Latest BCMSN 642-812 Testinside – 227 Q’s -PDF+Setup – Group Buy-5[CLOSED]

This Group Buy offer has been closed.

NOTE:- Any testinside updates will be mailed to the previous contributors as usual.


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  1. Hi all,

    Can you help me out which is latest version dumps for 642-812 in p4s and TI.
    Request you all to reply fast actually i will be taking exam on June 10.

  2. @career cert ….a quick query regarding 642-812…5.74 is still valid or not ? i m gonna have a exam on 10 june…so kindly let me know…n also i m interested in group buying too ….

  3. Thanks very much for your response!
    I will prepare my exam with Test Inside 5.74 227 questions. I think P4S have a lot of redundant information 🙂



  4. @ Gaston,

    Out of curiosity I just downloaded the new update. It is same as old version with same number of questions. Even the file size is also same. So its old wine in new bottle.


  5. Hi,
    Are you going to create a Buy Group for Test Inside updated on 2010-04-15?
    thanks in advance.



  6. dear friend
    you are great i will wait for this GB
    please make it catagorized by modules not randomly questions cause its easy to study.
    thanks alot
    best regards

  7. @ abdelsalam,

    Ok. I am going to do a GB for bcmsn p4s.
    It'll be ready in 1-2 days.


  8. hi friend
    there is a new p4s 538q updated april 22nd 2010 for bcmsn is there any arrange to buy this one please reply as soon as posible
    best regards

  9. Hi career cert,

    i have pass BCMSN date of 17-04-2010 and got 988
    all questions are from TI without one lab and 2 or 3 questions

    thanks to career cert

  10. @ above,

    I closed this because it hasn't been updated from about 2 months. But it is still very valid.

    Anybody wants to contribute can contact me at – careercert (at)


  11. Hi Career Cert,
    I want to bought this TestInside for BSMCN. How can I do this now? Why you CLose this? I don´t understand. Are you going to open this Test Inside again later?


  12. tomoro is my bcmsn exam i ve testinside 227 Qs version is it latest ?
    plzzzz tell me im worry

  13. @ above,

    There isn't any new 642-812 release by testinside.
    The 227Q version is the latest.


  14. hi careercert
    can confirm whether there is anew release for 642-812, i want to write 0n wednesday

  15. is test inside 5.74 still the latest version for 642-812? saw from website there is a newer release of 7.11 now.

  16. Hi Careercert,
    In TI v5.73 ques no 252. there is only a picture… no description abt what to do… & lots of config…. which it little bit troublesome for one who has not worked in cat os. is it a sure shot ques ?

  17. Hi everybody,

    is there any simulation with Cat-OS command line in the exam BCMSN (642-812) ? i found it in many dumps.

  18. Hi Do you know right answers on Drag and Drop questions?

    Local vlans |

    End-to-end vlans |

    -vtp transparent
    -vtp client and server

    unsolicited alert message
    informed request
    incremented 64 bit of new data type
    get next request
    security level

    snmp v1

    snmp v2

    snmp v3

  19. @ above,

    Only date has changed. The questions are same 227.

    The version is same as before.


  20. Test has been updated from feb 15. Its still 5.74? when the ciontributors will receive new file?

  21. Hi Guys,

    I purchased BCMS TI latest ver from here, is that still valid, any one appeared in exam recently. Any updates will be highly appreciated!


  22. HI everyone i passed BCMSN with 1000/1000 today.
    I got 58 questions.
    Got 2 simulations:
    1) VTP Lab 2
    2)MLS and EIGRP Sim
    Abt sims :thanks to
    Simlet:1)HSRP Hotspot

    Drag n drop:DTp mode Drag n drop

    I used Cisco Official Exam Guide, CBT Nuggets,Testinside 5.74.


  23. @ morgun,

    If a newer version comes out then there are slight chances for the sharing of older version here.

    Otherwise it'll NOT be available for free download. Contributors will not feel good if i share it here for free.


  24. Hi, thanks I already payed and downloaded testinside.

    How it will be in future? GBs will be payed for ever or after X people pay for it, it will be possible to download it for free?

  25. Hi everybody,

    Passed on 14 feb with 982 marks!!!!!!!!

    Read cisco press, cbt and testinside 227 q and p4s 446 q. Approx. all q are from testinside. It is the same copy of exam !!!!

    thanks guyssssssssss


  26. Please post how you passed. I have reservation for 23.2 so would really appreciate advices. Do I need also testinside or P4S is enough? Thanks a lot

  27. Planning to take BCMSN on Feb 15, gone through CBT nuggets and Testinside GB5. Is there anything need to prepare?

  28. Hi careercert, do you have any information on the testinside website. Are there any updates for the BCMSN exam

  29. Thanks for the reply, don't worry I understand,it's already a reasonable price. I will just inform you when I will make my payment…

  30. Good PM, If I buy the more CCNP on groupbuys at 10 USD each can I get a discount? plan to take it on feb and march, waiting for your reply… thanks

  31. Hi all,

    I have passwd BCMSN with 100%.The test inside dumps was really helpful and would like to thank the team for carrercert for publishing this dumps for GB at such a low cost.
    Thank u all

  32. hi guys
    i pass today score 967 dumps used passguide (285 qns) and testnside (227).

    thank u
    2 down 2 more to go

  33. actually those question are for CCDA but are also asked in BCMSN.. They also form a part of BCMSN..I confirmed it..I really apreciate your help thnx!!!

  34. @ TITANIUM,

    Ofcourse this testinside is for 642-812 BCMSN exam !!! How it could be CCDA ??
    You can see that on first page of PDF and anywhere in exam engine.

    Several guys have bought it and i never received any complaint about it.


  35. is this dump really for 642-812?? Because i bought it yesterday from GB..Section A is good but section B has all different questions.. I think they are for CCDA…Please check and reply as soon as possible

  36. @ Deep,

    You are not seeing any comment here because the whole process is automatic and no one bother to comment here after purchase.


  37. hi i want to use the group buy for 642-812 a little tentative as i see no posts aginst tht.and also it do not guarantee to pass the lab…cn any1 suggest what 2 do for the lab preparation

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