CCNPv6 TSHOOT 642-832 Study Material

TSHOOT 642-832 CBT Videos

Rapidshare: Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6 / Part7 / Part8 / Part9
Rapidgator: Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6 / Part7 / Part8 / Part9

  1. TSHOOT: Setting Your Expectations
  2. General TSHOOT: The Troubleshooting State of Mind
  3. General TSHOOT: Troubleshooting Before You’re Treading Water – Proactive Steps
  4. General TSHOOT: Troubleshooting Before You’re Treading Water – Proactive Steps, Part2
  5. General TSHOOT: IOS Tools to Monitor and Maintain the Network
  6. General TSHOOT: IOS Tools to Monitor and Maintain the Network, Part 2
  7. Switch TSHOOT: VLANs and Spanning Tree Concept Review
  8. Switch TSHOOT: VLANs and Spanning Tree
  9. Switch TSHOOT: VLANs and Spanning Tree, Part 2
  10. Switch TSHOOT: L3 Switching and Redundancy Protocols Concept Review
  11. Switch TSHOOT: L3 Switching and Redundancy Protocols
  12. Switch TSHOOT: L3 Switching and Redundancy Protocols, Part 2
  13. Route TSHOOT: L3 Connectivity and EIGRP Concept Review
  14. Route TSHOOT: L3 Connectivity and EIGRP
  15. Route TSHOOT: L3 Connectivity and EIGRP, Part 2
  16. Route TSHOOT: L3 Connectivity and EIGRP, Part 3
  17. Route TSHOOT: OSPF and Route Redistribution Concept Review
  18. Route TSHOOT: OSPF and Route Redistribution
  19. Route TSHOOT: OSPF and Route Redistribution, Part 2
  20. Route TSHOOT: BGP Concept Review
  21. Route TSHOOT: BGP
  22. Route TSHOOT: Router Performance Issues Concept Review
  23. Route TSHOOT: Router Performance Issues
  24. Security TSHOOT: Access List Concept Review
  25. Security TSHOOT: Access List Chaos
  26. IPv6 TSHOOT: IPv6 and IPv6 Routing Protocols


TSHOOT E-Learning Training CD


Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4

TSHOOT 642-832 Official Certification Guide

The official study guide helps you master all the topics on the CCNP TSHOOT exam, including
* Common network maintenance tasks and tools
* Troubleshooting models
* Cisco IOS® troubleshooting commands and features
* Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst® Switches and STP
* Troubleshooting BGP, OSPF, and EIGRP routing protocols
* Route redistribution, security, and router performance troubleshooting
* IP services and IP communications troubleshooting
* IPv6 troubleshooting
* Large enterprise network troubleshooting

TSHOOT Foundation learning Guide


TSHOOT Official Demo Exam


Tshoot Exam Demonstration PDF
Tshoot Exam Topology PDF
Tshoot Demo exam interactive flash
Tshoot exam tutorial interactive flash


TSHOOT Exam Strategy Part-I

TSHOOT Exam Strategy Part-II

TSHOOT Exam Strategy Part-III


TSHOOT 642-832 Quick Reference

Link / Mirror
As a final exam preparation tool, the CCNP TSHOOT 642-832 Quick Reference provides a concise review of all objectives on the new CCNP TSHOOT exam (642-832). This eBook provides you with detailed, graphical-based information, highlighting only the key topics in cram-style format.
With this document as your guide, you will review topics on maintaining networks, troubleshooting methodologies and tools, and troubleshooting practices for switches, routing, and security. This fact-filled Quick Reference allows you to get all-important information at a glance, helping you to focus your study on areas of weakness and to enhance memory retention of essential exam concepts.


TSHOOT Student Lab Manual


TSHOOT 642-832 Course Administration Guide

Link / Mirror

TSHOOT 642-832 Lab Guide

Link / Mirror

TSHOOT 642-832 Student Guide Volume-I

Link / Mirror

TSHOOT 642-832 Student Guide Volume-II

Link / Mirror

TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit -DVD

Super compressed links:-
UnRar Password:
Rapidshare:- Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6
Rapidgator:- Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6

The Network Troubleshooting Video Mentor contains 20 individual videos (with a total of about six hours of instruction) that demonstrate how to accomplish some of the most common troubleshooting tasks on Cisco routers and switches, and shows you how to verify that the network is working correctly. The CCNP TSHOOT Quick Reference provides you with detailed graphical-based information, highlighting only the key topics on the CCNP TSHOOT exam in cram-style format. This fact-filled Quick Reference allows you to get all-important information at a glance, helping focus on areas of weakness and enhance memory retention of important concepts.

CCNP TSHOOT Webinar by Kevin



Latest TSHOOT 642-832 Pass4sure – v8.8 / 57 Qs – GB#16

GB Page Link

TSHOOT 642-832 Pass4sure v8.3 / 50 Qs – GB


(Click to enlarge)


TSHOOT 642-832 Pass4sure – 46 Qs – GB




TSHOOT 642-832 Pass4sure – 51 Qs – GB



TSHOOT 642-832 Pass4sure – 47 Qs – GB



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  1. Dear Admin,

    First of all, Thanks for uploading and sharing links of very imp. videos and books for us.

    At present i am not able to download “TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit -DVD’s part-2 to part-6”.

    Kindly share new links….its giving error..either permission denied by uploader or link fail…


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  2. Hi Careercert-Info Team,

    I couldn’t download CCNP TSHOOT part08 as it is showing file not found. I am using Rapidgator download files – Please upload

  3. Hey Careercert, most of links are broken on rapidgator and permission denied on rapidshare.. could you please check… Thanks..

  4. Hi,
    I’m curious how now looks exam? I watched “TSHOOT Exam Strategy Part-I” prepared by Kevin Wallace and there is info that on official cisco website we can find official demo with diagram which will be used on exam, but I checked on cisco webiste (and I was logged) and I couldn’t find any official demos. So my question is if there is still the same diagram on exam and cisco doesn’t publish it any more or something change on exam?

  5. Hi Careercert-Info Team,

    I couldn’t download CCNP TSHOOT part08 as it is showing file not found. I am using Rapidgator download files – Please upload!!!

  6. Dear Admin,

    I would like to know is there any LAB simulation questions in dump, if its there how to prepare them, as you know its pdf file not its not testing engine,….

    waiting for you answer

    1. hello Sandy ,

      yes ,To achieve the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP v6) certification, you only need to pass 642-832 TSHOOT exam if your composite exam still valid and not expired

  7. Can somebody tell me if the exam is the exact same format as the P4S? I.E i see the questions on the p4s paper start with a title that will say something like “Topic 4, Ticket 2 : Access VLAN”. Does the exam also have this information at the start of each question as it give a major clue to where to look if it does 🙂

  8. Is TSHOOT Pass4sure – v8.7 / 57 Qs – still valid.
    could any one please confirm me. I am planning to take the exam next week. i am waiting for the confirmation.

