Cisco IOS Images Download

Cisco IOS Images 12.4/15.x Collection

Its always better to use latest IOS versions, as they provide full command support. If you can’t buy original routers and switches, GNS3 is your rescue. Although nothing beats practicing on original equipment but if anything stands close to original gear, that is GNS3.

You can download latest GNS3 Network Emulator from gns3 website. It is a free-ware software.

IOS 15.x – Only the c7200 series get newer IOS 15 images. All other platforms are now end-of-life and only support IOS 12.4. Please note that the IOSv appliance is based on IOS 15 and there are IOU (IOS on UNIX) images with IOS 15.

IOS 1700:


IOS 26xx:



IOS 36xx:



IOS 37xx:



IOS 7200:




210 thoughts on “Cisco IOS Images Download”

  1. Hi to everyone
    I just started CCNA, I need help to built a lap in GNS3
    can anybody suggest which of these IOS is better to use for a router and which one for switches
    thank you

    1. I havent checked them out yet but thannks for posting these images. It was hard to find your site i hope I can finally get to work on GNS3 labs

  2. i am2600 router i need to configure ssh. transport input ssh is not working any one guide ios will support

  3. I need to get c2600-bin-mz.123-6f.bin for a lab. Could somebody guide me to get this, I am fed up with searching on Internet.

    1. sorry I have cisco router 4221,but it”s impossible to configure vpn because i miss isakmp protocole
      who can send me a new ios image of router cisco 4221

  4. Can anyone send me please send me images for ios 26**, 36** and 72**.
    new to cisco and doing self-study

    thank you for your help

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  6. hi
    hey can any body help me for downloading cisco iso image file.there are given link but i cant get it.

  7. pls send c7200-spservicesk9-mz.124-22.T.bin to me only my e-mail is – please anyone i need it urgently for my lab.thanks

  8. pls can u send this ios 7200 c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T9.bin,c7200p-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.T.bin to my mail.pls i need it urgently i am preparing for my ccie lab.

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  9. hello friends, can someone please help send me any cisco IOS that works with GNS3. I am preparing for my CCNA certification exam.

  10. All the ios works works fine in all platform except for the 2600 series, none of the 2600 series works.instead it gives some sort of ghost error. dont know if something is wrong with the ios or gns3 because i have tried almost all ios from here and also other ios from other sites but none seem to be actually working. any tips here???

    1. Rashad, the 2600 series requires you to decompress them beforehand or they will not work. You can do this simply by using a program like WinRAR to decompress the image, then selecting your uncompressed image type as the image in the GNS3 options. good luck hope it works, just read that online, and google if you can’t get it

  11. I am struggling to find an IOS for my 2950 switch. I want to upgrade it from 12.1 (11) EA1 to 12.1 (12C) EA1 or any later so I can implement SSH. Can anyone help please ???

  12. SICK! i love you dude!
    I was tired of bothering my CISCO teacher its kinda shamefull that not even LEGIT CISCO Academy student are able to download ios images from the site. Now I can revive my dead 7200 YAY

  13. sir.. can u fix the link download.. i’ve try c7200 link and almost of it is a dead link… thanks…

    this one for example

  14. can someone send me the 12.2/12.4 images for a CISCO 2600 Series Router, please my email is :

    Thanks so much everyone!

  15. How do you know which IOS file of any group to download? A separate IOS is needed for every Cisco device, I assume.

    Bob Miller

    1. Hi Bob, a separate IOS is required for each model range. You only need one per model and it depends on what you want to achieve. The ‘adventerprise’ per model will give you just about everything though, rather than downloading multiple copies of lesser equipped IOS.

  16. Hi, I need some help for GNS3. I installed gns3 but it keep asking me for ios image for routers. I down loaded the image but its in vlc format and couldn’t open it. please can someone help to solve this issue step by step.

  17. Can anyone help me? I am totally new to CISCO environment i wanted to do CCNA so anyone can suggest me to download the exact link for IOS or should i download all the links of IOS 1700 or else is their any particular one.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Max, if you are using GNS then any one of the 1700 series will be sufficient for CCNA studies. If you have a 1700 series router then you will need to check the memory requirements against the memory you have in your router.

