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  1. Guys i passed CCNP BSCI today with 93%. I got 2 question of multiple choice of drag and drop which are not there in the latest 473q p4s just FYI.

    Thank u carrer cert for the dump 🙂

  2. Dears,

    I have BSCI exam next week, please anyone help me and send me the latest Testinside and P4S as soon as possible. waiting to your kind reply.

  3. You can chose any one form p4s or Ti but i like p4s because it has some explanations..and less mistakes and clean topologies pictures..

  4. Dear i have BSCI exam on 26 July.
    p4s has 473 questions, and Test Inside has roundabout 225 questions.

    Please recommend which one is more accurate!
    I am unable to prepare Q473 of p4s. 🙁
    is TestInside 7.15 ok.

  5. Hi,

    I am planning to take the exam on 18th July. Would someone please tell me if P4S ver 3.10(473 Q) is still valid or not.Also are there any latest updates available for this version.

    Please kindly advise Waiting for your reply.


  6. Cleared the BSCI exam today. Most of the questions came from the P4S 3.10 version PDF. There were 3 Simulations (1 was in P4S), and the other two I felt very tough and spent almost 30+15 minutes on them.

    1st SIM: EIGRP stub sim:

    2nd SIM: The OSPF – EIGRP redistribution:

    3rd SIM: IPV6 OSPF areas with Virtual links: Just correct the Virtual link config

    My friendly piece of advice is to study P4S (I got almost 90% of Qns from that) and SEE ALL THE SIMULATIONS AT DIGITALTUT.

  7. Dear Qader,
    The Valid version is d 247 Qs, but I said earlier on that I encountered one Devillish Simulation that's not captured by TI. You can as well search for that, but I promise you, the Simulation is faulty, because, it doesn't accept the neccessary privillege mode commands needed to finish the configuration. However, Cisco might have rectified it. I suggest you try and lay your hands on it. All the best.

  8. Dear ALEX,

    Can you please tell me which TestInside version is valid as I have my exam on 20 of july. any one others know please support me as your comment will help me to much. waiting to your kind comment.


  9. helllo everybody.. i have BSCI exam on coming friday… i prepared from P4S 3.10 (473Q)… any update to these dumps or any question out of them…????

  10. Hi guys.
    This is my judgement on BSCI Dumps: Test Inside is wonderful and the best so far. I presented the Exam yesterday, 2nd July. All the Questions I came accross were verbatim (word for word) from TI, including the options, except one DEVILISH Simulation I'd never come accross in my life. Guys, that Simulation was not funny at all. 95% of all the commands I entered into the console were not supported. The simulation was abot using BGP to direct HTTP traffic towards a frame-relay link into the Internet, and allowing all other traffic in eihter direction of the redundant liks. I hope Cisco would see to this error, and most of all, let TI update it into their dups for this last chance.
    There's one more thing. Don't solely rely on dumps for your exams. Virtually 50% of the answers provided to the simulations in the dumps are not correct/adequate, but the questions came out as presented in the dumps. What to do is to try and configure the scenario yourself, test run it and proffer resonable solutions to them.
    As God would have it, I was able to make 974 points.
    Lastly, Cisco did not permit the ''copy run start'' command to be executable. So if you try it at the end of your configuration, and it doesn't work, just click next, in as much as all the neccessary testrunning are successful.
    I wish you all success.

  11. hey guys….

    first of all …i appreciate careercert work,..well i jus came here to find out …weather the passguide version 3.37 is still valid for BSCI preparation and where i can find the lab work please…

    i would really appreciate your response…

  12. @ Nacolas,

    Actually it has not updated on june 19th. They just changed its date on p4s website. All dump companies do this to sell some more copies.
    P4s product updates are listed on the following page:-
    You can see that 642-901 is not on the list.


  13. Hi Guys/Careercert

    Do you have the last update of the BSCI 642-901 Pass4sure from tJune 19th? I reviewed the pass4sure site and there is an update from June 19th.

    I already contribute and have the version from May 15. I will be presenting my exam the next week and I would like to have the last version of the BSCI 642-901 Pass4sure.


  14. @ munna,
    Its easy. Just click on the link which says( – Click here to Get it right now !) and make your contribution via Paypal account or credit card. You'll automatically receive the download link within 1-2 minutes.


  15. hi career cert!….I am going to take my exam on 29 06 2010..

    i want to contribute for the group buy.
    please guide me how to do that.

  16. Hi,

    I am sitting for the exam next week. Can someone let me know whether the P4S dumbs are any use at this stage.

    Anyone who did the exam within last few weeks please let me know


  17. Hi.

    I want to make the contribution but my country isn't listed on your paypal page. Do you have any alternative methods of payment? country is Nigeria..

  18. hai carrercert,

    What is the current bsci dumps ,how can download the paypall many stimulation will come at bsci exam.

    Bye ,

  19. Thanks for that.. You cant expect the exact wording in the real exam. I suppose if we know the correct answer for the question it is much easier to select even if it is amoung many choices. I think I came accross a similar situation in ISCW too. Had many options for the questions. But was not hard to pick the right one

  20. Hi Anonymous,
    Correct, there were some questions " not so much" out of the latest P4S,
    but many questions themselves of the last P4S were expressed in other words,
    or with more choices than in P4S. all 3 Lab simulators were the same.

  21. HI careercert,

    Can you please send me the latest update. Also can you check whether there are any new updates for P4S as some people are complaining about changes


  22. Cleared BSCI..It was so hard, because I got
    "3 lab simulations"..UNBELIEVABLE!!!. Many questions were updated in the text and options.
    my recommendation, the stuf should be understood. Latest P4S 642-901 in PDF was a good support.Thanks CareerCert

  23. I was not able to open the site in order to get the pdf. Can you please email it to me instead. I have my paypal transaction id. Thank you.

  24. Dear admin,

    First Thanx for ur reply… & u guys r doing a great job so once again thanx…

    My friend prepared 473q version only.

    The new ques what he faced is..
    1. Drag & drop from OSPF,IPV6
    2. Network diag fallowed by multiple que which was diff from those in 473q ver.


  25. @ Dhayanithi,

    The 'copy run start' error is common in all cisco exams. It doesn't affect the score. Just try to save once and if it doesn't work then go on to the next question.

    BTW which 3.10 version did he use ?
    The new version with 473q or the old one with 356 question ? Lots of guys are still practicing from this oldest version unknowingly.


  26. Hi all,

    My friend wrote 642-901 exam twice within last 10 day, but he failed in both attempt.

    He says copy run start cmd didn't worked for him during troubleshooting simulation.
    Also, he got lot of out of question i.e just 30-35 que from 3.10

    What my question is, do any one face this copy run start cmd error? and Do any one know know is there any updation from cisco?

    Pls reply me…

    Thanx in Advance

  27. Thanks Yesterday i cleared 642-901 routing, everything from P4S but Testinside 247 questions also helped lot. Thanks again for your help.

  28. 642-910 V 3.10 updated on 20th april had first 472 questions now its showing 473 question is there any major difference between them

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