    Thnaks in advance

  9. Dear Moderator,
    Is TSHOOT Pass4sure – v8.7 / 57 Qs – GB#16 still valid? I am asking as Pass4sure released another update on 5th October, 2012. I have to sit for the exam within 3 days before my CCNA get expired.


  10. Does anybody has taken this exam in the past days? I have the exam tomorrow and want to know if this pass4sure GB is valid… Thank you guys!

  11. Hello Everyone,

    I’ve been trying to download the CBTnuggets but the part 8 file is not there anymore. Can ANYONE help me out? How I can get the file part 8? This is the only one missing. please…





      Thank u .

  13. i pass 642-832 today score 960.
    but only pass4sure not help me.
    u most have troubleshot network logic.
    thank u career-cert.

  14. I am taking my exam by end of this month.Please let share your experience if some one has taken their exam recently.

  15. Hi All,
    I’m afraid today i failed the t-shoot exam! I studied pass4sure 8.4 & 8.7, did not help me at all. They changed most of questions and even tracert from client did not work(ambiguous command) .My score was 505 out of 1000. The passing score was 790. Please if you have new the dumps please let me have it.
    I’m very disappointed and waiting for replies please.

    1. Hi Seyed,

      Where did you get the exams from I’m writting mine next week, I’m using the last updated(2012-01-06) version from Emanuel.

      1. There are about 5 multiple choice / drag and drop questions (in total).
        The rest is configuring and troubleshooting.
        I used CBTNuggets and the Official Certification Guide to study.
        Like I said it is a replica of the P4S v8.7 – same topology and same trouble tickets.

    1. Hi Denesh,
      can you send me your number, i wana ask you some questions related to Tshoot, if you don’t mind.

  16. Hello, Mohammed, Congratulation for passing CCNP.

    Dear Admin, we’d really appreciate if you can upload the cbt nuggets of Tshoot- 642-832. Thank you.

  17. Hi Guys… passed my exam today with 945 marks, everthing from, P4sure…

    But be carefull there is a BUg in exam as well as P4sure.

    For TT- Vlan Access map, you have to choose ASW1 in exam to get the correct option & also for TT- port security, shut- no shut is required to get the interfaces up from error disable mood. P4sure gives you wrong solution for these two tickets…..Be carefull…

    Hope it will help you guys, if you require any help…just post a comment, will ans that…

    1. Hai Amala,

      All are multiple choice questions will come in exam. or in simulators we have to configure !!

      like ticket 1 all are multiple choice or we have to configure in routers & switches…. pls confirm to me

      Q) 1
      Q) 2
      Q) 3

  18. I passed my TSHOOT Exam today CCNP DONE. Can’t wait to get the package. the exam was tougher then i thought. Next CCDA, CCDP, CCNA voice, CCIP and CCIE. P4S latest i got it from them directly is 100% good. but you have to know how to pin point the problem it is not easy. CBT nugeets is very good. wish you all the very best.

    1. Mr sMART,

      Why cant you share your experience on your exam,
      Which dumps have you used, It will be help full to all others.

  19. HI Bava

    How you went with your exam, were all teh “Q’s” came from the Dumps….I am going to appear in two weeks, Plz help me mate..

  20. Hi,

    The folder:
    TSHOOT E-Learning Training CD
    Is empty

    The link TSHOOT Student Lab Manual
    is down.

    Please can some one reupload this material?


  21. please, does any one has the PDF for testinside tshoot?
    i please you to share it with me as soon as you can.. thanks in advance

  22. Hi All,
    Did anyone had TSHOOT exam in the recent, I could see the dumps update on Oct’25. Did anyone appear for exam after oct’25 and the dumps with 50 Qs is valid?? Waiting for the response as I am going to write teh exam by next week

  23. please can anybody upload new links for

    tshoot e-learning training CD — and —

    tshoot student lab manual

    the links for both are not working!

  24. Hi CareerCert,,

    I found on p4s site that TSHOOT P4S was updated on 22nd September. Are there any changes? Thnx in advance.


  25. Dear All,

    Colid you any one help me out i m going to take T-shoot exam on 22-sep-2011 im having P4S v 8.3 please let me know if any changes are there or updates

  26. Hi CareerCert,

    I am taking this TShoot exam on Sept-15th.
    Could you please confirm if the P4S v8.3 50ques is the latest one?
    Kindly please confirm about the latest dumps.


  27. search 4 this torrent file in google 🙂 4 tshoot cbtnuggets:

    [isoHunt] CBT.Nuggets.Cisco.642-832.CCNP.TSHOOT-HELL


  28. My Friend …
    Update your link on your site and add the new material
    or u will lose ur reputation …
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  30. Hi anyone require TSHOOT cbt nugget video they can contact me, i don’t know how to update video here.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Nishu

      This will be grate okey u can comprise it by winrar & each part 100MB then can upload it to 4shared or hotfile any sharing web site BTU NOT RAPDSHIT …
      many thanks again BOSS

    2. Hi Nishu,

      I want cbt nugget for tshoot. If you have uploaded it on any of the file sharing website, please share the link.


  31. Thanks for this GREAT Upload hawary …

    All the videos work EXCEPT Video 25 . WinRAR says the file is corrupt .. Please reload the same …

  32. Hello, guys.
    Please, reupload “TSHOOT E-Learning Training CD”, or publish new link ? The link in top of the post is invalid.

    1. Thank you Hawary!! We are all deeply appreciate your support on CBT Nuggets TShoot!! Many of us has been dying for this within countless painful months!! You are truly valuable in this forum!! Once again Thank you Hawary!! & Thanks Career Cert!!

  33. To CareerCert, plz look at the requests for CBT Jeremy… and upload the videos. Plz arrange GB for the same asap.

  34. Dear,

    I want to buy latest CBTn of Jeremy regarding TSHOOT,
    Please as per below comments let me know as well.

  35. Dear admin,

    What if whoever is interested in paying for cbt nuggets send you an email. And if you receive enough response then would do a group buy. We did same thing for SWITCH nuggets.

    I would really appreciate it.


  36. Dear Admin,

    If you put the group buy offer for Tshoot CBTs by jremmy then lot of people are willing to purchase. Please do some needful for all of us. We are really thankful to all of your efforts which you are doing for us. I really appreciate.

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  37. dear Admin is waiting that any forum give him link to download of T-SHOOT then he can provide the downlaod link of T-shoot so guys you have to wait till he get material from any other site

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    if the cbt – tshoot is going to take long… pls kindly let us know.. i postponed my exam coz the announcement, and now waiting for more than 1 month….
    U r doing a great job….carry on the good work

    thank you…

      1. HI Hussam

        My day to day work exp was my study ,I was trying to read tshoot cisco press book but feeling bored.
        finally I just gone through the P4S and all the question were from that

  39. @ admin

    i found a doc which has better explanation of exam questions. Pls allow me to share it in your website, and get corrected from those who have passed…


  40. Hi,
    Is there TSHOOT in mp3 or any other format other than dvd? please advise.

    thanks for such a great site!! helped me alot already

  41. As you know CBTs of tshoot course are officially launched by jremmy. Please purchase it and put it in the group by offer many people are willing to purchase it. I really appreciate that the way you are helping the people by providing them such a value able stuff to study is great. Thank you so much.