  18. Can anyone please let me know which image has both BGP and IPsec ( GRE over IPsec) features ?
    I tried c2600-ipbasek9-mz.124-23.bin and c3745-advsecurityk9-mz124-23.bin images, but both images does not have BGP Configuration option.

  19. No offense to the OP, but really, get a public FTP rather than using these ****ty public download websites; they really don’t work, and charge an extortionate rate for the most basic premise of downloading more than one file in parallel. Please, nobody use them. Ever.

  20. Hello, Alem Site Cisco IOS know where I can find the Aironet Stande Alone? 12.4.21a-JY (ED) or 12.3.8-JEA3 (LD).

  21. can someone of you find me a cisco 3945E advanced K9 IOS i have cisco 3945E but i cant configure ipsec plz if you find one send me a link where can i download it

  22. can i pls get c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T14.bin and
    c3640-jk9o3s-mz.124-13a.bin.i will like to install it on my GNS.I will b greatful if i can get it

  23. i wish to thanx careercert for this effort.
    i am working on GNS3 and i need to c 3700 L3 switch ISO so plz provide me IOS image for c3700 L3 switch

  24. I just wanna say.. that yuu truly know what we fell you we must to surf humdred of links looking for some content like this and dont get it..

    Thank you guy keep working. God bless you..

  25. can some one upload c2600-adventerprisek9-mz.124-20.T.bin ? i want to implement load balancing in cisco 2600


  26. Hello,

    A quick question and probably could be a bit silly question from your perspective, but honestly speaking this is because of lack of proper knowledge from my side: Does the same IOS work on router as well as switch ?

    Are routers and switches of same series (eg. 2600 series) available ?

    Rajan Shah.

    1. No and No.

      Please go to cisco site to find the answers, specially if you are interested in CCNP.

  27. hi…

    friend i m ccna and looking for ccnp and ccip for da days i started ccna study i m using cisco packet tracer 5.3 but facing a lot problem while config OSPF over frame relay there are lots of frame relay and ospf commands are not working on packet tracer 5.3 so i found about GNS3 and according through GNS3 user it is best for CCNP students after installing GNS3 it require IOS images which in found in your website i m using dial-up connection so download problem is there so i jus want to ask you for c7200 i have to download all the given link under it please reply soon.

  28. hI. this site is great, now i’m studing on my GNS how to works network. but i have problem. when i add “quote comp” to my network , there shows me that need some IOS imagine:/ so i don’t know where is IOS Imagine and where i can get it. please help

  29. Strange…

    I tried to check 1751 router memory requirements on c.s.o web site for particular images.

    None of the images published here can be found on c.s.o download software service and vice versa ie. none of the images described on c.s.o web service can be found here.

    Any idea? Any comments?

  30. No link seem to work for IOS image download : I got this error for almost every link here (This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.)
    Please update the links or email me the correct link @ for me to download the IOS Image please please

  31. Dear CareerCert

    It seems IOS image download links are not working.Could you please upload it with Thank you for your kind support.


  33. Hi, how are you all, would you please put ios ( S733AEK9-12233SXI) for 6509 (advance enterprise) on website, or give me direct link to download it.
    I need it urgently.
    Thanks all

  34. i am trying to load these images into gns and they dont seem to work. can someone explain how to unpacp and run these images in gns3.
    i tried to convert to iso and all the programs im using [alcohol, deamon tools] all say the file is empty

  35. hi. can u put the ASA, IDS, Juniper OS here? these r the things many people are looking for. ragards.

  36. Hi ,

    Firstly thanks for the great work that you have done so far. I would like to see some PIX and ASA firewall images in this section which will be very helpful for us to use in GNS3.

    Thank you again…..


  37. @Arsian

    Please choose the idle pc by right click on the router device u will get a small pop up window with selection of ios image choose * marked idle pc value & press ok, Remember always * marked values dont consume ur cpu utility.

    Then go to edit menu in GNS3 select ios images & hypervisor click on the ios image u will see idle pc value. May this helps your query…

  38. Can any one also upload a pdf of Cisco Press Network Administrator’s Survival Guide or even scans of all the pages of the book?

