Latest CCNP R&S TSHOOT 300-135 PassLeader dumps – 419Qs – GB#16

This offer is for latest CCNP R&S 300-135 TSHOOT Exam Dumps PDF + VCE Version.

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312 thoughts on “GB#16 TSHOOT”

  1. Hi Careercert Team,

    Latest dump has 79 Questions that was Updated on May 10, 2016. Please provide the latest dumps.

      1. Hi Careercert, I have sent a mail on your gmail ID but there is no response. Could you please give the response?

  2. Hello Careercert ,
    I need CCNP TShoot 300-135 dumps .. The group contribution link is not working .. Please let me know how else to get the dumps.

  3. Hi Careercert,

    I’ve just recently purchased the dumps from your site using GB.

    This dumps has 57ques. However, there are more recent dumps available on Pass4sure which has 72 ques. Last update on June 3, 2014.

    Could you please provide me with the latest dumps update ASAP?
    I have got my exam booked next week.

    Kindly please provide me with the updated dumps.


  4. Hi,

    Do you have the latest pass4sure dump for TSHOOT paper 642-832? How do I know v8.8 you have is same with pass4sure because pass4sure does not state version, only has amount of questions is 57.

    Thank you.

  5. Dear Careercert

    There is an updated exam from pass4sure:

    642-832 Questions & Answers with Explanations
    72 Questions – Last Update : Mar 06, 2014

    When it could be available on your site ?

  6. Dear all,

    the link u sent to download is not working althought I DID NOT download the file after payment is done.
    I had very bad impression about your service

      1. Hi Careercert ,

        First of all I would like to thank you for the route dumps because I cleared the exam after following your latest dumps. Can you please confirm whether the TSHOOT version 8.8 is still valid for the TSHOOT preparation ?

      2. CatherineI have also been communicating via email with Arney Nortje and the clientcare,of Flexiclub and have to wait for ever for an answer. I am also at the point where i have advertised my points for free but it seems no one wants it even for free. IT IS UP FOR GRABS!!!!  

  7. the dumps, which ever claiming as latest here(v8.8) is not the latest one. My friend gave exam today and he failed to clear, as he believed these as the latest dumps(contributed and downloaded) and went for exam. Unfortunately as this is not the latest dump, failed to clear the exam…

  8. Dear Admin,

    As i know the T shoot exam maximum question are to fix the tickets with the LAB Scenarios,
    I want to writer the exam in third week of this month so i want to know how can i prepare for the LAB scenarios, is there any simulation program , let me know i want contribute and write the exam

  9. Hello every one,

    is there any authorized website where we can contribute and get the latest dump for TSHOOT. Can some one helps me on this regard

    1. There isn’t any authorized website for dumps. lol
      No certification company on earth will authorize them. Microsoft has already sued pass4sure and testinside etc for providing dumps for their certs.


  10. Dear careercert,

    looks some issue with to contribute through credit card. can you please let me know how can i contribute and get the latest dump.

  11. Dear Careercert,

    As you advised latest P4S is available? Can you please be more specific, which version you are talking about, so that I can buy that one by contributing in group. I need to appear for exam next Week.

    Can anyone please let me know what version of P4S i study to clear it off.

    Waiting for your response.

  12. Hello:

    I taked and passed the exam today. At least in Europe, the contents of group buy seems valid for studying.

    Pass4sure update maybe is related to mistakes in some concrete question.

  13. Hi Careercert team:

    The pass4sure web pages in USA and Europe shows updated Q&As in December, the 13rd.

    Are you going to update us or the group study?

    I am going to take the exam tomorrow.

    Thank you very much

  14. Hi
    There is 90% changes… Out of 13 tickets 9 ticket were totally new includes Riping;ipv6 much more…. May bemu bad luck that I got new version of questions….

  15. Hello Mist:

    I will take the exam on Monday. Could you detail a few more the changes or differences with the last Pass4sure version?
    Thank you very much

  16. Today i gave 642-832 & unfortunetly i was failed… Cisc o have nex quetions in exams for Tickets.. Its totally different then what we have in Pass4sure… Pls provide me new updated pass4sure. posted Pass4sure is not valid for exams.

  17. hi Careercert,

    I would like to send via moneybookers as paypal is not working in my country, can you give me the details of how to send via moneybookers ?


      1. Hello and good-day.

        I noticed that the P4sure only has 13 tickets, 15Mchoice and 3 drag n drops..for a total of 31 questions. I read that the tshoot exam has a min of 40-57 questions….or am i just looking at it wrong…please excuse my ignorance.

  18. i have ordered and downloaded TSHOOT 642-832 Pass4sure – v8.7 / 57 Qs from your site last night but i can see that pass4sure has one new update.

    1. Hi Carrercert Team,
      Is this v8.7 / 57 Qs still valid. The pass4sure has one update on 07/10. So are there changes from the previous versions ?

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