  42. Give CareerCert a chance. TShoot just came out. He’s doing us all a favour by hosting this site with all these awesome study material. Be patient or buy it yourself. Give Careercert a break.

    Thanks CareerCert. You’re doing a great job.

  43. Dear Careercert,

    Can you please provide me the link for downloading Cisco 642-832 CCNP TSHOOT CBT nuggets or please upload the same.

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  44. hello admin , this is amazing site , best that i have ever seen
    i hope you share CBT NUGGETS Tshoot
    thnx anyway

  45. Waiting for CbtNuggets Tshoot. I would suggest going for a group buy to speed up the process , its been already up for quite some days…Group buy is an excellent way to study and progress and causes minimal financial strain on students as well as awesome facilitators like careercert…admin please advice Thank you

  46. We love your web site and it’s AWESOME!! We have over 100 CareerCert fan are AWAITING for CBT NUGGETS!!

    Please advise!!!

  47. HI
    TSHOOT is the only paper pending for me to complete my CCNP.
    I want to know the EXAM structure like total how many question ? how many Multiple choice question and how many TT ?

  48. Please reply, when can you upload the TSHOOT CBTn, My CCNP is about to expire in next month.. so need to complete tshoot ASAP.

  49. Dear Careercert,

    Pls… when will CBT TSHOOT be available. at least will it take longer. very imp stuff for many students ….. thanks


  50. I put T-Shoot in the rear view yesterday and I am now a CCNP. 3 MCQ and 13 TT’s all from All 13 TT are the same (can’t ping the server) and all the answers are the same. A good dump will help but you need to know the material to pass.

  51. Actually tickets are given randomly in the exam you have to find yourself what is the issue and which device is faulty and what is the solution you must have to prepare the exam dont just rely on crap dumps, dumps can just give you ideas nothing else

  52. Dear Dan,

    If i had to to remember or identify the troubles on the devices myself then what is the use of DUMPS? they are claiming that all questions are coming from P4S, remembered all the questions but it dident work even in the second go, so people are right there is no DUMPS For Tshoot!

  53. Dear Dan,

    If we have to remember or identify the troubles on the devices myself then what is the use of DUMPS? they are claiming that all questions are coming from P4S, remembered all the questions but it dident work even in the second go, so people are right there is not DUMPS For Tshoot!

    1. But you have to do real troubleshooting, this is my bread for every day, is not very complicated, and the DUMPS really work, they give you an idea of the exam. For me are good.

  54. Last week i have attended the Tshoot Exam.. 13 tickets are came from P4S. i did all the 13 tickets.. RED color is showing for all the 13 tickets..but right top corner it was showing 12 of 13 completed i had confused after some time i end the exam. I got 835 out of 1000.

    i have troubled with EIGRP AS misconfiguration ticket. In dumps sh running on DSW1 and R4 showing AS number is mismatched so the answer is need to change AS number. But in exam there is no mismatch on AS number on both the router. There was problem with Network address configured for EIGRP on DSW1.

  55. Today it was my second attempt but i failed again i got 385 exams, i prepared P4S properly but it don’t wots wrong who is playing the P4S or the CISCO please tell why im getting faillllllllllll? while i attempted the all 13 tickets according to the dumps, but i think this time they have changed the tickets or what?

    1. As I said before, all the questions are the same, you have to ping all the devices, for example if your ping fails at R1, you have to review R1 and try to remember the faults at this device: ospf authentication, bgp, access list , etc—

  56. Today it was my second attempt but i failed again i got 385 exams, i prepared P4S properly but i don’t wots wrong who is playing the P4S or the CISCO please tell why im getting faillllllllllll? while i attempted the all 13 tickets according to the dumps

  57. Today I cleared the exam with 1000 points, dumps works well, there are changes, you have to troubleshoot. All the questions are the same, like in the demo. The “abort technique” is not 100 % trustfull. The configs changes in the tickets.
    3 questions and 13 tickets.
    2 differents. one of dhcp and the another one the fault is passive interface in R4.
    The missing ticket is of eigrp, the one with the as wrong.

    The acl ticket the technology changes, is not ip access list, you have to choose ipv4 security

  58. I failed the exam at friday 29 of last month 🙁 🙁 🙁 i got 576 marks tickets in exams are lil different from the the dumps, in exam you must first hve to select the device then u can view the most concerned/possible issues if you have choosen the wrong device you have failed
    the exam for sure! thats what happened to me this syntax has not been practice in dumps 🙁

  59. Hi, Friends

    Can anyone tell me that is it necessary to prepare both Actual Test and P4S as well or P4S is fair enough to prepare and pass the Tshoot Exam? I will pass the exam by the grace of Allah(Inshallah) but im lil confuse please correct P4S is enough or not i have to prepare Actual test as well?

    1. P4S is enough. All questions are coming from P4S i have clear my exam on wednestday 897 marks … mostly question coming from the P4S.
      Do a little trick never press the done button at start take a paper and write the answers of every ticket one by one and press abort button at start when u do all question then press done button because when u will do any mistake in privious question u can correct it.


      1. Hi Addy,

        Please let me know the current version of P4S, also do let me know if the free version will be enough for the TSHOOT exam.. or need to purchase it…

  60. Today was my second try, but it crashed again just after the question 3 before the TT :(. I hope the next week retest.
    Do you know anything about this issue?

  61. Hi,

    Dumps have been updated kindly send updated dumps on my E-mail i have to go for the exam your quick response be so beneficial for me

  62. Hi Career cert,

    TSHOOT dumps has been changed , request you to update the latest dumps. needs your faster response as my exam falls shortly.

    Please share me the account details for money transfer.

    Balaji ranganath.

  63. Just passed TSHOOT with 890/1000.

    There are 13 Tickets now, the new one is DHCP related, where the client doesn’t receive an IP Address, troubleshooting leads to an R4 misconfiguration, where the router has an exlcluded range for the whole range, solution is to get rid of the exclusion command.

    I don’t recommend this exam for people who memorize the answers, this one requires troubleshooting skills and not always the problem will be what a practice said, though practices are good to have an idea on where the problems are or where to start.

    Some minor changes regarding interfaces, IPs, etc.

    I’m CCNP now, going for ARCH to get my CCDP.

    Good luck everyone!

    1. Raquiros,

      You are very much right i have also cleared the Tshoot exam(today).I scored 821/1000.

      Yes 12 tickets are similary to dumps however 13th ticket is new.

      I would recommend go through kevin strategy videos(3).

