CCIP Composite 642-691 Practice Tests

CCIP BGP+MPLS 642-691 Pass4sure v4.60 – 160 Q’s – PDF


CCIP BGP+MPLS 642-691 Testinside – 80Q


CCIP BGP+MPLS 642-691 ActualTests



BGP Study Material
MPLS Study Material
QOS Study Material

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301 thoughts on “CCIP Composite 642-691 Practice Tests”

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for the most updated dumps for “CCIP BGP+MPLS 642-691”. Please provide details on [Removed] as the exam is going to retire on 27th July 2012.

  2. I passed last friday 15 ….. 1000/1000 works just fine !!! hurry up and get it πŸ˜‰

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      1. Hi Ameer, please update the blog after you appeared the exam. Hope you do well. All the best, I am also planning to give the exam by next week or so.

        Please do let us know if the vce file that Luis referred is still valid or not.

        Thanks in advance

  3. May i know if this dumps still valid.
    as last day of exam is end of july will this dumps valid till then . .as i am planning to do exam 2nd week of july.

    1. Dear Ramesh,
      Please suggest me about this examination. I want to sit for the exam end of this week. I have just read the above P4S & DODO vce. Is it enough? If not please suggest your openion.

      Could you please inform me about modification in real exam with the above dumps….? I think it will help me to prepare sharply.

      I’m eagerly waiting for your reply..

      Kind Regards
      [email protected]

    1. Dear Mutu,
      Are you sure these dumps are valid means they are around more then 6-12 months old. I really need to give this 642-691 exam. Please guide me.

      Kind regards

    1. Dear 802.11
      I am going for this exam in next 2 weeks,I need your help.
      please suggest me how can i pursue this.


    1. hi guys,

      the 642-901 bgp-mpls pass4sure 160 questions 4.60 version dump is not valid, do attempt your exam your going to fail it. .


    2. Hi guys,

      i am purchasing 642-901 questions from Pass4sure, if anyone interested to share with me financially let me know.

      Best Regards,

    3. Hi,
      Can I please have the dump for P4S for CCIP 642-691.

      Please do let me know if you require any money.


  4. Hi,
    This site is having 160questions in the Composite, where as the pass4sure site has only 90 questions as latest which was released on 4th Jan 2012. Can any1 pls upload/share the latest dumps

  5. Hi.

    Dear all.

    I wanna go for CCIP MPLS-BGP (642-691)EXAM can anyone please upload the latest pass4sure 90 [email protected] dumps updated on 4th january 2012 its very urgent as i am planning for exam before end of this month.Thanks is advance for all.

  6. Hi,

    I have passed my BGP+MPLS paperon 10th Dec, 2011. CCIP BGP+MPLS 642-691 Pass4sure v4.60 are valid.

    My score was 905/1000.

  7. Congrats NAVEEN

    Can you please share us some details about the study material you used to pass this exam other than the dumps “DODO”?

    Appreciate you support

  8. cleared BGP+MPLS composite today….All questions from dodo….these 80 questions are more then enough to clear this exam…..thanx careercert…..

  9. Dear all,

    I have passed 642-691 BGP+MPLS exam today with 1000/1000 score.
    This more than enough

    Thanks, careerCert!

    1. dear friend,
      i already pass ccna, i need to givein next 2 days exam of 642-901 .plz guide about latest pass 4sure
      thanking you

  10. i am planning to take the BGP exam and i am in need for the latest pass4sure, please send me the links or the file itself at [Removed]
    I would really appreciate it

  11. I cleared today with 1000/1000 marks… DoDo still 100% valid… I got all questions, SIMS, Drag and Drop from DoDo…
    Those who dont know where is DoDo dumps, Use the below link to get the DoDo dumps..

    The testinside pdf containing in this page also has the same 80 questions that what DoDo has, So u can download the pdf file as well.

    For lab sim go to the below link for better understanding..

    I hope this will help for someone to clear the exam..

    Congratz to all who cleared the exam….

    All the best for those who are going to write the exam hereafter…

  12. I have passed 642-691 BGP+MPLS exam today with 1000/1000 score. Dodo is 100% valid, I had 48 questions including 2 simulations, and all of them were from DoDo.

  13. i passed with 1000/1000 markd today 4 july 2011
    dodo dump is mind blowing … need of pass4sure is best 4 dat

    1. Please let me know when u completed the 642-691 and share the dumbs and ur experinece.

      Thanks in Advance,
      Mohammed Wazeer

  14. Hello all Netheads !!

    is there is study material for this exam ???
    bcoz all i c is dumps

    plz reply

    thanks in advance

  15. Hi All,

    I am preparing for Pass4sure BGP+MPLS 642-691 V4.60
    any one have latest version please share the link


  16. Hi,

    I checked latest update in Testinside website for 642-691.
    last update is on 5th may 2011.
    does anyone has new dumps???

    if yes, then can u share the link??

