No More Paper Certificates from MS!!!

The Process Has Begun

Microsoft has decided to put a break on paper certificates and wallet cards. Now we can’t receive our MS certificates through mail for free. From 1st july 2009 you’ll have to pay shipping fee to get your hard earned certificates.

To reduce the company’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment, starting June 1, 2009, MCP certificates will transition from traditional paper to digital certificates.
Beginning early July 2009, paper certificates can be ordered at shipping & handling costs only.

What this means is starting July 1, 2009, they will no longer ship Welcome Kits. You will be able to still order a paper certificate for a shipping & handling fee and the wallet cards are going digital early August.

Well what we could say…cost cutting everywhere…

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3 thoughts on “No More Paper Certificates from MS!!!”

  1. When i heard this news first time, my reaction was just like yours. Its the biggest shock from Microsoft. I can't express my feelings when i receive my certificates through mail. Nothing beats the pleasant smell of paper certificates. They reminds you that you have worked hard to earn them. Its really cruel….

  2. Why bill seprately
    Why don't they include the bill in their exam fees for God's sake?
    Any successful exam taker would be definitely pleased to see his/her Welcome kits.

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