  39. can anyone upload CME 3.0, CME 3.1 or CME 3.2 files here?
    especifically cme-full-3.0.0.tar, cme-full-3.1.0.tar and cme-full-3.2.0.tar?

  40. Hi,
    I need some advice from experts about dynagen . I am using IBM Opterun 250 which has 2.5GHZ *2 and 6GB RAM but facing with dyangen. When I run 12 router with 3660 advance enterprise and 4 instance ,system gets very slow 100% CPU but RAM utilization 1.99GB. How can I come out with problem. Some one could help me out ?

  41. pls, i do i know which of the ios is switch ios? help me point them out so i can download it. I need ioses that are meant for switch, not router

  42. I am after c3640-i-mz.124-25c.bin





    Any one can help here.


    HAappy new year 2011

  43. hi career; can i get IOS for security cisco devices like ASA,PIX firewalls because i want to use it for practicals using dynamips simulation but i don’t have real IOS.

  44. Dear Careercert,

    Could u pls upload with mediafire all the image.. thx a lot..;coz our country can’t download with hotfile..

  45. Hi,
    I configure CME on gns3 and its working fine.
    Now i want to configure extension mobility on it but my router dont support extension mobility commands. I download the ios c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-11.XW7.bin
    it has the extension mobility commands and everything i need but the problem is when i configure the CME on router, my phones are not register with CME. Can anyone tell me which ios i use for cme and extension mobility.
    plz advice and help asap.

    1. Yes, you can ! Check below links:-



  46. hi…., i’m trying to unpack the cisco ios image using the image unpacker from, and frankly, i dont know how to get about it! I dont understand what those steps mean on the read me text, please explain…., really need it now thanks

      1. thanks…. but you see, the very syntax of that statement is what i don’t understand. I’ve copied it into the same folder…., is the syntax saying I should then rename the uncompressed “.bin” file to that and it will then become decompressed? waiting for your reply…..

  47. Hey Careercert,

    i got the asa image but how to do asa specific settings for initrd & kernel on gns 3.

    Plzzzz suggest me i need it badly

    1. Have you tried these ?


  48. Hi, Thanks for all these helpful stuff. i have one question, do these IOS software here, only work for GNS3 routers? like can i use them for Actuall router in my lab?

    1. Of course you can use these images in real routers coz these are real IOS images meant for real hardware.
      But obviously keep in mind that images need to match the hardware .
      You can use TFTP to upload the image in router.


  49. hi, i use "Cisco image unpacker 0.1 binary for Windows" to unpack my cisco ios for gns3 but i fail. My computer operating system is Windows 7. Please help!

  50. Can someone please share any link related to Cisco IOS image for IPS……pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  51. How did you get the 1841 and the 2800 IOS's to work in GNS3 as GNS3 does not support those particular models.

    Asking again incase you did not see it the first time.


  52. How did you get the 1841 and the 2800 IOS's to work in GNS3 as GNS3 does not support those particular models.


  53. Hi there,the images which having low ios size in between 4MB to 6 MB those are not booting.Only the ios with big size 20 MB to 35 MB are working properly.Please confirm it ??

  54. Hello…

    Can you upload any 6500 series switch IOS images….I am taking my BCMSN exam soon and that will help me….

  55. Can you give me the details steps to install GNS on vista. I have gone to GNS site and I have installed ubuntu also but one or other problem arises in it. Please can you give me the detailed steps to install it on vista

  56. @ Bobby

    Model number depends on the number of different interfaces installed in a router. It is not hard-coded in IOS image.

  57. Man you are the best!! But i have a question. How do you know what models they are? Meaning it's a 1700 series image but what model? Like 1720 1710 1760?

  58. Hi Strat,
    Nope, These IOSs are without the SDM. Actually SDM resides on the router flash along with IOS. It does not present in the IOS. SDM and IOS are two different files. You can get the sdm from after registering.

  59. Hi,

    Many thanks for this IOS, it will help me a lot to get more practice when I'm studiyng CCNA.
    All of this IOS have SDM inside or do I have to find SDM in an other place ?

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