      Also who do not want to spend any money for dumps
      can find dumps on

      So after long hardwork i am now CCNP certified

      1. Hi, which dump should prefer Pass4sure 46q or Pass4sure 51q. May I know the 13th ticket(new) is related to what technology.

        1. 46q…13th ticket was abt CLient was not getting IP

          Faulty Device: R4


          Sol:Reomve exclude cmd for 10.2 n/w

      2. Dear Ashish,

        Any changes in the networktut dumps except the 13th ticket. why you have loss your remaining marks 179. Pls give your suggestion so that we can correct the same.

  64. Hi, anybody tell me how to get TSHOOT Pass4sure V.8.2 (46 q) dump . When I am going for payment via by credit card to group buy, it is not accepting the Indian credit card. Please suggest in this regard.

      1. Dear Mariprasath,

        so you had passed this exam with this 46 question can u pls send me that question so i can give the exam.

  65. Dear All,

    Today i have taken the TSHOOT exam and cleared it, Dumps is very useful almost all the tickets are from dumps.
    instead of memorizing only the answers , please try to understand the scenario and root cause of the issue, surely it will help us. to clear the exam

    Before taking the exam try to watch the kevin wallace demo videos in carrer cert, it gives tips to analyze the issue.

    Wish u all the best..


    1. Dear Prasath

      I need to ask you a question about the exam.
      I have already got the p4s questions but what i dont understand is that it says that client one is to have ip add this is while almost all questions are telling us that we are not receiving dhcp address from R4. if the client is not getting this ip from dhcp so how are we getting this ip add on our clients.
      another question is that it is guiding us to ping ip FROM different routers why does it say FROM?
      we are supposed to ping roters from our client am I right ? could you please comment on this ?

      1. Hi Saeed,

        if the client is not receivig the , its 100 % confirm that the fault is in Distribution and acess layer swithces. so try to focus on this devices for trouble shooting.

        for your Q2 ANS: there is not defined rule that we should ping only from client , u can ping from any where, from your questions i will suggest you to focus more on the networking fundamentals. it will help to grow in your career although u r clearing THSOOT exam.

        All the best for your preparation

  66. It seems there is an error in the dumps: at ticket 7 port security answer D is chosen. However Cisco recomends to re-enable a errdsiabled port by shutdown – no shutdown. Also clear errdisable syntax is wrong (needs “vlan” after interface id).

  67. Dear Sheraz,

    Thanks for congrat to me. Dear I have used P4S latest 46 Dumps for prepare exam. This exam is not like only MCQ’s, Drag & Drop & simulations. This exam contain 3 to 4 MCQ’s but other are 12 Trouble Tickets. Each Trouble Ticket contain 3 Q/A. But for answer to question, 1st you should have to diagnose what is problem, problem is in which device and what is the solution of that problem.
    For diagnose problem USE PING and SH RUN command mostly. So, prepare dumps carefully.


  68. Dear Sulman, Congratulations, it’s really nice to know that you have passed the exam. I want to pass Tshoot as well can you please tell me what does it mean “i use my expertise/tshoot techniques for pass the exam but dumps are must” did you prepare your professional experience or you prepared the material as well if yes then can you please share the material? i’m lil confused please help me out in this regard.

  69. Dear All,


    I have passes my TSHOOT exam today with 982 Marks.
    In reality, P4S latest DUMPS are very helpful regarding pass exam. But remember one thing, carefully study Trouble Ticket. Check Client 1 IP Address. Ping to target IP address that mentioned in Trouble Ticket. Use Show running-config command mostly. Remember P4S dumps 100% then by using sh run command you will find the problem in the relevant device. SO, after find out problem in particular device, please give answer.

    I hope you will be PASS. In last i love to attempt TSHOOT exam, because 1st time i use my expertise/tshoot techniques for pass the exam but dumps are must.

    Sulman Naseer

    1. Hi Sulman,

      I think the topolgies and questions of all the 12 trouble tickets are same, but the problem exist in different different devices for each trouble ticket. Wether these trouble ticket includes IPV6. Please advice in this regard.

  70. I want to pass the Tshoot exam i been read all the thread which made me so confused people are saying they failed the exam after preparing from the dumps then what is the use to buy the dumps kindly tell me what to do, the new updated dumps are enought to pass the exam?


  71. Hi admin

    I like to group purchase the 642-832 Exam Questions (pass4sure) update on 2 march. is this updated with the lab ?? can you mail on the procedure to group purchase and lab for the exam question for 642-832.

  72. Hi, anybody has appeared CCNP- TSHOOT exam. Recent I appeared CCNP-TSHOOT exam and I experienced a problem in simulation part of the exam. As a result I failed. I thing there is some bug in the Simulataion of the exmination engine of CCNP- TSHOOT(642-832) exam.

    1. Hi Dinesh,

      did u attend the exam by reading updated dump(march 2nd), did u get questions from them, if so please share ur experience. i am planning to take the exam next week.

      Thanks in advance.

  73. Dear Group Buy Manager,

    P4Sure has update 642-832 Exam Questions @ 2-March-2011 and that are 46 Q&A. So, plz start these latest questions group buy link and plz make sure these Q&A guaranteed.

    Sulman Naseer

      1. i was trying to pay the 16$ amount, but my transaction is declined as pay pal refers to domestic transaction as i am located in inida. can u plz share the alternate way.

        i need dumps for TSHOOT 642-832 Pass4sure – v8.2 / 46 Qs – GB#16

  74. The exam is simple with the use of p4s 51q. I got a 1000/1000 score. Memorize the 12 tickets. Unlike the question in p4s, each TT questions in the exam are almost the same, so you should find where the fault is using PING. Use the ABORT technique that was discussed in the TSHOOT Exam strategy part 1 – 3 as posted above. I only used the show run command and PING in this exam. Using the Abort technique, you will be sure to your every answer because you can compare each TTs running config. It is very effective.

  75. Hi Friends,
    I wanted to know that I am CCIP and now planning for TSHOOT exam. Will I get CCNP certification after passing TSHOOT exam.

    Also I had read P4S 51Q tshoot dumps and its very easy according to me. Do this help for this exam…

    Please reply……


  76. @ All
    Thanks to Allah.
    i passed today with 1000/1000 and now i am a CCNP 🙂
    Thanks to careercert, and all users of this forum.

    Here is my feedback
    Total time 135 min (plus additional time for non native english speakers)
    Total TT # 12
    MCQ’s # 3 (including one DD)

    1.Open the TT and first thing to do is IPCONFIG (to check 169.X.X.X IP) and then ping the webserver address X.X.X.241 to confirm the TT problem description.
    2. After that follow the path (follow the PATH technique) with the ping and you will find the problematic device.
    3. You may abort any TT to check and verify the configuation from other TT 🙂 (SPOT the difference technique).
    4. Dont take it easy and mange the time however no need to panic as well.

