps….:)

  326. Rohan Said,


    I cleared my CCNA today with 912 marks. plz refer p4s 7.78,p4s 7.68, and p4s 7 58. CBTs are mandetory.
    Thanks careercert and all associates…

  327. i passed icnd2 9 days ago score 986
    p4s valid valid valid
    i take 5 min in lap
    5 min in all hotspot
    3 min in choose q
    thanks CareerCert

  328. hi vivek

    if u haven't then watch trainsignal and cbt nuggets videos and try to get some realworld experience if u have never worked on real devices.
    also try to do some practice with IOS commands on packet tracer 5.2. these things will really help u and then do pass4sure 4 to 5 times before exam.


  329. hello to everybody…
    i have done p4s 7.73 (473)questions as well as todd lammele objective questions and bonus exam papers from cd of that book. what else i can do achieve good marks in ccna640-802 exam. please let me know if there is any new updates regarding p4s questions and its version.
    thanks in advance.

  330. hi rohan

    also watch trainsignal. and keep on doing p4s and videos until the exam day for it will definitely sharpen your fundamentals. dont just try to remember options from p4s.


  331. hi sunny

    if u havent then watch trainsignal and cbt couple of times and finish p4s latest version 3 to 4 times and u r done bro.


  332. Thanx alot careercert for the killtest and certifyme dumps.. Ur just the best.. its reli gr8 to see ya do this.. God bless ya mate.. cheers 🙂

  333. Thanx alot bros Talhah and careercert…

    I have P4S V7.73, toddlamle fastpass, and killtest and certifyme dumps.. planning to take the exam in abt a week. i just hope that i will clear it with ths stuff i have.. 🙂

  334. How come Pass4Sure dump has 473 questions while others like CertifyMe and KillTest has only 184 and 156 questions respectively?

    Are the extra questions found in Pass4Sure outdated and not been removed or simply other dumps contain incomplete set of questions?

  335. hello to everybody…
    i have exam on 13th oct 2009. i did all questions from 640-802 v7.58 and also read todd lammle book.
    what i can do more to score good marks.I m rigorously waiting for ur reply.
    bye tc

  336. @talhah
    thank you for your advice :).Q: from where can i get the train signal & cbt nuggets?
    thank's in advance.


  337. Hi Cert 🙂

    I hav downloaded New certifyme ,
    When i open that rar file n open pdf file .

    its showing CRC failed
    corrupted file …

    Wat to do ?