MCSA on Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Certified System Administrator

Among Microsoft various system certifications, the Microsoft Certified System Administrator certification is among the most highly-sought. Individuals who complete the requirements for this certification have demonstrated an uncommon knowledge of the workings and administration of Microsoft’s Server 2003 platforms. For those who wish to expand their knowledge and increase their earning potential within a company or to change career, there are few more useful courses of study.

The strength of Windows Server 2003 in the market today indicates that demand for related IT expertise will continue for years to come. The best way to demonstrate your expert skills on Windows Server 2003—and to inspire confidence in a hiring manager, your team, and yourself—is by earning the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) credentials.

In addition, if you are certified on Windows Server 2003, you have an efficient path to the Windows Server 2008 certifications.The MCSA certification verifies your knowledge in system administration of Microsoft Windows operating systems. MCSA certification can help advance your career by confirming that you have the skills necessary to successfully manage and troubleshoot system environments.

Related job titles: systems administrator, network administrator, information systems administrator, network operations analyst, network technician, or technical support specialist.

How to earn your MCSA on Windows Server 2003

To earn your MCSA on Windows Server 2003 certification, you must pass four exams:

•Two core exams on networking systems
•One core exam on client operating systems
•One elective exam

The MCSA on Windows Server 2003 certification will not retire.

Core exams on networking systems (both are required)

Exam 70-290
Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment
Exam 70-291
Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

Core exams on client operating systems (choose one)

Exam 70-620
TS: Windows Vista, Configuring
Exam 70-270
Installing, Configuring, and Administering Windows XP Professional

Elective exams (choose one) ( I am showing most common exams)

Exam 70-284
Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Exam 70-299
Implementing and Administering Security in a Windows Server 2003 Network
Exam 70-350
Implementing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004

MCSA Specializations

MCSA certified individuals usually have a specialization, in addition to their broader certification. One of two specializations will be carried by individuals with MCSA certifications: security or messaging.

(70-299)Those individuals with the security specialization may also have passed tests that deal with specific security issues. MCSA Security specialists are an asset for any company and can help keep a company’s system as secure from outside and inside threats as possible.

(70-284)MSCA messaging specialization certifications denote those individuals who have a significant knowledge of Server 2000 and Server 2003’s various mail server components. Exchange Server is the most frequently-used email server program by those companies that use Microsoft Server products. MCSA’s who have studied this program in depth understand the deployment, maintenance and workings of this email server to a degree that ensures that a company enjoys the best possible support for its email servers.

This certification is often a stepping stone to the more advanced MCSE certification, though the earning potential of an MCSA certified tech is more than enough reason to pursue the certification. This certification will really help you change career.

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