Cisco CCDP Certification

CCDP Certification

Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP®) validates advanced knowledge of network design concepts and principles. With a CCDP certification, a network professional can discuss, design, and create advanced addressing and routing, security, network management, data center, and IP multicast complex multi-layered enterprise architectures that include virtual private networking and wireless domains. The CCDP curriculum includes building scalable internetworks, building multilayer switched networks, and designing network service architecture.

CCDP Prerequisites
Valid CCNA and CCDA or any CCIE Certification can act as a pre-requisite.

Required Exams:-
1. 642-901 BSCI -OR- 642-902 ROUTE
2. 642-812 BCMSN -OR- 642-813 SWITCH
3. 642-873 ARCH
1. 642-892 Composite (Last day to test: July 31, 2010)
2. 642-873 ARCH

CCDP Recertification
CCDP certification is valid for three years. To recertify, pass any 642 exam that is part of the professional level curriculum or any CCIE/CCDE written exam before the certification expiration date.
Achieving or recertifying any of the certifications above automatically extends your active Associate and Professional level certification(s) up to the point of expiration of the last certification achieved.


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  1. Note to everyone: Do not watch the old cbtnugget video (642-871) for CCDP. That video is worthless. Cisco press books are lot more relevant than that video. Dont know if any new video came out, but I heard that the new one is some additional stuff to the old one. Hope I helped someone from wasting time.

  2. Please check all site resources are blushed out..

    Rating down…………………………………………………………

  3. Hi All,

    Just a question, did 642-873 still valid? It seem like from Cisco official website, 642-873 will be expired at May 11, 2011 and new 642-874 will be replace it. If so, is there any new thread for 642-874?

  4. Hai guys,

    Can i appear in CCDP arch exam, before passing ccda. I am CCNA and CCNP but haven’t got CCDA. but i want to give Arch exam before it expires. I know, i wont be CCDP till i pass CCDA but, Can I give CCDP arch exam before CCDA ?

    Please help me in this trouble ASAP.


    1. yes, you can.
      i confirmed this once from cisco support
      But if you are planning to appear for 642-874 from pass4sure, DON’T go with this dump, it is wrong.
      I twice wasted my money.
      pass4sure even won’t support you for any refund.

  5. hi Akong
    for CCDP prerequeste is CCNA + CCDA + either BCMSN or BSCI + ARCH. if you have CCNA and CCNP, they try CCDA and then ARCH. you dont want try ROUTE or SWITCH as far as you CCNP and CCNA is current. (unless CCNP is expired).
    when you are studing you will see that CCDA is realy easy, because it will summarise all you learn with CCNP modules.
    hope this helps

  6. Passed Arch(642-873) today 961/1000,i used ti and p4s,had a couple of new questions and 6 DnD but p4s had only 5….thanks careercert

      1. i said i used the TIS_642-873_v5.27_219Q and P4S_642-873_v3.10_140Q…..but lyk i said b4 dere re sum new questions….p4s has an update of abt 299Q….i dont knw hw 2 get it…..ur welcome

        1. Thanks you very much for you kind reply

          I have both of them but i think few questions are confusing, so thats why i am asking you plz plz send me your copies, or links from where you download updated dumps

          do u have registered VCE software to view vce files?

          waiting for you reply

  7. I passed 642-863 today. All questions from P4S are still valid BUT i had about 10 Drag and Drop questions, P4S only had 4.

    Testking has all Drag and Drop answers wrong (compare to P4s, they are correct.

  8. Hello All
    I have passed the exam today 3rd sept 2010, All questions from TI 5.27 (219 Q), only one new question about the size of overlap area for good handover.

    Also got 6 DnD all from TI

    Wish all best, Have good luck.


  9. Got my last module CCDP ARCH 642-873 completed yesterday. Yes, TI ver 5.27 is valided upto date. One new drag & drop question about RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 3 and RAID 5.

  10. which CCDP dump is valid?
    is TestInside 5.27 209 Questions dump valid???
    please reply ASAP as my exam is on 22nd Aug, 10 :-S

    1. Amazing! I’m really enjoying the layout of your web site. Are you using a customized theme or is this readily available to all users? If you don’t want to say the name of it out in the general public, please make sure to e-mail me at: . I’d love to get my hands on this theme! Many thanks.

  11. Well..that is not the case !

    You can take any exam without taking the prerequisite exam BUT – you'll not get your certification until you complete the prerequisites.


  12. Guys, I think you are wrong about must have prerequisite.. You know, there is a guy who failed on his ccna wireless exam just because he never mastered ccna, and not because he hasnt ccna.. Nobody told him "hey no way.. You cant even trai.. No.. it was at one s own risk.. But he failed from the first.." so I think that its possible be ccdp with ,Route, Switch and (just) ARCH exams…

  13. Khizer is right.
    You need to pass both CCDA and CCNA in order to qualify for the CCDP certification.


  14. CCNA/CCDA is prerequistie for ccdp…if u are CCNP
    and CCDA.. u need to give CCDP ARCH paper to become CCDP

  15. strange to listen tht… at they have mentioned CCNA & CCDA as prerequisite for ccdp…as I have just cleared the ccda to have ccdp even I am already ccnp….thts all i knw…

    plz do let me correct if I m correct.

    1. I am CCNA and CCNP certified so should i need to pass the Arch(642-873) to become CCDP or i need to pass again Route and Switch module to become CCDP.

      Please looking forward for your reply

  16. ive got the ccna ccda if i pass 642-873 ARCH will that extend my certs another 3 years or will i need to complete the others exams and become ccdp before they will extend another 3 years —

  17. @ Akong,

    If you already have passed BSCI and BCMSN then you need to pass only CCDA(640-863) and Arch(642-873) exams in order to become CCDP.


    1. I am CCNA and CCNP certified and i want to become CCDP so should i need onle 642-873 exam to become CCDP or i also need Route and Switch again to be CCDP.

  18. if i have ccnp with comprises for bsci,bcsmn,ont.iscw.and i wish to write ccdp do i still need to bsci and bcsmn or just need only to write arch.thanks

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