    1. hi machinetravel, hope you will find can you email me ccna dumps i wanna give ccna exam,waiting for your guidline and dumps,thnx my email is

  17. Hello everybody ;
    passed the 691 exam. the TI 80 is still 100% valid.
    Thanks for the God ; then for every one in CAreerCert .

    1. Hi ali, i need small info. when u booked the slot and when u writen the xam ? plz don’t mind. bcoz dumps updated recently on april 23rd.

  18. Hi,

    I am going to take mpls-bgp on is 20-04-2011.Kindly advise authenticity of dumps and guide me what precaution I can take.Are DUMPPS v6.4 still latest.

  19. Passed the exam yeaterday…. πŸ˜€
    Dumps r still valid..
    Kites in the sKY..soaring together πŸ™‚
    Band of 3….rocks !!!!

    1. Please let me know when u took the 642-691 Exam because i am going to take Exam coming week.

      Thanks & Regards,

      1. Hi,Pls let me know when u took the Exam 642-691 because i am going to take same Exam coming week

        Thanks & Regards,

    2. hey..please throw some light on lab many of them were there..were they match as in VCE..

    1. where may i download the latest dumps for 642-691? hope i can get a copy of it or can you send it over? pls? thanks.

      1. I passed yesterday. Simulations/Labs are the same as mentioned in Dumps. I would recommend you to go through all three dump files i.e. TI, AT, P4S
        All the best.

  20. Hi All,

    It seems p4s updated dumps for MPLS+BGP composite exam..Pls share the latest dumps to my mail id , if anybody have it.


  21. are 642-691 MPLS + BGP exam dumps still valid?
    please update my exam next week.

    Which one to review from p4s or TI, please update

  22. I passed the exam last week with score 983/1000.
    The dumps are still valid and more than enough to pass the exam. Do not need to worry.

  23. @Muhammad zubair,

    please shoot me an email to [email protected]. I ll reply to with the pdf.

    I have read CCIE RS 4th edition BGP and MPLS sections, and and some chapters of Internet Routing Architecture and MPLS Fundamentals.

    I got 1000.



  24. muhammad zubair:

    hello dear friend Coban
    The above Dumps in TI are valid.and how much you have got and when you have attempt the paper.
    reply me asap .
    i am waiting for you kind response
    Muhammad zubair

  25. Hi fellows,

    I passed 642-691 yesterday, TI-80 is valid.

    Do not forget to apply clear ip bgp * command after you change prefix-lists or route-maps.

    1. hello dear friend
      The above Dumps in TI are valid.and how much you have got and when you have attempt the paper.
      reply me asap .
      i am waiting for you kind response
      Muhammad zubair

    2. Dear Coban
      can you send me the dumps? and how much you scored and when you have attempted the paper.please reply me
      my email address is

    1. Hi i required ur guidlines.. i am planning to write the BGP+MPLS exam… tell me wat are the study materials & dumps u have followed…

      1. cisco student guide for MPLS and student guide for BGP that z official guide notes.. and go through jeramey BGP video…dums P4S 160 and AT80 but i followed BGP(642-661)AT 98 and MPLS (642-611)P4S 102 also…do hard work u cn pass..bst of luck…

  26. Hi All

    Testinside is valid and most of the ques from TI, will be better to go through with P4S 160Q.

    I passed 3 days ago with 973/1000.


  27. Hello Everyone,

    I would like to request everyone who looking for an updates of the exams so they can wright/pass there exams really well however after that they hardly share there experience. So, I urge all of you please share your true experience which will help people to boost there confidence to give the exams b’coz your experience sharing will help someone.

    Thanks in advance

  28. hello careercert , i am doing the 642 691 tom !!! any updates this week ??? did any do it this week ??? pls update ???? i would happy to share my experence wit u all!!!!!!!!!

  29. guys !!!!!!!!!! i am doing the exam on this thursday please let me the dumps TI Q80 and P4s 160 valid !!!!!!! it wil be a great help if u can confirm cus i cant afford to loss money at the moment!!!!!!!!!!urgent

  30. Hi All,

    Can you guys please confirm is TI or P4S still valid for the Compiste exam? I will be really thankful to you if you can confirm this as soon as possible.

