Cisco CCSP Certification

CCSP Certification

Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professional Recognition

Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP®) validates advanced knowledge and skills required to secure Cisco networks. With a CCSP certification, a network professional demonstrates the skills required to secure and manage network infrastructures to protect productivity, mitigate threats, and reduce costs. The CCSP curriculum emphasizes Cisco Router IOS (ISR) and Catalyst Switch security features, Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), secure VPN connectivity, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Cisco Security Agent (CSA), Security Enterprise and Device Management, Network Admission Control (NAC) as well as techniques to optimize these technologies in a single, integrated network security solution. In addition, CCSP leverages the new CCNA Security certification as a prerequisite.

Cisco Certified Security Professional Prerequisite:
CCNA Security OR CCNA + SND* OR any CCIE Certification can act as a pre-requisite.
*Last day for using this pre-requisite is November 17, 2011.

Important Information Regarding CCSP Certification Exam Paths
The Cisco exams, Securing Network Devices (SND), and the elective exam Securing Hosts Using Cisco Security Agent (HIPS) are now retired effective November 17, 2008. Securing Networks with PIX and ASA (SNPA), reached end of life on 1/18/2009. Candidates testing for their CCSP certification, who have passed the SND, HIPS or SNPA exams may use them towards their certification for three years from the day on which they passed the test.

In addition, the exams, Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches (642-503 SNRS) and Implementing Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (642-544 MARS) reached end of life on 1/18/2009 and have been refreshed. Candidates testing for their CCSP certification who have passed the 642-503 SNRS or 642-544 MARS exams may use them towards their certification for three years from the day on which they passed the test.

Candidates wishing to start studying for the MARS exam and / or the SNRS exam to meet their CCSP certification requirements should test using the new 642-504 SNRS exam and / or the new 642-545 MARS exam(s).

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Required Exam(s)

642-504 SNRS – Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches
642-524 SNAF – Securing Networks with ASA Foundation
642-533 IPS – Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System

Elective Exam(s)

642-591 CANAC – Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance
642-545 MARS – Implementing Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System
642-515 SNAA – Securing Networks with ASA Advanced


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  1. Dear Careercert Admins and users

    we need the new ccnp-sec materials,i hope that u can support us the materials for the exams ,
    we need the books in pdf format and videos if it’s possible.

    thanks a lot

    1. Most of these exams are not available anymore.
      We need the material for the following new exams:

      642-637 SECURE v1.0
      642-617 FIREWALL
      642-647 VPN v1.0

      Most exams Last day to test was April/08/11.

    I Wanted to pass CCNP-Security Certification Exam from Cisco,
    As i Am Unable to find any Offical Study Materails for Its.
    And unfortunately When , I could not find related books and video trainings from This Website Also,
    So I Will Thankful If You Could Add CCNP-Sec Study Materials Package to Your Collection…….

    best regard

  3. Dear Careercert,

    I am much privileged to find out this great site and I have no words to congratulate your team on this noble venture.
    I have passed CCNA security and wish to know whether I can takde CCSP exams in any order. I wish to appear for SNAA 642-515 exam first. Can I do that?


    I wanted to pass ccsp exam but when i visited , I noticed that these certification is valid until april 2011 , but I can not ready for 3 month later , so I decided to pass ccnp security instead of ccsp .
    unfortunately , I could not find related books and video trainings for the ccnp security , so
    I wonder if you could add ccnp security package to your collection ?

    best regard

  5. Dear CareerCert

    plz arrange new CCNP Security track for group as well. This would be great help. Many people are waiting for purchase. Hope you will put soon in group buy.

  6. Careercert…. Can you please let me the Group buy availability for CCSP new version exams…. 642-637 SECURE v1.0, 642-617 FIREWALL v1.0 and 642-627 IPS v7.0…..

