what to expect in exam center


Write down the exam location, date, exam time, exam center phone number, and proctor’s name. Here’s what will happen when you get to the exam center:

You must have two forms of ID that include a photo and signature, such as a driver’s license, passport, or military identification. In addition, the test center admission process requires the capture of a digital photo and digital signature.
• The test proctor will take you through the agreement and set up your testing station after you have signed the agreement.
• The test proctor will give you a sheet for scratch paper or a dry erase pad. Do not take these out of the room.
• The testing center will store any personal items while you take the exam. It is best to bring only what you need.
You will be monitored during the entire exam.


When you complete the exam, you will see an immediate electronic response about whether you passed or failed. The proctor will give you a certified score report with the following important information:

• The minimum passing score, your score on the exam, and a breakout displaying your percentage for each general exam topic
• Identification information required to track your certification

Do not lose your certified examination score report.

Arrive early to the exam. Bring earplugs just in case a testing neighbor has a bad cough or any loud nervous habits. Do not let an extremely difficult or specific question impede your progress. You cannot return to questions on the exam that you have already answered, so answer each question confidently and move on.

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