    1. For All friends!
      bellow are the labs:
      1st Lab: BGP Prefix-list
      sh run
      conf t
      ip prefix-list 1 seq 10 permit le 32
      clear ip bgp *
      sh ip bgp sum
      copy run start
      2nd LAB (Drag and Drop)
      1.ip route vrf customer_A Serial 0/0
      2.Router BGP 50111
      3.address-family ipv4 vrf customer A
      4.Redistribute static
      3rd Lab: MPLS TDP
      Router 1
      conf t
      router rip
      sh tag-switching tdp neighbor
      sh tag-switching tdp discovery
      copy run start
      Router 2
      conf t
      router rip
      sh tag-switching tdp neighbor
      sh tag-switching tdp discovery
      copy run start

  31. For All friends!
    bellow are the labs:

    1st Lab: BGP Prefix-list
    sh run
    conf t
    ip prefix-list 1 seq 10 permit le 32

    clear ip bgp *
    sh ip bgp sum
    copy run start

    2nd LAB (Drag and Drop)
    1.ip route vrf customer_A Serial 0/0
    2.Router BGP 50111
    3.address-family ipv4 vrf customer A
    4.Redistribute static


    3rd Lab: MPLS TDP
    Router 1

    conf t
    router rip
    sh tag-switching tdp neighbor
    sh tag-switching tdp discovery
    copy run start

    Router 2

    conf t
    router rip
    sh tag-switching tdp neighbor
    sh tag-switching tdp discovery
    copy run start

  32. hey your blog design is very nice, clean and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always like browsing your site.

    – Thomas

  33. Dear All,

    Best Wishes for All. It a good news for those who wants to attempt exam 642-691, just only consider Test-Inside current version 80 Q for exam preparation, no need to waste your precious time with Pass-4-Sure 160 Q,

    I have passed 642-691 exam today with 1000/1000 and only prepare exam from TI 80 Q current version

    1. Hi bro,

      Congrats, brother can please provide me P4S and TI I am also interested to BGP+MPLS exam next week, please can email me on faisal36 at



    2. Hi

      Congrats u ! , can please provide me P4S / Could u pls send P4s 642-591 Ver 4.60 (setup exe file)dumps ! Thank u dear

  34. HI,

    I want to give 642-691 exam only. and like to go with only Test-Inside 80 Q Dumps
    can anyone truly tell me, am i take exam by preparing only test-inside Dumps or not
    pl soon soon reply


  35. Hi All,

    I have cleared this exam on 22 aug with 900 marks. All question came from p4s and TI. note some answers are not same in p4s and TI for same questions.

  36. Hi All,

    I hav cleared 642-691 on 14th with 973/1000.. Qns are from p4s dumps (160 Qns pdf) only except one CEF Qn..And some qns may have more options as answers compared to the options in dumps and also "find the correct answer" in dumps may be "find the incorrect answer" in actual exam.. So be thorough on qns and answers given in dumps..

  37. Dear All,

    Any one pls upload P4s 642-691 160qs Cr-able Setup exe file pls.

    Pls help every one who pass exam and get ballsing f

  38. hi all
    passed exam this morning score 905/1000 dump % 99 valid,
    one new question. bud idont remember sorry.

  39. Hi, 642-691 P4S- 160 Q is still valid. Got two simulators, two drag-n-drop and number 17 question from p4s-160Q…
    Go for it soon..

  40. hi all

    I'll take the exam( 642-691 BGP+MPLS ) on Friday, which P4s 2.29 96q or 160Q ? which TI version ?
    how many simulations ? and Where should work simulations ?

    pls helpme Thanks all

  41. Hi All, today i cleard MPLS+BGP and scored 986. I have referd p4s-160Q, all the qesn r frm p4s. One qestion was out-of-dumps, that was on CEF.

    Thanks a ton CareerCert!!

  42. Hi All,

    I have cleared my Exam BGP+MPLS on 31/7 and scored 905!!!!
    The TI 80Q & P4S 160Q is still valid, go ahead soon.

    next Route the only remaining 1 to have for being CCIP ;0


  43. @ above, TestInside 80 questions is still valid, i took the exam on the July 15th and got 1000/1000 and used testinside

  44. Hi All,

    I have cleared my Exam today and scored 946!!!!
    The P4S 160Q is still valid, go ahead soon.

    next QOS ;0


  45. Dear friends,

    Anybody please upload me the latest dumps for CCIP – BGP+MPLS 642-691 P4s v4.60 – 160 Q's β€œcrack able Start-up .exe file” on [email protected]

    I would highly appreciate if anybody forwards 642-691 Latest P4s dumps.