    It depends on the TT however the most usefull commands are
    1. show run
    2. sh run int xyz
    3. sh int trunk
    4. sh ip route (BGP, EIGRP AND OSPF)
    5. sh ip protocols
    6. sh spanning-tree vlan xyz
    I hope this will help you all, in case of any queries just let me know.

    Note:- I also noticed some bugs in the exam e.g client 1 was able to ping webserver ip X.X.X.241 however R1 was not able to ping it! This is logically not possible. Secondly VLAN filter is applied on DSW1 however the answer options are available on ASW1!

    Any way best of luck to all mates

      1. WS Nomi and thanks.

        The material i used is already here if you have good experience with routing & switching you must not have any issues. In addition careercert is G8 🙂

        Also find the link for all TT symptoms that would be extremely useful ISA. Best of luck


  77. yesterday 18/2/2011 i give t shoot exam , and not make it because Cisco change there patron only ticket are coming these days ( 12-13 ticket ) in 2 hr. so plz practice lab as much as you can . this site give you idea but not hole of it
    —> like every question have more then 6 option one to select ( not 4 options )
    —> topology you can see in Cisco
    time is crucial .

    1. hi satender,

      do you use the p4s 51q? im taking my exam this 21/2/2011, im in big trouble if they really changed the exam. pls. give more info. thank you very much.

  78. I just want to thank CareerCert for this wonderful site, providing me support to become to be a CCNP, CCIP, and CCNA.
    Now it is the time to go full force for CCIE routing and switching by the end of this year.


  79. I just take the troubleshooting exam and got 1000/1000.
    this exam is very easy if you have a basic troubleshooting skill.
    if you have pass4sure, and go over notes on this page from usman naseer (pakistan), Abid, there is no way you can not pass this exam

  80. Hi Everyone,
    Please tell me what is exact time given in the exam : I am from a non-native English speaking country .WIll I get 120 mins or 150 mins in the exams ?Plz help me since I am going to take exam tomorow and I have to devise out a trategy accordingly .
    So far , I am planning to make attempt as follows:
    1-First click on TT and check ipconfig if it is not 169 abort it and procede to next one to seperate L2 tkts .
    2- Then after slecting those 4 tkts , procede to BGP issue tkts in the same fashion .

  81. Anyone having problems with the tshoot vedio mentor .i downloaded all the unrar folders but it wont finish only reaching 99 % .its failing to extract part 6.Any ideas ?thanks

    1. first of i would like to thank you for this wonderful thing you are doing .please can you check th t shoot vedio mentor oi re -downloaded it twice from different links but its not working
      thank you

  82. I passed my TSHOOT today with scores of 982…

    I must confess, it was tough but thanks to P4S & CareerCert for making it easier.

    You have to really study the P4S very very well.

    The answers are of the same concept but might not be exactly the same.

  83. hi,
    i downloaded Trouble shooting nuggets and tried to extract using winzip but it is asking for an password. can u please help me with this.


  84. Careercert,

    I just checked Pass4sure and it showed that it has been updated to 51Q & A( Jan 23, 2011) with your experience, please can you tell me if it is same with the old P4S of 51 Q & A.

    Please respond as I intend to take the exams tommorrow. I’m scheduled to write it tommorrow by 10am…please i will need your urgent response


      1. Dude,

        The exam was ok. I passed with scores of 982. P4S with 51 Q & A was same with the exam but it was not exactly as it was on P4S.

        A whole lot of tricky stuff. You have to really identify how you want to identify the answers to the TT because, you will not be seeing the information that was given in P4S e.g Client is obtaining the 169.x.x.x Ip but cannot ping client 2 and DSW1 but client 1 & 2 can ping each other….

  85. 1.don’t worry so much abt which topology is for which qn coz each TT has the routers and switches display tabs at the bottom which give you the configs regardless of the topology. its better to have a device–technology relation than a topology–technogy relation

    2 this site is enough to pass the exam

    3 TTs still valid and the MCQ and DD


    ASW1——-client1 getting 169.x.x.x ip———-layer 2/3 topology

    1. Access vlan ——– interface range fa1/0/1-/2 switchport access vlan 10
    2. Switch to Switch connectivity ————permit vlan 10, 200 missing in portchannel 13 and 23—–use show interface trunk–ans:switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,200
    3. Port Security———–interface in err-disable state——–issue the no swi sec mac 0000 shut no shut


    1. HSRP track 10———mixup of track 1 and track 10——identified directly——–ipv4 layer 3 topology
    2. VLAN filter————no vlan filter 10———vlan access map——-layer 2/3 topology

    R1————pings work upto R2———ipv4 layer 3 topology

    1. Wrong IP of BGP neighbor———–mixup of .56 > .65

    2. NAT – Access list missing permit ip———note that the clients are in a diff subnet.2…. compared to routers in .1…ie clients cant ping bt routers can

    3. IPv4 Layer3 Security———–add—— permit to R1′s ACL———-Except for R1, no one else can ping the server

    4. OSPF Authentication———missing—– ip ospf authentication message-digest

    R2 ———identified directly
    1. IPv6: enable OSPF————enter the command———– ipv6 ospf 6 area 0

    R4 ———–pings work upto R4————ipv4 layer 3 topology

    1. EIGRP – wrong AS———–1 instead of 10————-change eigrp AS number from 1 to 10——check eigrp as on dsw1 and dsw2

    2. Redistribute (“to” & -> mixup)

    my contect

    1. Usman….,congrats on ur exams but this is confusing….Does it mean that we need to change the configuration? I thought, we should only detect….

      Also, P4S shows that it was updated today (23/01/11)….When did you take ur exams???

      Thanks in anticipation

    2. aoa. h r u bro. will u plz let me know abt ur email or phone no. i want to talk to u about troubleshoot exam. i am very confussed about these dupms and want to discuss it with you. waiting 4 ur response

      very kind of u


  86. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the inputs and suggestions regarding the TSHOOT exam.

    I have passed this morning with a score of 1000/1000.

    I should confess that you do need to understand how to troubleshoot the Tickets on this website. Because the idea is the same.

    I am saying this because the configuration that I went through on Routers look almost the same but with some differences. I had a questions on Route Redistribution, where they try to confuse you with so many Route-Maps with match/set statement but you have to be calm and figure out what is the issue.

    Also, you have to understand that the answers are not almost the same, for example, the question on OSPF Authentication, you find that the answer is IPv4 OSPF Routing and so on.

    Be focused and take your time. This website gives you a feel for the exam.

    I had 3 MCQs and 12 TT.

    Thanks for all guys.

    Good luck to those ones who are looking toward the same goal.

    Warm regards,


    1. Hi brother,

      Please let em know the TSHOOT exam patttern, whether all the questions are in the form of trouble tickets or it includes multiple choice pattern as in Route and Switch as well.

      Please let me know ur mail ID.


  87. Hi Guys,

    I have a question. In this exam, does it requires us to do configuration and make changes on the network devices?