  7. Hi All,

    I don’t see any command about CCSP and CCNP(Security) certificate. If you finish CCSP exam, you will also get CCNP (Security) certificate too. I just finished CCSP and they send me CCSP certificate and CCNP (Security) too. So I just let you know… Good Luck All

    — Thet Win

    1. Error Correction ” I don’t see any comment about CCSP and CCNP (Security)”…

      — I would like to special thanks and cerdit to “”.. I always studied stuffs from this web site… Thank you “” and May God Bless you…

      — Thet WIn

  8. Hello,

    Can I appear directly for SNAA exam? or I should finish IPS, SNRS, SNAF then choose eleactive exam SNAA

    I have valid CCNA Sec


  9. hi people
    this is really a great work.

    i am searching for CCSP Self-Paced Bootcamps video training
    cuz i think it’s greater than cbt nuggets,is there is any can can get me this material and upload it and share the links here,
    i don’t want the ccie materials cuz i already have them…as i said what i need is CCSP Self-Paced Bootcamps

    again….thanks for this great job and i hope that this site move forward

  10. just got the news that cisco have updated the ccsp track to ccnp security and it will take effect by april next year, what do we do now , pls help us with this.thanks

    1. Hi
      I just finished my SNRS and SNAF exam: but I am still in shock due to Cisco CCSP certification expiration notice on website.
      Would it be possible provide me a steer to achieve my certification in security product line
      Or shall I continue with old CCSP track until April 2011

      Your reply will be highly considerable


  11. Hi Bro,
    Can you please let me know the dumps for 642-515 (SNAA) is still valid? Planning to go for the exam in a week. If it not latest, please send me the latest.
    Thanks much in advance,

  12. I am planning to give CCNS Sec this month, can anyone please share me dumps for the same or at least confirm that dumps available in site are still valid. If anyone has latest dumps please share it across. Help will be Greatly appreciated… email: [email protected]

    1. Guys do not bother… I have Cleared the paper already yesterday using the Documents available in the IINS link in this web.
      CBT nuggets is a must as I think and moreover go through some Dumps also available in the IINS link… Its not that tough and can be cleared easily… Wish you all Luck for the exams

  13. Dear career Cert,

    Can you please post latest all CCSP exam dumps from Test inside? or you can put it here we would like to buy in contribution.

  14. hi careercert

    can you upload ccie security yusuf bhaji book.
    that book full name is
    ccie professional development network security technologies and solutions
    please upload this book as soon as possible or send me the link in my mail id [email protected]

  15. @ Thet Win,

    The fee for each CCSP exam is $US 150.
    BTW you can create an account at This way you will be able to find the cost of any exam.


  16. @CareerCert

    Can you answer how much is going to be one exam each for CCSP? I tried to find in web but I didn't see any cost. If you don't mind, can you answer for me> Sorry for bother you.

    — Thet Win

  17. @ AYMAN,

    I missed that comment of yours.
    Anyway, do you have login ID of "cisco certification tracking system" ? You need to confirm your shipping address once in a while.
    You can check the status and order your certificate from there.


  18. AYMAN

    i pass all of this exam
    in june 2009 and still i'm not received my certificate! any one know why?

    1. For CCSP certifications you need
      You have informed about 5 exam. 1 exam is missing.
      That might be problem.

  19. Can any one tell me …….IPS(642-533) p4s version 4.18 in PDF Format available here, still valid or not….


  20. @ RAEED,

    You can skip CCNA SEC only if you are a complete CCIE(wr + Lab).
    In your case you have to pass CCNA Sec in order to qualify for CCSP.


  21. I finished my CCNA,CCNP,CCDA,CCDP,CCIP AND,I also pased CCIE R&S written exam version 4.0……… Now preparing lab……..can any one guide me for ccsp i need CCNA Security or not.


  22. can any one provide me latest CCSP 642-591 dumps.

    i have read the Actualtest 60 Q&A dumps but that is updated at November 2009 and i would like to read latest one.

    MY EMAIL IS …. [email protected] my name is ENITAN… THANK YOU

  24. please could u upload ciscoworks training videos CBT NUGGETS . It's very argents to me plz plz reply to as soon as possible

  25. Is this SNRS CBT videos are still valid? it seems to be 2006's one..!! is there any new cbt videos pls upload the links.

  26. @ careercert
    @ all cisco mania
    i do hope that u vl b fine.
    as i m ccna and ccnp certified now i want to be CCSP so my question is this that for ccsp ccna security is prerequisite or i can do ccsp without taking ccna security. please guide me

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