    Thank you my friends.

  46. Dear CareerCert,

    Can I go for the CCIP exam by using "CCIP BGP+MPLS 642-691 Pass4sure v4.60 – 160 Q's ". Please reply as I am planning for this month. Till what time I can take this reference.

  47. @ Muhammad Taimoor Khan,

    Sure, you can go for CCIP because CCNA is the only prerequisites for CCIP.
    Both p4s 160Q or Ti 80Q are latest. You can follow any one of them.


  48. I have done ccna(640-802). Can I go for CCIP instead of CCNP?
    And is "CCIP BGP+MPLS 642-691 Pass4sure v4.60 – 160 Q's – PDF" latest dumps or do I need some thing else to pass 642-691 ?



    We would highly appreciate if you could please post latest 642-691 latest crackable P4s or TI Setup exe.

    We really need to give this exam coming days to save our time job and also we re not so rich that we can afford more than one attempt plz.

    thank you dear,

  50. Dear Cert ,
    Could pls Share Older Version of p4s 642-691 (160Qs)START-UP FILE if new one is not crackble pls cert.

    Thank you sir.

  51. Dear, latest p4s doesn't matter because both have same 160 questions. Moreover the latest p4s exam engine setup is not crackable. So it is not possible to share the working setup file. It'll be more useless than trash can.


  52. Our Cert

    Kindly Pls update latest p4s 642-691 bgp+mpls Start_up dumps file dear.

    Thank u so much for your supporting document for all exam student.

    All the best and keep-it up.

  53. Dear Careercert,

    Could u pls ADD Latest P4S dumps for 642-691 (BGP+MPLS)start-up file @ THIS Careercert WEBSITE PLS?


  54. Dear Career Cert,
    Sir Your re our really Loving Rock Man. We love and like u so much.

    we shall be very grateful to u could you pls add the pass4sure 642-691 latest version setup file for bgp+mpls Dumps.

    We re only depend your site for our exam,Thank u sir,

  55. @CareerCert: Pass4sure updated CCIP (BGP + MPLS) 642-691 Exam dumps on Apr 28th,2010. We shall be grateful if you could arrange pass4sure or testinsde setup GB, or any other form of your convenience.

    Thank you,

  56. Sir,kindly pls add 642-691 Latest P4s Ver-4.60 exe file that will really useful for all who re going for 642-691 exam coming days sir,

    Thank u so much for your sporting document for all student sir.

  57. GB for setup,

    Exam Number/Code : 642-691
    Exam Name : CCIP BGP + MPLS Exam (BGP + MPLS)
    Questions and Answers : 80 Q&As
    Update Time: 2010-02-11

    Thank you,

  58. Hi can someone let me know the link for video tutorial for MPLS.Is it enough to have the ISCW (Train signal,cbt nuggets)for MPLS Training.

  59. hai,

    could you give us ccip mpls dumps in group buy.Please do this we dont get more dumps for this one.I am sure you will get immediate response for this one.Testinside would be great

  60. @ chocho,

    You should download all 4 parts. Place all 4 parts in same folder and extract only 1st part.

    You should also use WinRar for extraction.


  61. hi cert, after downloading cbt of ccda , it cannot be extracted.part one ends at 97% and asks for part two which i bring up but it doesnot move is there a problem ?
    pls let me know .any group buy too for latest ccda pass4sure?

  62. hi cert
    after downloading p4s ccda , i clicked on the aplication and a message came out that -your product have been out of the 90days validity period please login the user center to validate it
    then u re asked to put in order number and all that please any help? shall be taking the ccda exams this weekend

  63. Hi,

    The Latest version for 642-873 (ARCH) shows as 4.30 and the one that we already have is 2.77.

    It would be great if you can get us the latest one.

  64. @ above,

    I checked the link and it is fine mate..

    BTW mediafire is getting worse these days.
    I'll shift all links to 4shared soon.

  65. did anyone tried downloading the ccdp arch , i am unable to download them .
    –Can you please help on this carrercert….

  66. Thanks Careercert!
    i downloaded the ccdp passforsure and instructed in the readme file clicked on the examengine. engine and got this error "couldnt find the main class program will exit ", can anyone guide how to get rid of this…..

  67. @ chocho,

    They are working fine mate. I just checked them.
    It would be better if you download again.
    And read the readme file first.

  68. Kudos Careercert, u've been a deal of help for my exams. Pls, i tink u should update most of the exams here like mpls+bgp, Qos… though its same number of questions but they've been updated it in December. tanks

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