  88. Hey everyone,

    The new format that cisco is releasing its training materials is a .pdc file. This locklizard file does not allow to print it to a pdf creator, nor more than twice and it will ALWAYS carry a watermark with the account´s name that printed it.

    The SG for Tshoot, SWITCH and ROUTE were made without these hassles, and even in color !!!

    If someone can share here how to unlock or print a .pdc file to .pdf, I know people that can contribute with many of the new materials from the training classes, here, at this fine blog ( I loveeeeee it, it is getting me certified =)

    I´ll be on the lookout for your answers

  89. Maybe somebody misunderstand it……because here we can not attach a picture. If there would be an option to attach a picture then it might be easy to understand this chart.
    Only u have to ping from client 1 to R1’s IP Address in each TT. If succeeded then see P4S TT3(BGP),TT4(NAT),TT5(ACL).. U will have to identify the fault by some show commands. I only used “show run” and i hope it will be enough
    If ping from client1 to R1 is fail then check ping from client 1 to R2. If ping to R2 is succeeded then there is only one possibilty that is OSPF message digest key will be missing on R1– u have to check by show run at R1..
    If ping to R2 is fail check to R3. And if R3 is succeeded then the fault is OSPF v3 or u can say IPv6 OSPF (TT12–ipv6 OSPF area 0 will be missing at R2)
    If ping to R3 is fail check to R4. if R4 success then Two possibilties. Either Eigrp AS(TT10) or Rout Redistribution(TT11).
    and so on ……….

    1. Thanks Abid for the info just one last question do we really need to run commands in these TT ( Topology) or we just have to pick the options do we really need to use any cisco command lke show run just to see whats running in router or we can just go and pick from the multiple options that are given plz adv thanks

      1. My dear it is necessary to run some show commands in each TT otherwise marks will no be awarded. I only used show run command in each TT

    2. Hi Abid,

      Someone told me that the main questions for all the TT is same but each TT starts with “on which device is the fault condition located?
      He also said that questions being asked in each TT on P4S is not in the main exam, so how will one know the ticket they are referring to..

      Please respond.


  90. This chart may help u in finding the fault

    ping [–BGP
    Means, u will have to ping from client 1 to R1 if ping is successful then there r only 3 faults i.e BGP, NAT or ACL.
    Important Note:
    In each ticket first of all check ping from client 1 to R1 if not success then check backword direction i.e R2,R3,R4,DSW1

    Client 1–>R2->Success–[OSPF message digest key
    Client 1–>R3–>Success–[OSPFv3 or IPv6 OSPF

    Client 1–>R4–>Success—–[Route Map name is wrong

    [Port Security
    Client1—>DSW1—>Failed—–[Vlan 10 in place of vlan1
    [Vlan Trunk
    [HSRP track

    Means that if client 1 can not ping DSW1 then there will be five options as above. HSRP very easy to find because in that TT there will be option that “HSRP is configured but one device can not become active HSRP”

    Best of Luck

  91. Thanks to all

    @Malik !

    Yes my friend . Its enough to prepare P4S 51Q to pass this exam but only take care of the tricks that i have mentioned earlier.

    @Ijeoma Mbaneme !

    U will be given 12 trouble tickets in the exams and they are the same as given by p4s. Only 2 MCQs and 1 drag & drop question. All will be from p4s 51q


    p4s 51q is good u can prepare it but as i already mentioned that in the real exam there will be tricks or u can say options may not be the same as given by p4s. In 8 trouble tickets the options are same , so remains only 4 trouble tickets which are different from p4s thats why i updated so that everybody should aware of the tricks in these 4 TTs.

    Best of Luck

  92. Hi Abid,,

    I am interested in giving T_shoot exam in couple of weeks if you can specifically tell me which P4S i should donwload.. that matches the questions in Exam….

    and is there any changes or questions were same as they are in P4s

    Please if possible reply me back at:

    Thanks and congrates bro for passing T-shoot Exam..

  93. I have passed TSHOOT yesterday by getting 1000/1000 marks. Thanks to Dear Careercert and P4S.
    I used P4s 51Q . It was the same Trouble Tickets in the exam as in P4S but there were many tricks. Some of them that i have observed would like to share with u..

    P4S 51Q—>TT#5 —->Fault condition
    is IP Access list
    but in the Exam you will not found this option and u will have to click the option “security”
    TT#6—->Fault condition
    is vlan access map
    but u will have to choose VLAN ACL/PORT ACL in the real exam
    is under the interface range fa0/19-20 , issue switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,200 something like this in p4s
    but in the real exam u will have to select the following option
    on the interface range port channel 13 and port channel 23 , issue switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,200

    TT#12—->Fault condition
    is OSPFV3 in p4s
    but in the exam u will have to select IPV6 OSPF

    Thanks dear careercert
    Wish u best of luck to all taking TSHOOT exam

    1. Congrats Abid….

      I intend to take my TSHOOT in 10 days time…..

      I hope practising with P4S aside from reading the study materials is ok.

  94. Hi Careercert,

    Thanks for all your assistance.. u’ve been very wonderful.

    Please i tried to pay via credit card but i noticed that my Country is not among the listed country.

    Is there any other mode of payment? Please inbox me so that i can pay ASAP.

  95. Learn Cisco (Router+Switch) Tips On GNS3 With VMWare. These videos will be helpful for your concepts, Study, certification and Real world

    Hope you will like

    Muhammad Imran

  96. Can anyone confirm if is enough the P4S yo pass the TSHOOT exam? Trouble Tickets are the same than in the P4S of 51 q?

      1. Hi KArdoun,,

        Can you specifically tell me which P4S i should donwload.. that matches the questions in Exam….

        and is there any changes or questions were same as they are in P4s..
        Please if you can reply back to my email

        Thanks again and congrates for passing your T-shoot Exam

  97. Dear Careercert,
    Hi, I’m trying to download TSHOOT 642-832 Pass4sure v3.00 – 238 Qs, and this link ask me for a password, I try with “” without quotes but dont work

  98. Hi admin,
    CCNP TSHOOT Bulldog Boot Camp DVD from Chris Brynt ( instructor), have been released on 25th Dec. Pls check “”.
    Would help if you can arrange a group buy.


  99. Thanks Careercert………

    642-832 Exam is updated on 23/12/2010 at Pass4sure site.
    Is there any difference between the old and new dumps?
    If i buy these dumps , will it be possible that i can get both the old and the new one?

  100. Dear Careercert !

    Please provide winrar password for certkit 642-832 videos.
    I have already downloaded but it is asking for password to extract. Please support me ……………thanks

  101. CareerCert:

    You need to find out the missing/wrong config using ‘show’ commands.
    There will be no configs in the questions.

    Hi CareerCert,

    Do you means that we wouldn’t need to configure the devices, only can type “show config” ??

  102. Hi Guys,
    I have passed my Tshoot exams today.All are questions from P4S 51Q some but tricks are there so you have understand that while writing the exam.Thanks for career cert and 4 shared.

