Latest BCMSN 642-812 Pass4sure v 3.10 – 538 Qs – May 3rd, 2010 –
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  1. Hi,
    I have question from exam Vol9 update – Q101

    "ip address x.y.z.11 255.a.b.c"

    How i find IP "x.y.z and a.b.c"

    Thank you.

  2. This Have 9 volume
    I want to know vol 8 and 9
    should read ?
    vol 8 = p4s question
    vol 9 = update

    Thank you

  3. Hi Careercert,
    First of all i would like to thank you for being there. Scored 1000 in BSCI.

    I wanted to know if there is any update or any extra question that has been added to BCMSN. I have v3.10 with 538 questions, wanted to know if there is any additional question added to this later.

    Narendra Naukwal

  4. @ Ano..,

    Preparation labs is a different product and the above GB is for a different product.
    Moreover p4s preparation labs is a useless thing.


  5. Hi Careercert ,

    I have just contributed $16 for getting the P4S GB . However the download link in the rapidshare is not working.Please advise.


  6. hello,

    I am not able to pay the amount through paypal with my credit card, is there any other way where in i can pay and get the dumps..plz reply asap

  7. Friends! I have my BCMSN exam coming friday and am planning to study Test inside and P4S 3.10 ver the latest one would that be sufficient to clear the exams, Please suggest

  8. You can use moneybookers. It is available in almost all countries. Send a email for details at – careercert @


  9. Hi CareerCert! Paybal payment form is not showing my Country in the list… what to do?

  10. If you are SURE that a particular answer is wrong then you should use the correct answer according to your knowledge.


  11. hi careercert, many answers in the section "Updates" of this dump seems wrong… should we use the wrong answers in the exam or change it to correct one???

  12. thanks careercert!!! I bought p4s….. is it sufficient or should i buy test inside as well???

  13. Finally i succeded and got the p4s.
    Just want to know is there any update?

  14. Also i am trying to make the payment but paypal is not accepting my card please i want this p4s and i am ready to contribute through please give me the details.

  15. hi i have my exams tomorrow can u provide me the latest update of p4s 642-812, i will contribute 16$ as u asked

  16. Yes , the explanations are covered in PDF from question #1 to 446. Rest of the updated qs doesn't have explanations. Labs are not simulated in exam engine too. Solutions are given as plain configuration commands. This PDF is exact copy of setup engine.


  17. Hi, Is the explanation also present in the pdf?? also how are the lab questions simulated in the pdf?

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