  103. I tried to load the configs in GNS3, but client is not getting IP address through DHCP, I checked each device config no device set up for DHCP server.

    This is the TT1 I am talking about which I downloaded from CISCOGUIDES.

    Can any body help me in this.


  104. Dear Careercert,
    i want to asking U about boson ExSim-Max for TSHOOT 642-832… if i buy it one…. can I share this program to another?…

  105. hi,
    for those who pass the exam 642-832, pls share with us, the TT question will list down the R1, DSW1, R4 config in the question????

    or we need to go click on the switch /router icon to find out the missing config or the wrong config???

  106. I need to complete Tshoot this month.. can i pass the exam with only the dumps provided in p4s & Testinside??? or which study guide will help me?? pls reply..Thanks.

  107. hi, i m going to buy either testking or pass4sure to study, but both exam are totally different, p4s got 51Q, and testking got 291 Question and updated on 1st Dec 2010

    i afraid tht 291 question is old version..but is update 1st dec 2010, how?? p4s is updated only 22 nov 2010.. so how???

  108. Pass4Sure now offeres Cisco 642-832 Value Pack including LABS etc. Only the 51 Q&A isn’t going to help you pass the exam without the knowledge of doing the LABS. I am up for the exam at the end of december.

    1. Hi Kank,

      Did you reffered p4s and AT? How you failed. It is shocking to us.

      Carriercer, We need to locate this to increase confidence.

      Thank you.

    1. P4S help you to pass the exam if you have a good experience and familiar with the devices.. Cz the real exam is so different from the P4S according to the question and choices.

  109. Guys,

    Is the latest Pass4sure and ActualTests any good ?
    My friend just had his TSHOOT last month. He said that the dumps are just useless.

    Please confirm.


  110. justin:

    T-shoot exam is easy but tricky……..Trick is that…in each TT there are 3 question……give the answer from your level best……if you will go the previous question and change your answer then your last 3th question will come according that answer……
    If you go previous question and change your answer ……………
    Other wise exam is not difficult

  111. T-shoot exam is easy but tricky……..Trick is that…in each TT there are 3 question……give the answer from your level best…….DO NOT EVER GO “ PREVIOUS QUESTION ” ….do not click that……
    If you go previous question and change your answer …….then your score will goes down………
    Other wise exam is not difficult

    1. Hi

      I have tryed yesterday the Tshoot exam . At the 7 th ticket the exam has crashed .The Instructor restarted the exam again ,but the error message informed that the data will not be saved .

      At the end my score was 341 points :
      Maintain and monitor network performance 100%
      Troubleshoot Multi Protocol system networks 0%

      has someone experienced this issue ? I am sure that all my tickets responses were all correct .

  112. I’ve passed BSCI & BCMSN. Will I get CCNP tag after I clear TSHOOT which plan to take in dec/jan?

    Asking this rather simple question because cisco site now shows only 1 path for CCNP i.e. ROUTE-SWITCH-TSHOOT. Earlier it showed 4 paths.

    I am wondering if my BSCI & BCMSN are valid and will be considered or not.
    Please provide your inputs.

    1. The passing scores on BSCI & BCMSN exams will still accepted as a valid combination for CCNP.

      Check this :-

      Use this tool to identify the combination of exams required to complete your CCNP certification. Place a check mark next to all of the exams for which you have valid passing scores and you will see a list of exams still required to complete your CCNP certification.


  113. Hello Friends,

    Planning to write my Tshoot exam by next weekend…

    Pls let me know the latest dump and pls share ur exam experience…

  114. Pass the TSHOOT exam yesterday. Got 3 MCQ and 12 Trouble tickets. My preperation i use
    1. Amir Ranjbar.
    2. Watch Kevin Video Mentor.
    3. Student Guide.
    4. Networktut.

    P4s is really useless. > >

  115. justin:

    TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit -DVD asking password to open .rar file…….careercert will you plzzzz provide that password to open it……

    Can’t believe you guys. Do i need to enlarge the fonts and make it more reddish ? 🙂
    Anyways, enter the below phrase in winrar password window without quotes (” “)-



  116. TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit -DVD asking password to open .rar file…….careercert will you plzzzz provide that password to open it……

  117. Hi

    I sanyone has latest Experience og given the TSHOOT Exam kindly share for the sake of clarity and help

    Thnaks and Regards


  118. why we are not creating test-inside tshoot group buy ?
    the product cost is 208 $ , and it will be prepare during 3 weeks from purchasing date.

  119. !!! … The 4shared link for the OCG for ROUTE is not working. I wait for the mentioned time and when I click it, it comes back to the previous page of 4shared … !!!

  120. my first comment was removed i wonder why… anyways the good news is that P4S is providing 100% refund back guarantee for TSHOOT exam…. so can somebody or careercert upload the newer version of P4S for TSHOOT on which P4S is providing pass guarantee…..??

  121. hi careercert admin,

    Wish if you can accept the webinar content sharing by hvbk299.
    Also would appreciate if you can share BOSON EXSIM-MAX for TSHOOT

    many thanks

  122. hi careercert admin i got the CCNP TSHOOT WEBINAR i would to share it to my friends here may it help them to pass so could u tell me how can i do this or i can upload it to 4shared and then use the careercert account to keep it uploaded for the people and thx and for the replay i wish u replay me on this mail plz [email protected]

  123. Hi guys,

    Does anybody here have the E-learning CD for TSHOOT selfstudy?

    If yes, please upload it somewhere – 4shared, rapidshare etc.

    Many thanks in advance.

  124. Hi, a friend took the exam yesterday. No theory, just labs, 12 tickets with 3 question each one.
    He said it´s difficult, he didn´t approve it, so everybody have to study,

  125. can anyone please psot the link for cbt nuggets ccnp tshoot 642-832 videos pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  126. Dear Colleagues,

    Can anyone send me links for Tshoot pdf self sudy books and latest pass4sure or testinside.

    Kind Regard


  127. hi CarrerCert

    Is the TShoot 642-832 P4S ques the latest one? Is it gurantee that it will be coming from the P4S only? Has anybody given the TShoot exam yet? Please provide with the feedback asap. I need to give exam end of this month.

    Awaiting for your prompt reply

  128. Hi Careercert,
    I had downloaded student guides vol.1&2 TSHOOT from this site , but was unable to highlight inside PDFs while studying. They are made of scanned versions. Could you please post links of which can be edited. Usually I use Adobe pdf pro extended for study purpose.
    Earlier I had bought p4s dumps for BSCI AND BCMSN, ISCW from you. Thanks a lot for those…

    [email protected]

  129. Thanks for your sharings, CareerCert. However, TSHOOT 642-832 Official Certification Guide's 4shared link does not work for me. Could you please post a different link.

  130. anyone got 642-832 TSHOOT exam dump ? anyone got experience this exam and got how many mark?
    i just left this paper in order to obtain ccnp, just pass BCMSN and BSCI

  131. Thanks careercert..i will be writing BCMSN on thursday…but i downloaded the video mentor from 4shared and evrything thing worked perfect..thanks for the help just this year 2010 i am CCNA,passed BSCI(1000/1000) and am writing BCMSN in 4 days time.I should start prep for T-shoot after a weeks guys are the bomb!!!!

  132. Hi Career cert you people are really great, I bought BCMSN V 3.10 , I written exam on 26th JUNE 2010, I passed ….thanks once again
    I got 1000/1000 Marks ………really great……….many thanks

  133. Hi i jst passed my composite exam and wont b fit to take ISCW and ONT b4 july 31 pls does my passing TSHOOT make me a CCNP? pls advice i dont what to do, T-bones

  134. Hi guys I am looking for TSHOOT book Troubleshooting And Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT) Foundation Learning Guide by Amir Ranjbar, can anybody provide this?
    Many Thanks

  135. As i said before that some topology diagrams in this p4s are not clear. It is built that way.
    So nothing can be done until a new update comes out.


  136. Hi CareerCert

    I have bought Pass4sure for TSHOOT, it is in PDF Format, I have open it in Foxit reader .. now the problem is …I can't see the Scenario(s) for question number 182 & 183. Similarly question number 229, info seems to be wrong, could you please help me, with this … thanks

  137. They have given that note because it is the first version of exam. So its accuracy is not yet tested. They released it because of high demand and requests. Guarantee and refund is available for all other older exams.


  138. hi friend
    why there NOTE: No Guarantee, No Refund for this exam, but you can enjoy our EXCHANGE policy if you fail.
    best regards

  139. hello careercert,
    i need any good presentation slides for CCNP V6
    ROUTE ,SWITCH AND TSHOOTING please thank you for all

  140. Hi
    you are great , when can you put ccnp tshoot self-study guide .
    It is much better than official certification one.

  141. I've downloaded Part 1 of TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit -DVD from RapidShare. When I try to extract it I get the message:

    "Please insert the disk containing into drive F"

    How do you fix this issue?

  142. Hi All,

    I have downloaded all 6 parts from 4shared. All data is working fine but the problem is only that all the videos are same. Can any body describe me what is the differance between these parts

    A prompt reply will be highly appreciated

  143. Hi CareerCert

    where do I get the Tshoot topologies configurations to check the interconnections, like the text config I am after not the phsycal layout.

    pls advise uf you can

  144. hi guys,
    please in need of cbtnuggets video courses on MPLS and BGP.
    Also, has Jeremiah come out with video courses on TSHOOT(642-832)? If yes will you guys also be kind to guide me how to get it.
    kind regards to all…

    1. Hey !! anyone who passed this exam can please inform me that they have got any question from actual test ? how will u rate actual tests for this exam

  145. hey! i successfully downloaded from 4shared and has burnt the .iso to a dvd. The problem i now have is that it takes a longer time to open the video mentor. What else do i need to do to make it open faster?

  146. hey thnx careercert..! waiting for cbt nuggets and dumps of this version of ccnp..visiting your website daily for this.. 🙂

  147. @ Altoman,

    First of all, install 'WinRar' software.
    After that right click on part1 and choose any extract option. Or double click to open part1 and click "Extract To" button. Extracting the Part1 will automatically extract all parts to the specified location.


  148. Thanks Brasco,
    so now its clear that both RS and 4shared files are not corrupt.

    Those guys who was reporting CRC errors must did something wrong. The files could be corrupt during download process.


  149. HI every1 ! just downloaded the files from 4shared and they all working fine . and my big thanks goes to Careercert!!!!
    regards Brasco

    1. hey anyone who passed this exam can please inform me that they have got any question from actual test ? how will u rate actual tests for this exam

  150. @ Ankit,

    Thanks for confirming that all parts are working.
    Did you download all parts from both RS and 4shared ? Or some parts from RS and other from 4shared ? I thought that one of the parts in 4shared is corrupt !


  151. I have successfully downloaded all the parts from RS & 4shared. Also successfully extracted them.

    The only issue I see is that there is no .app file to run natively on Mac even though the Readme file says that there is one.

    I can still use the DVD successfully using the html or .exe files provided.

    I will soon upload them to (8 mirrors) & publish the links here in the comments.


  152. I request everybody to upload the files to, it's very fast & secure.

    The best thing is that auto uploads all files to 8 diff file hosts like rapidshare .. etc

    I have currently downloaded 2 out of the 6 parts of the video dvd.

    I will upload all the parts to once I extract the video successfully.

    Ankit Modi

  153. guys, i think the 4 shared files are corrupt.
    So it is advisable to download from rapidshare. That's why i prefer rapidshare nowadays. Larger files always screw up in 4shared.


  154. What can we do to resolve this problem? Careercert do something now.
    I dont think is password, may be some of the parts are corrupt.

  155. same error ! C:\Users\salman\Desktop\Desktop files\new ccnp\tshoot\ Packed data CRC failed in\ The volume is corrupt
    ! C:\Users\salman\Desktop\Desktop files\new ccnp\tshoot\ CRC failed in the encrypted file\ (wrong password ?)

  156. I too downloaded the all 6 files from 4shared and the same error as described above is shown.I think the password is correct.there is some problem with the last part of the tshoot rar.

  157. Hi there…., I've received the same problem when I was extracting the TSHOOT mentor (wrong password?).
    I downloaded three files from rapidshare and three from 4shared. Could anybody send me the correct pass?????? My mail is [email protected]

  158. ! CRC failed in the encrypted file\ (wrong password ?)
    ! H:\cisco\ Unexpected end of archive

    using the password as given by you !

    but dnt what is going wrong

  159. Password is "" without quotes.

    You should type the password with keyboard. Don't copy-paste.


  160. ! C:\Users\Duck\Downloads\ CRC failed in the encrypted file\ (wrong password ?)
    I keep on received this massage

  161. Hi Career Cert,

    Could you please upload the "TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit -DVD" in 4shared. my account is expired on rapid share.. Thanks & appreciate for your service.

  162. Hi Career Cert,

    Could you please upload the "TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit -DVD" in 4shared. that would help lot of guys here.. Thanks & appreciate for your service.

    Cheer- John

  163. hey careercert, i have been trying to download the t-shoot_SG vol1 and 2. whenever i download the zipped file from 4shared, i get this error. i believe the file is already corrupt. please advise.

  164. can any guy put up in 4shared link
    CCNPv6 TSHOOT 642-832 Study Material
    TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit -DVD

    Please administrator

  165. CareerCert,could you make a Tab for Linux materials (books,videos and tools) .
    please,i need that so much and i think many guys share this wish with me.
    thanks again

  166. Thanks guys for the TSHOOT video mentor

    South Africa.

    Hope you all coming for the FIFA soccer world cup

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